Well-Being for Women Melbourne – the Impact of Anxiety and Stress 

Every woman wants to feel safe to be themselves within a group of women; we secretly crave to have a deeper level of intimacy with each other. The Esoteric Women’s Health Well-being for Women group in Melbourne on Sunday 17th March offered just that – the topic discussed was anxiety and stress.   Continue reading “Well-Being for Women Melbourne – the Impact of Anxiety and Stress “

Corporate Work Demands – Changing the Way I Think and Feel

by Heather Pope, Sydney, Australia

This morning I was woken at 1:20am with a call from a work colleague who needed some help for one of our customers.

I work for a large multi-national company managing a team of people, and we have customers all over the world. The call only took a few moments but as I lay there afterwards (wishing I could fall back to sleep, but with work issues now running through my head) I began to ponder this work life I am living, and wonder if others in the world are living similarly.

Then I received a text from one of my (several) bosses about another issue which I replied to (at 1:30am). This boss lives in Singapore where it was 11:30pm, and he replied.

And so my work day had begun, and indeed I wondered, did it ever end… Continue reading “Corporate Work Demands – Changing the Way I Think and Feel”

The Return of the Pad

by Annette Baker, Sydney, Australia

If somebody had said to me six months ago that in a few months I would only be using pads during my period, and would no longer be using tampons, I would have laughed in disbelief, and probably a bit of embarrassment too. I had some pretty bad memories of using pads during the first year of having my period, and based on that experience, to me pads were ‘backward’, clumsy and messy, so I wasn’t about to go back there. As far as I was concerned pads were antiquated, and used only by much older women who had neither discovered nor enjoyed the convenience of tampons. So how is it that today, I sit here in the knowing that it is very unlikely I would choose to use a tampon again? Continue reading “The Return of the Pad”