Wearing a Cardigan of Protection

Recently, I have felt something changing within me, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I noticed that my cardigans seemed to be too big or not sitting well on the shoulders. They were like an oversized coat that no longer fitted my frame and I started to question whether it was my posture, or my weight. Both remained the same, but something else had changed. Yesterday the understanding came fully as I was booking in for my monthly Esoteric Breast Massage – a super supportive modality offered by women practitioners trained by Universal Medicine. Continue reading “Wearing a Cardigan of Protection”

Well-Being for Women Melbourne – the Impact of Anxiety and Stress 

Every woman wants to feel safe to be themselves within a group of women; we secretly crave to have a deeper level of intimacy with each other. The Esoteric Women’s Health Well-being for Women group in Melbourne on Sunday 17th March offered just that – the topic discussed was anxiety and stress.   Continue reading “Well-Being for Women Melbourne – the Impact of Anxiety and Stress “

A Successful Woman

Attending a women’s group has been a great support and valuable learning for me; it is something I cherish and look forward to. Just before the last women’s group, I came across some old notes that I had written from a women’s group a few years back. On the top of the page I had written a question: what does it feel like to be a successful woman?  Continue reading “A Successful Woman”

The true power of women – no more holding back

Is it enough to sit around and talk about the way that things are? Does this really change anything? At an Esoteric Women’s Health event – Wellbeing for Women – in Melbourne this question was posed. The women in this group had been coming together for over a year and discussing what was going on for women, what was going on for ourselves, and we were loving it. Ultimately we were exploring the phenomena of holding back the true power of women. Continue reading “The true power of women – no more holding back”

The Choice to Appreciate and Self-Nourish

I recently attended an Esoteric ‘Well-being for Women’ group. These groups run worldwide and are designed to support women to re-connect to what we know to be true and to live from this quality in everyday life. We discussed something that is often considered the ‘norm’: the thoughts we allow, that can become an inner conversation. 

Does this support or hinder us and why do we allow it?

Continue reading “The Choice to Appreciate and Self-Nourish”

Expression: The Choice to be My Natural Self

‘How are you?’

It’s a question we ask each other every day… and a question that was posed by Sara Williams during one of the recent Esoteric Women’s Groups in London.

We were invited to ponder on how we usually answer that question, what we choose to say and how much of ourselves we choose to share. Working in pairs with people we didn’t know, we were given three opportunities to answer the same question… Continue reading “Expression: The Choice to be My Natural Self”

How To Communicate? Bringing Me Fully Into My Expression

by JK, UK

I recently had an amazing opportunity to ask myself “Who am I?”

I realised that the Me that I share with others is often far from the me I have come to know myself to be.

Let me explain. Continue reading “How To Communicate? Bringing Me Fully Into My Expression”

Opening up (A Can of Glorious Worms) – Returning to the Truly Tender Woman Within

by Bryony, London UK

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that until very recently I thought ‘nurturing’ was a synonym for narcissism, gentleness was for wimps, and sharing was self-indulgent.

I attended an Esoteric Womens Group and just didn’t get it: ‘What’s with all this love in the room and talk of tenderness? Surely they must be faking it?!’ I rejected the people who were there – most of them just like me – because I thought that talking about yourself was either for people with enormous problems, or for people who had no problems, but wanted some anyway. It didn’t fit in with my ideas of working hard and getting on with it. Continue reading “Opening up (A Can of Glorious Worms) – Returning to the Truly Tender Woman Within”

Standing by Me and Inspiring My Colleagues at Work

by Rebecca Turner, Age 44, London UK

I love my job. I work as a beauty advisor in a busy, well-respected health and beauty store in the centre of London. It is an incredible and great learning ground for me.

Every interaction shows me something, and can either energize me or drain me. 

This has been shown to me recently in a very clear way since attending one of the Esoteric Women’s Groups hosted by Sara Williams in London. The question was put to us “What is in the Way?”. Continue reading “Standing by Me and Inspiring My Colleagues at Work”

To Disempower or to Empower – That is the Question…

by JK, UK

I was recently reminded, at a women’s group I regularly attend, how much we can either disempower ourselves or empower ourselves while being out in the world. Reflecting on this I realised that the choice to disempower has in the past come too readily. Let me explain further.

When I say disempower, what I mean here is that I’ve left my house feeling fairly content with the way I look, the way I feel and with the day ahead of me, then something happens to change that. That something has for me been triggered by: Continue reading “To Disempower or to Empower – That is the Question…”