Girl Power, or the Power of Women at Work

Girl power was all the rage in the 1990s and early 2000s. The phrase “girl power” is used as a term of empowerment, independence, and self-sureness, but what came of girl power, and is there such a thing as true girl power? Or more so, the true power of women?  Particularly when working together.

In 1994 the Spice Girls shot to the top of the pops with ‘Wannabee’. They were a group of women ‘working’ together, but is there more to it than that? The Spice Girls were a brand, a product, a group of women where there were friendships and where to the outer world there was a ‘spunky’ toughness. But is toughness needed in ‘girl power’ – or in truly power-full women when they are together?

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Standing by Me and Inspiring My Colleagues at Work

by Rebecca Turner, Age 44, London UK

I love my job. I work as a beauty advisor in a busy, well-respected health and beauty store in the centre of London. It is an incredible and great learning ground for me.

Every interaction shows me something, and can either energize me or drain me. 

This has been shown to me recently in a very clear way since attending one of the Esoteric Women’s Groups hosted by Sara Williams in London. The question was put to us “What is in the Way?”. Continue reading “Standing by Me and Inspiring My Colleagues at Work”

A True Inspiration

by Amina Tumi, Hair Salon Owner, London, England

I have been inspired to really start to listen to what I feel and this has made a profound difference to my life. Natalie Benhayon has brought my attention to deeply cherishing ME, something that I had not given myself permission to do before, even though I knew it was something that I was missing. I have always relied on other people to make me feel good and tell me how amazing I am, as opposed to feeling this way for myself. It has been remarkable to feel how this is changing my life, the difference it is making in my day, and in turn in my relationships with others.

It really has been simple changes that have made huge differences, such as giving myself more time in the mornings so I can feel what I need. I sometimes now have a bath in the mornings if my body needs it (I would never have given myself time for that before) – or really feeling into what I would like to wear and being playful with myself with what I choose. Then there is resting when my body needs it, and I have to say I’ve really had to learn how to rest as I have always been such a ‘doing kind of person‘ – even when I am exhausted I would still find myself doing things. I am finding that the key has been to do these self-nurturing things regularly and not just now-and-then… and so making them a way of life. Who would have thought that to simply start to cherish you and your body and adore yourself in a way that can only be considered as something very beautiful, would have such an impact. Continue reading “A True Inspiration”