Going With The Flow

by Sarah C, London UK

While I was showering this morning, I was gently washing myself and started to feel myself from the inside out – a concept I find extremely challenging because for so long I have always felt myself from the outside, in.

I remembered that in March 2012, after hearing and reading the concept that pads (sanitary napkins) allowed the natural flow of a woman’s period, and my being a tampon user since teenage years, I found this concept weird, to say the least. But I thought, hey, why not try napkins and see what happens?

Reflecting on this today, the change has been profound and I really only fully appreciated that in my bathroom this morning. I have had eleven periods since that time and can honestly say that I have truly felt my flow and the joy of that cleanse. I love having my period now and actually look forward to it each month. What a turnaround! Well, there’s a first time for everything, even as a 44-year-old woman. Continue reading “Going With The Flow”

The Return of the Pad

by Annette Baker, Sydney, Australia

If somebody had said to me six months ago that in a few months I would only be using pads during my period, and would no longer be using tampons, I would have laughed in disbelief, and probably a bit of embarrassment too. I had some pretty bad memories of using pads during the first year of having my period, and based on that experience, to me pads were ‘backward’, clumsy and messy, so I wasn’t about to go back there. As far as I was concerned pads were antiquated, and used only by much older women who had neither discovered nor enjoyed the convenience of tampons. So how is it that today, I sit here in the knowing that it is very unlikely I would choose to use a tampon again? Continue reading “The Return of the Pad”

Pads and Tampax

by Sally, United Kingdom

I have been using tampax probably for the last 30+ years; clean, efficient and they’ve allowed me to concentrate and focus my mind on all that I need to do in the busy workplace without giving it a second thought – just a usual day, same routine, no problems.

I was inspired by others to give pads a try, and yes… they have changed since the early days when I first tried them. I was really taken aback by the profound effect they had on my life. Continue reading “Pads and Tampax”

My Periods & Me

by Angela Perin, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

My first real introduction to education about periods came when I was about 12, and my mother called me into the lounge for a private talk (I thought it was about a school report card, so I was a little nervous, but not at all prepared for what was to come). She pulled out a large brown paper bag and began with, “Did your cousin Debbie tell you she got her period…?” (or something to that effect). Embarrassment and anxiousness overwhelmed me, and at that point I could only regret that the talk had not been about my report card.

It wasn’t a long conversation (I’m guessing that Mum may not have been that comfortable either) and the rest of what she said was just a blur. I can’t even remember if the bag was opened to show me what was inside, but whatever it was, I’m really sure I didn’t want to know about it! And as soon as she had finished and I was allowed to escape, I took the brown paper bag and shoved it to the back of my underwear drawer – hoping no-one would ever see it (including my two younger sisters with whom I shared a bedroom), and that Mum (or anyone else) would never bring up the conversation again! Continue reading “My Periods & Me”