A Frozen Shoulder: Thawing my Resistance to my Inner Quality

Three days ago, I woke up with a frozen shoulder; I was unable to sleep the prior night or get out of bed. This has happened before, but this time, with the help of my amazing practitioner, Jenny Ellis, I really listened to the message being offered up. I came to understand the message along with fixing the actual physical pain. And this is what I discovered… Continue reading “A Frozen Shoulder: Thawing my Resistance to my Inner Quality”

From Exhaustion to Amazing Woman

For many years I used to sit up late at night, watching TV whilst indulging in some sweets or junk food, thinking this is ‘me-time’. Considering that I was always a natural early morning person, I used to push through when I felt tired in the evening, choosing to override that feeling and just prop myself up with some sweet foods to stay awake and watch another late night movie I thought I could not miss. Interestingly, most mornings I could hardly remember what I had watched the night before …

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Inspirations and Reflections: Learning From Each Other

I recently went to visit my hairdresser. No big deal I hear you say and normally I would agree. I have quite short hair and was just going for a regular haircut – or so I thought!

My hairdresser took a lot of time checking out how the last cut had turned out; what had worked and what hadn’t. She made the comment that it was very important to her that she understood the hair that she was cutting. She said that she had to take her time to learn to ‘speak’ to my hair so that she understood the best way to cut it so as to create the style we had agreed upon.

I suggested that there was another way to look at it; that if she was prepared to let my hair guide her hands so that she knew what, where and how much to cut, she would have all the support she needed and the end result would be amazing.

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What does your Cervix Say?

Have you ever wanted your best friend on tap 24/7? What if you had a direct open phone line with truth, with yourself, on tap? An innate wisdom and sacredness that knows which choices to make, how to move, how to eat, how to sleep, how to breathe, how to walk, how to dress. A wisdom that knows how to respond all of the time, in any given situation, even in new situations that spring up unexpectedly – and, it was absolutely free of charge? Wouldn’t that be remarkable?

Well ladies, you do, we all do!

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Intermittent Catheterisation – The unlikely link between the anatomy of my vagina and starting to love my body

I didn’t even know such a thing as intermittent catheterisation existed until I recently had some health issues and ended up in hospital, due to not listening to my body when I had a pain in my back.

The pain increased over a week and the inflammation by then had caused enough nerve damage to stop my bladder from working as well as affecting my left leg.The reason I feel to share, is because catheterisation is not a subject many people talk about and I was unaware of it up until my own experience of intermittent catheterisation – and so too, if it comes to that, a certain intimacy with the anatomy of my vagina. Continue reading “Intermittent Catheterisation – The unlikely link between the anatomy of my vagina and starting to love my body”

Getting Caught in an Outer Beauty

by Sheri Gompelman, Brisbane, Australia

I recently submitted a blog titled, The Truth about Beauty – We Are Enough.

I wrote that blog a day after I had an Esoteric Ovary Massage with Natalie Benhayon, which had really allowed me to connect with the beautiful woman I am.

After I wrote the blog I cried as I could feel it came from a great power within. Yet, although I can feel what True Beauty is I am always having to remind or stop myself from falling into what is not True Beauty. Continue reading “Getting Caught in an Outer Beauty”

Body Hair – The Celebration of the Beauty that’s Inside Me – Inside us all

by Katerina Nikolaidis, Australia

The more I connect to the purity which I can feel inside my body, the more I feel the delicateness and loveliness I know is naturally me.

And the more I connect to this feeling, the more ‘stuff’ I’ve taken on that’s not delicate or lovely starts to pop up its hard and ugly head offering me a choice to make – do I want to hold on to these perceptions and ideas I’ve taken on about myself that push me down and ‘curse’ me as it were, so that I never truly claim how delicate I actually am?  OR… do I make the choice to feel those ugly bits without numbing myself or going into protection and hardening (not always easy!), and feeling instead how much they hurt to hold on to – so that gently and firmly, I am able to claim that all this does not belong in me and to my way of being?

One of these false ideas which has plagued me ever since I was twelve years old is the notion that ‘I have unattractive hair on my body’ and that therefore my body in its natural state is not worthy of being loved. The irony is that I was never actually ‘very hairy’, but back then I chose to believe I was…. Continue reading “Body Hair – The Celebration of the Beauty that’s Inside Me – Inside us all”