‘Modern Woman’ – a product of society or of her own true nature?

What does ‘living as a woman’ look like in our current age?

In an era that boasts more equality and advances for women than at any other time in history (at least in some parts of the world), we now have a great opportunity to see deeply the true effect of a woman at her fullest and loveliest in the home and in society. And yet in reality we find ourselves still very much lacking in some advances and indeed in some ways the ‘equality’ we have fought hard to win has actually created greater and new complications. Many of us are finding that we are big time multi-tasking under the demands of a society that now expects us to be the super-mum-career-woman-great-daughter-athlete-sex-kitten combo rolled into one. It has become fairly standard for us to be generally racy, anxious, driven, deeply lacking in self-confidence or simply managing life as best we can. Many women care for all those around them but stop short of truly caring for and nurturing themselves. And how many of us know how to make ourselves look ‘pretty’ but do not truly and deeply feel a sense of our own beauty?

But what would ‘living as a woman’ look like in today’s society if we were to first develop a deeply tender and nurturing relationship with our bodies and our selves?

This site explores the possibility that there is actually a great power in being tender, and a great strength in being delicate.  That there is a way to live that is deeply honouring of the body; that there is a way of being in the world that need not constantly exhaust or expend us. It examines the possibility that there is a self-nurturing rhythm that is natural to us and that we can choose to know and live by.

Living by the knowing of the body and developing an honesty with the body allows a way of living or a ‘livingness’* to develop that is informed from within us as women rather than through the impositions of societal ideals and expectations.

This site will be a platform for women (and men) to share their observations on women in life and in the media and make comments on the variety of issues pertaining to women today. Some of the stories will be personal accounts and some will be general observations. We welcome your submissions and comments.

Many of the regular contributors will be participants of the courses and workshops of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and in particular will be familiar with the area of Esoteric Women’s Health. Because of this you may occasionally come across phrases or concepts within the writing that are not immediately recognisable but which we will expand on as needed. In time and if necessary a glossary will develop. It is important to note that the purpose of this blog is not to promote the Esoteric Women’s Health area of service (although those wanting more information can of course view the site) but rather it is a means for us to comment and unfold our understanding of living as women in a modern context and to make available for public discussion the simple and practical tools and understandings that have been made available to us through the work of Esoteric Women’s Health and our own self-guided navigation. For while the tools are everyday and practical it is at times surprising to see how rare it is to find such simplicity presented in our rather complex current times and it is for this reason we write — to ensure the tools are equally accessible for everyone, so that there is at least an informed opportunity to take them or leave them as one sees fit.

This is a stand-alone blog in terms of content, no prior study is required as the topics of the Esoteric are by their nature universal – Esoteric simply meaning our ‘inner-most’ quality — our inner-knowing. It is worth noting that the word originally comes from the Greek ‘esôterikos’ meaning ‘from within’.  So while the ‘Esoteric’ has in modern times had a reputation as pertaining to something ‘mysterious or hidden’, this is perhaps only on account of the fact that we have lost touch with our own innate deeper knowing – and in doing so, it seems we have become a mystery to our own selves. To truly know ourselves, and to truly know our own body is to make much less mysterious that inner knowing. Interestingly, for many of us our bodies and our rhythms are not deeply understood or connected to. For instance, many women see their bodies as betraying them, their periods as a nuisance or inconvenience and the associated pain at best an annoyance but increasingly both debilitating and unmanageable for some. Many are suffering from endometriosis, sore or lumpy breasts, cysts, fibroids and the list goes on. And this is now considered quite normal by medical standards. But is this how it has to be? Or is there a greater harmony to be had? Much more on this will be explored in the following articles. This blog marks the start of a dialogue in the public domain about how we can come to know our bodies and live our lives from a knowing that is informed first from our own inner-feelings. In doing so we allow the possibility that we can instigate true and lasting change. Quite apart from categorising ourselves in such limiting ways as ‘women who burn their bras’ or ‘women who only wear push-up bras’ or by any other label, we have an opportunity to return to the women we naturally and innately are, free from the ideals, expectations and images we have been fed. In doing so, we find that in all of our various expressions we have a common underlying essence — an innate stillness, tenderness and a knowing — that is there to call us back to being women in livingness.

The Livingness is about living the love that we are from the inside out – this is what it means to live from and with the soul, to live soul-fully in our daily lives. The deep care we have for ourselves and the loving way we are with ourselves is the “quality we then bring to all others”(SB). So naturally our friends, husbands, partners, children, brothers and sisters all benefit from this approach. We endeavour to explore what ‘living this love’ might look like in the most practical ways in the contributions on this site.

We trust you will enjoy the variety of contributions.

*The Livingness – to live soul-fully as a human being (Serge Benhayon)

by Rebecca Baldwin


858 thoughts on “‘Modern Woman’ – a product of society or of her own true nature?

  1. “ Living by the knowing of the body and developing an honesty with the body allows a way of living or a ‘livingness’* to develop that is informed from within us as women rather than through the impositions of societal ideals and expectations.” It’s a beautifully expressed piece of writing, thank you Rebecca. With the support of Universal Medicine and Esoteric Women’s Health I am learning to connect to my body and truly honour how I feel and how to nurture myself. I find it is in the small moments as much as the big situations. What’s beautiful within the Universal Medicine student body is that people are at varying degrees of livingness, many well ahead of me, and they are a tremendous resource and support to call on.

  2. We all like to read things now-a-days, news, stories, how to improve your life, self-help books etc. This blog site is full of gold – simple, everyday pondering of women from all around the world. It looks into women’s health, our role in society and everything and anything that a woman today can go through. It’s worth a visit, even by men who are curious to find out more about women 😉

  3. How powerful is a woman who needs to show her authority with force? How powerful is a woman who in complete disregard of her natural way of being leads a multi-million dollar business?

    1. And you are so very warm and tender. Your kindness is felt miles away, your depth of care is out of this world so perhaps the way you live your life has something in it 😉

  4. “This site explores the possibility that there is actually a great power in being tender, and a great strength in being delicate.” What has happened to make some women feel that power and strength rests in the number of triathlons and long cycle rides they’ve completed. This site is exceptional in that it shows that answers are often much more simple and don’t require us to put our bodies through gruelling physical challenges to confirm our worth.

  5. There are not many women today who first develop a deeply tender relationship with themselves but when they do they stand out a mile – These ladies are scrumptious.

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