Pads and Tampax

by Sally, United Kingdom

I have been using tampax probably for the last 30+ years; clean, efficient and they’ve allowed me to concentrate and focus my mind on all that I need to do in the busy workplace without giving it a second thought – just a usual day, same routine, no problems.

I was inspired by others to give pads a try, and yes… they have changed since the early days when I first tried them. I was really taken aback by the profound effect they had on my life. About two months ago I changed my routine to try using pads, and I ended up laying on the sofa as often as I could; in fact, on the second day I decided to rearrange my work, and have a work-from-home day. My body decided it could at last relax and cried out for me to stop and rest. It really couldn’t keep up with the pace I was demanding it to go all of the time.

While I had some time to reflect back on connecting to my body, I realised just how much I override what it has been trying to tell me – to slow down and take it a little easier. The problem appeared to be that it’s all well and good using the tampax, but it stops me from deeply feeling my body’s messages – in fact it’s just allowed me to be rather robotic in my actions, getting on with my everyday stuff without a second thought as to how my body was feeling… how I walk too fast, how I’m always going somewhere, having something to do. There was, I have to admit, a great temptation to revert back to the tampax; even just for a day to allow myself to complete certain tasks. I was really feeling the pressure of work, and what I thought I should be achieving. However, I chose to stick with the pads and it taught me so much about myself.

This last time I programmed in a couple of work-at-home days, so I didn’t have to rush. I could soak in the bath after doing my emails, and have a nap if my body felt like it. The question I am now left with is “why don’t I do more of this all of the time?”. Looking after myself: it may just be that little bit more important than all those meetings and deadlines that I make for myself at work. It shouldn’t be just during my period that I feel I should be looking after myself more, but every day. And it’s me first, work second, not just on those days, but all the time.

311 thoughts on “Pads and Tampax

  1. There are so many aspects of our bodies and of our health that we see as an inconvenience and fail to understand the deeper significance and importance of these forms of bodily communication, which is very reflective of how so many of us see life. We look to mould life in such a way that it suits us, seemingly picking and choosing the bits that we either think that we want or don’t want and fail to see that we are an intrinsic part of life itself and not an adjunct to it.

  2. I have not regretted returning to pads, in fact I love them. I enjoy this time with my body when it asks me to slow down or just take a step back from going at 100mph (yet going nowhere). We aren’t designed to be constantly doing doing doing, we need to BE as well as DO equally.

  3. Every day we have an opportunity to look after ourselves more, if we take that opportunity we are bathed in God’s light.

  4. Our periods are amazing things, having my period is an anchor that draws me back to my centre and holds me steady in a world that is way off.

    1. None of us are truly aware of just how ‘off’ the world is. Most of us only see the ‘bad’ bits as being ‘off’ and fail to recognise that the whole stinking lot of it is off. And in many ways it’s the so called ‘nice’ bits, the f’luffy’ bits and the ‘good’ bits that actually stink the most because they’re the bits that are purposefully crafted to continually keep throwing us off track.

  5. “It shouldn’t be just during my period that I feel I should be looking after myself more, but every day. And it’s me first, work second, not just on those days, but all the time.”

    Hear hear, well said Sally. as women the more we put ourselves first by honouring what our bodies truly need, the more we best serve humanity, our community and our family.

  6. Allowing the intimacy that our period gifts us every month, is a delicious experience worth to be lived that offers new markers of dephth and care to bring into our everyday life. This is something I’m increasingly treasuring the more I surrender to my body’s needs, which always bring me back to the love that I am..

  7. “It shouldn’t be just during my period that I feel I should be looking after myself more, but every day. And it’s me first, work second, not just on those days, but all the time.” So important – to care for ourselves first – then the work will be done with more care and focus.

    1. We are quite literally the only ones who can truly care for ourselves and so if we don’t do it then it won’t be done, it’s as simple as that. We can either live in a way that’s caring of ourselves or we can live in a way that sabotages ourselves. I have lived both ways and can say that the difference that self caring brings about goes so much further than the simple act of caring, it actually leads to a totally different way of understanding life.

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