Every Beautiful Woman

by Dr Lyndy Summerhaze, Crabbes Creek, NSW Australia

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago. I was window-shopping outside a jewellers / china shop. There were so many beautiful and colourful objects there, but when I looked at each individual item – there were actually none that I wanted. As I was leaving, I saw a life-size cardboard cut-out of a fashion model standing there – I didn’t want that either. So I walked away from it all, down the street.

As I was walking, in the dream, I remembered something Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine, had said to us some years ago whilst demonstrating a healing modality – the Energetic Facial Release. For those who may not be familiar with this healing technique, it is a release that can help deal with and clear emotions we hold within our face, such as sadness, frustration etc. It can rejuvenate the face to reveal a person’s natural radiant beauty, and can also have a profound healing effect on the whole body. What Serge said were words to the effect of – there is not one woman in the world who isn’t beautiful when connected to herself. This utterance resonated deeply with me as I knew it to be true and had always known it. And I recalled something that happened many years ago on returning home to Lismore for holidays from Sydney University and a whole sophisticated city-world of fashion, food and incredible bookshops. While on holiday in Lismore I saw a country woman dressed in her Sunday best and I was so deeply touched by her beauty; a beauty which had nothing to do with the latest fashion. Yes, clothes are so much fun to play with, but it is always the love and tenderness that a woman radiates that makes her so delicious, so irresistible and a joy to behold.

As I continued the walk down the street in my dream I was contemplating the role of fashion magazines. It was clear that the force running these magazines comes from the same source as that running the newspapers – they are all owned by the same group. I felt a very specific agenda behind the magazines in addition to that of making a profit, selling product and manipulating image. I could feel it working in this way: the fashion image on the page is designed to make a woman dissatisfied with herself – with her looks, her clothes, her life, what she can afford (most clothes on these pages are in the thousand dollar bracket). The plan is to take a woman away from herself i.e. take her out of her true contentment and into dissatisfaction. This means that a woman abandons her natural confidence, her beauty and her gorgeous cheeky playfulness to seek towards becoming what the magazines are portraying to her as the ideal way of what a woman is to look like and be. But when a woman allows herself to be pulled out of her own natural confidence and contentment to become something else something prescribed from the outside world – she can lose her poise, her grace. She is pulled out of her natural rhythm and can consequently feel disconnected and in disarray. On the other hand, if she chooses to stay connected to her own self, the woman’s beauty is so lovely that it can bring a man to his knees!

So why would fashion magazines want to hook a woman out of her innate rhythm? Well, my feeling is that it will certainly sell more magazines and fashion items, keeping the woman ever dissatisfied and desiring a beauty that is something only attainable ‘out there’ or outside of herself. But is there an even more hidden agenda that wants to keep the woman out of her poise and beauty – a beauty that has no need of copious amounts of money spent to create it – a poise so powerful it is as a balm to the hearts of men. Is it possible that there is a thought, albeit unconscious, that if women can be kept out of their innate rhythm and harmony, then the world and all its affairs, with no reference point available, can be kept in constant motion and ragged tension, in constant chaos and fragmentation… going through its daily round in an ever increasing frenzy, unable to stop and take stock of what is actually happening?

If women decided to choose, to come back to their natural rhythm and way of being, would it not then be possible for men to feel a real difference, and to adore it?!

And, would it not be possible for men to feel this same precious quality within themselves, to feel this living, tender love?

And, what then could the world be like?

Here the dream came to its end, and I woke up.

Many years ago as a young woman in the 1960s, I attended the first Women’s Liberation meeting in Sydney. After one meeting I knew this was not going to work for me, or truly change anything. It was 40 years later that I eventually began to find true liberation; to be the beautiful woman that I am today. This I found at the amazing Women’s Group presentations held by Universal Medicine. I am now beginning to open up to experiencing the precious woman that I am; to feel the silky, lovely beauty within me – and in the other women who are also dedicated to exploring the beauty that lies within. And we can all still totally enjoy a fashion magazine, while not denying our awareness of what is going on with the media’s portrayal of how we ought to be as women.

Serge Benhayon was so right – every woman is full of beauty – so very beauty-full.

1,189 thoughts on “Every Beautiful Woman

  1. “She is pulled out of her natural rhythm and can consequently feel disconnected and in disarray. On the other hand, if she chooses to stay connected to her own self, the woman’s beauty is so lovely that it can bring a man to his knees!” I completely concur with the feelings of disarray that happen when I am not connected to my inner self, and when I am, it’s absolutely true, it can bring men to their knees! And this makes sense to me completely because when a man is so called ‘bowled over’ by how a woman looks it’s usually an ideal of beauty and an image being met, and it’s superficial if it’s a surface attraction because appearance changes and the physical moment doesn’t last, but when we are touched by the timeless beauty within someone it’s so completely gorgeous, and it supports us to feel our own. Inner beauty is completely absolute and undeniable when expressed and deeply touching.

  2. “There is not one woman in the world who isn’t beautiful when connected to herself” because when any of us are connected with ourselves, it is not just us that we are connected to, it is the whole of life, in all it’s glory that we are also connected to.

  3. ‘there is not one woman in the world who isn’t beautiful when connected to herself’.’ And in this connection we feel beautiful too – we move and express with more grace. It’s definitely worth letting go of all ideas about who we should or could be and just allow ourselves to connect to what is inside.

  4. The beauty of a woman connected to her inner stillness surpasses anything on offer in a magazine and the more reflections that we have of this the less women will be pulled out by the unattainable images portrayed by the media.

  5. As women we often shun our own worth and shun our own beauty, we put ourselves down and criticise ourselves and others.
    This is no way to live, it is our birthright to know our beauty and to know how lovely we are.

  6. This is gold Lyndy. True women’s liberation is found when a woman lives governed by the impulses of her innate sacredness, as it is then that the natural beauty and power of a woman is effortlessly expressed by simply being herself.

  7. “There is not one woman in the world who isn’t beautiful when connected to herself. ” We often look outside of ourselves for validation, whereas our true worth lies within and we all have it in abundance. Connection to this well of gorgeousness is the key.

  8. I agree Lyndy, it is a joy to behold a woman who is connected with herself and appreciate how she reflects and expresses her true inner beauty and qualities. When we are inspired to reconnect with our essence nothing from the outside can ever offer any way near the level of its magnificence and preciousness.

  9. Yes we can enjoy fashion but not be a slave to it, not be told how to be by it, but be ourselves and from there feel what fashion compliments and confirms us as we are, that is a celebration of our true beauty.

    1. So true that fashion is there to confirm us not to make us feel lesser. When we are connected to ourselves then our inner radiance compliments any outfit.

  10. When our inner beauty is honoured and lived, it naturally emerges and is seen through the way we move, look, talk, … this is a blessing for all. Being who we are is a treasure worth to be lived and shared, fully so.

  11. ‘it is always the love and tenderness that a woman radiates that makes her so delicious, so irresistible and a joy to behold.’ This is so true and well worth remembering…..literally re-membering, not just in our heads but in all our body.

  12. When we try to measure up to a picture of what and who we think we should be – an image of what we think the most beautiful version of ourselves should or could look like, there’s a relentless unsettlement. True settlement is being okay with whatever we’re feeling and letting go: accepting things as they are without trying to make them any different- and enjoying the absolute beauty that is there to behold and felt from within.

  13. I am learning to clock energies that come through others to try and take me out from feeling amazing. Whether it is a magazine, through a gaze, harsh words or simply a movement directed to pull me down it is an energy that is all one of the same. I am learning to no longer hold expectations or a picture of another but to meet people no matter who they are in the presence of the moment – a constant letting go and surrendering to what is being presented.

    1. Thanks Caroline for your comment, I can relate. It’s like different versions of the same thing coming through in different ways, but the intent is the same. I find I get affected if I have expectations of it not coming from a particular person, instead of holding steady in me and allowing whatever is coming my way to be what it is, and observe and understand. A constant learning at the moment.

  14. Every woman is beautiful, but beauty is not defined by the layers of make up and societal masks we choose to put on. Beauty shines from within, it is evident when a woman is living in connection with her essence and that real beauty cannot be matched by the most sophisticated plastic surgeons or marketed make up brands – it is natural, it is divine and it is glorious.

    1. I feel that’s why we are so melted by babies, it’s their strength of connection still to their innate inner beauty, their essence, and how joyful they feel expressing this.

  15. ‘But when a woman allows herself to be pulled out of her own natural confidence and contentment to become something else – something prescribed from the outside world – she can lose her poise, her grace’ and as we do know now, there will be no connection with her innate sacrednes, which every woman has inside herself.

  16. Such a gorgeous sharing Lyndy, the truth of who we truly are as women when we are connected to our inner beauty, society calls us out of ourselves, when all we are searching for is held deeply beautiful from within.

  17. We can so easily be pulled in to look at life as being determined by what others do or do not do when the truth is to be found from looking inside out – and starting with accepting who we are in our heart first of all.

    1. What’s tragic is that so many women’s concept of their own beauty is dependant on the responses of others. This is truly dreadful because the girls and women who are not acknowledged by society and their peer group as being beautiful will often be totally blind and even dismissive of their own beauty.

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