Walking with my Awesomeness: Connecting to myself and the World as a Woman

I was on my walk this morning, and as I walked steadily, a deep warmth circulated up my spine. I checked in with myself, feeling into it more, while continuing to walk in presence. What came was a feeling of true power in my steps, a new level of intimacy I have with my body. With walking as part of my consistent daily routine, the level of connection felt with my body has deepened. The power that I am feeling is one, which I have chosen now to live, devotedly connected to this body. The connection with my body is something I have ignored for a long time, until recently.

So this morning as I was feeling in Love and in Joy with myself and in my every step, I felt the whole world walking with me. At that moment I was aware that someone was looking at me — a man, standing at a nearby bus stop.

It was only a split second, but a familiarity rushed through me: should I look away like nothing has happened, or keep walking ahead and ignore what I felt? Can someone really be looking at me, my face naked without a touch of make-up, bed head flying in the wind?

But with the awesomeness already felt in my body, I couldn’t but question, “Are these thoughts even mine?”

What I felt from this man noticing me was not anything uncomfortable or invasive, actually it was… awe.


It was surprising — but is it really? Why do I feel surprised to be looked at in awe, when awe feels natural in my body?

As I honoured what my body felt in that moment, I turned my head towards the pavement and looked the man in his eyes, and he met me back directly with a firm nod. A simple, but equal acknowledgement.

How can the world not be awed by us women simply when we hold the connection with ourselves and do not hold back in expressing it? Is it even possible for the world to not notice us, when the trust we have built with ourselves expands into trust with others? When we allow ourselves to be truly seen, don’t we equally see the gloriousness of another?

And as I kept walking, my body confirmed and rejoiced, “This is my new normal”.

I am knowing the true me for the very first time. It feels natural and real, without any need for perfection, and it feels truly grand! It is so natural to not hold back my deep joy, and to not hide the innate intimacy I feel with everyone I meet, and to express it, whether they respond or not. This grandness as I have observed from my walk is very simple — consistency is key, and it has to be walked.

Walking with my awesomeness and connecting to myself, and the world as a woman, for all to see, is my new normal.

By Adele Leung, Image Director and Fashion Stylist, Hong Kong

For Further Inspiration:

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996 thoughts on “Walking with my Awesomeness: Connecting to myself and the World as a Woman

  1. I find it more difficult to walk in a room knowing I am beautiful, divine & out of this world amazing than to make it about my qualifications, what I know and what my strengths are. There is something about the fact that we need all of these pieces of paper of physical experiences to know that we are worth something, what does that indicate about our relationship with ourselves? There are so many ways I can think of that this plays out – the roles we take on: the smart, intelligent woman; the good cook; the good friend; sister, mother etc. all of these give us a sense of worth based on what value we put on them, but our core, true self-worth is not looked at, it is not grown. Valuing and respecting ourselves just because we deserve that at the minimum, just because that should be our standard at least. Where is that gone, women? What have we done with it?

  2. There is such magnificence in seeing a women claimed and confident in her power – no wonder history shows us this quality has been attacked over many years. When a women stays in her true power the whole world changes.

  3. There’s a beauty in taking all of me for a walk, walking truth, loving being with me knowing not only do I walk for me, but all of humanity.

  4. When we get down to it and are truly honest we know it is only ourselves that stand in the way of feeling amazing all of the time. No blame needed on anyone or anything else.
    We choose it or not.

  5. When we look for approval from people we are more likely to be pulled to need to wear make up or consider what we wear that will fit in and be acceptable. That reduces who we are and can feel stifling. Embracing who we are in full and getting used to that in movement is a great freedom that will remind us all of our childhood and the awesomeness of being more connected to ourselves.

  6. Are we okay with being seen in all of our glory? I know that I love feeling the joy of claiming who I am from within…can I stand there and shine in full? Yes in moments, just because I have been used to hiding. I feel it is something that I am growing into and allowing..the glory is unfathomably spacious and grand that I do not limit myself, by imagining what it looks like, I rather am learning to surrender it its potential and allowing it to unfurl and show itself…

    1. It is true, we stop and take it in..anyone who has the confidence to be simply themselves and not hold back….this is refreshing and inspiring to witness.

  7. You rock Adele, and so could we all. A walk like this is not some far away fairytale walk, it starts with a choice, the choice to allow this awe to be felt, even it is still very faint, and then build and build. By walking.

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