Everyday Livingness

Students of Universal Medicine share their every day experiences  living the Way of the Livingness  and how that manifests for them in life and the changes they’ve embraced which have impacted their work, their home and their overall approach to life.

Medicine and Serge Benhayon
Medical Doctors and Health Care Practitioners share their understanding of the holistic approach they choose to take in their workplace and life – inspired by the teachings of Universal Medicine.

Truth about Serge Benhayon
Students of Universal Medicine share their stories on how their lives changed after starting to live the love they re-discovered in themselves.

Truth about Universal Medicine
Students of Universal Medicine share their stories on how their lives changed after attending presentations by Serge Benhayon.

Words on Serge Benhayon
Students of Universal Medicine share their views on the misinterpretations/misrepresentations and lies about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in the press.

The Works of Serge Benhayon

Initiated by those who align themselves to the Way of the Livingness, a religion re-ignited by Serge Benhayon as its custodian, a long lineage with countless world teachers and philosophers of the past who are recognised to represent that same light. Since late 2015 students across the globe have been sharing their personal experience of Serge Benhayon which has resulted in this website and a planned forthcoming book.

5 thoughts on “Links

  1. I am so enjoying these blogs, and the wealth of wisdom they share. So Powerful to really hear these Women’s and Men’s voices printed on the pages. Inspiring!

  2. Such a wealth of experiences, wisdom and beautiful stories in these blogs, and clearly so much care taken in their presentation, thank you to ALL involved! This is a first class blog site.

  3. I have visited all of these blog sites and can vouch for there absolute amazing content. The authors of all of the blogs within these blog sites are truly being so honest in the way that they are living and choosing to share with all of us their experiences, mistakes and what they have learnt that has helped them grow into amazing people. Again I highly regard and recommend of all of these blog sites.

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