Walking with my Awesomeness: Connecting to myself and the World as a Woman

I was on my walk this morning, and as I walked steadily, a deep warmth circulated up my spine. I checked in with myself, feeling into it more, while continuing to walk in presence. What came was a feeling of true power in my steps, a new level of intimacy I have with my body. With walking as part of my consistent daily routine, the level of connection felt with my body has deepened. The power that I am feeling is one, which I have chosen now to live, devotedly connected to this body. The connection with my body is something I have ignored for a long time, until recently.

So this morning as I was feeling in Love and in Joy with myself and in my every step, I felt the whole world walking with me. At that moment I was aware that someone was looking at me — a man, standing at a nearby bus stop.

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Accepting Ourselves and our Bodies: an Expression of True Beauty

A while ago I saw a cute cropped top in a clothing store that I wanted to get. It wasn’t something I would usually feel drawn to, but I felt differently this time. This top is very simple, cut in from the shoulders and sitting slightly above my belly button. Usually I would think these tops looked too cute, too young, and I would just walk away. But to be more honest, I would not wear these tops because I felt they exposed too much of what I judged to be my weakness – my boniness.

I decided to get the top.

The first time I wore it, I was self-conscious. The top was loose on my body, and it was an extra small size! So I wore a cardigan on top of it. I went through in my head everything I could think of to fix the top so I could better accept myself. It was crazy.

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Mona Lisa – an Inspiration for the Modern Woman

What is it about the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci that draws approximately six million viewers to the Louvre every year?

I have a print of her here at home, and I asked her. I looked into her eyes and waited for an answer. This is what came to me:

“I am powerful in my stillness, grace and beauty. I am complete. My presence transcends time. I am every woman.”

For centuries scholars have been intrigued with her Renaissance identity. But does the truth of her fascination lie with the quality and power of the painting itself? Many people comment on how her eyes travel with them as they walk past her painting in the Louvre, or even when gazing at a print at home or in a book. Continue reading “Mona Lisa – an Inspiration for the Modern Woman”

2013 in review

A 2013 Annual Report for Women in Livingness

Women in Livingness was viewed approximately 96,000 times in 2013.

The most visited blog was Breast Massage and the Esoteric Breast Massage – An Open Approach – written back in 2012, and still generating a lot of interest and support for women online.

Viewers logged in from 128 different countries.

Women of the world, this is a blog for you – signalling a sea change in the online trend toward criticism, irresponsibility, blame and seeking outward – women sharing their return to and reclaiming of the TRUE WOMAN within.

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Media & Women: True Qualities of Women

by Shannon Everest, Australia

While sitting eating my lunch at work, and fanning through the latest Vogue mag. in the patient waiting room, I read bits and pieces of an article about a new and upcoming young actress called Alice Englert. The article was titled ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The article itself is not what is important here – what is important is the ponderings that occurred after reading the article.

This young woman of only 18 years was being celebrated with such expressions as  ‘Englert heads into the light’… She was being placed on a pedestal for all the world to see, described with such beauty and awe, but for all of the things she can ‘do’, the way she looks, the way she ticks boxes – and not for who she actually is. Lauded for how she has managed to carve her way into the industry, descriptions of her physical beauty and the uniqueness of her old-world ‘look’.

I found myself wondering, how does she really feel? What does she do to care for herself working in the film industry? What did she have to go through to get there? Continue reading “Media & Women: True Qualities of Women”

A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth

by Sarah Cloutier, VIC, Australia

To the Editor – Courier Mail / News.com.au / Perth Now / News Corporation

Re: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

As General Manager of a film and television company in Melbourne, I expect a level of commitment from my team to research and investigate new technology to ensure we have all our facts straight before proceeding with any commitment that could impact on the success of the business.

As the Editor/s, and manager/s of a team of journalists, and a member of a national news network, I am surprised that neither yourself, Josh Robertson or Liam Walsh, did any real investigation or research into Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon; and as such you call into question the true intelligence of women such as myself – and in fact, all women.

Why are you not putting on the front page the skyrocketing increases in diabetes, cancer of all types, heart disease, lung conditions, mental illness, alcohol abuse – and the most affected by this ‘story’ – domestic violence towards women?? Continue reading “A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth”