The true power of women – no more holding back

Is it enough to sit around and talk about the way that things are? Does this really change anything? At an Esoteric Women’s Health event – Wellbeing for Women – in Melbourne this question was posed. The women in this group had been coming together for over a year and discussing what was going on for women, what was going on for ourselves, and we were loving it. Ultimately we were exploring the phenomena of holding back the true power of women. Continue reading “The true power of women – no more holding back”

Women, Intimacy and Friendship

I recently spent the weekend with a friend and felt an amazing connection. This is someone I have met only twice before, yet it felt like we’d known each other for lifetimes. It felt strange and odd feeling so connected with someone I barely knew, with nothing sexual about the relationship and no neediness from either of us. Just the simple confirmation and joy of a deep connection with another person, and reflection from an equally beautiful woman.

Part of what made this connection so strong was a natural intimacy between us. There. I said it. Intimacy! That little word, so loaded with ideas and expectations. It got me pondering why I’m so uncomfortable with the word intimacy, and also the relationship that I have with it, and myself.  Continue reading “Women, Intimacy and Friendship”

Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon App brings ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ Home

by Lucy, Sydney

Four weeks after Sydney Esoteric Developers Women’s Group (EDWG) 3rd February 2013 and Our Cycles –Period and Full moon App Presentation

We had an Esoteric Developers Women’s group in Sydney recently where we were discussing the possibility that the pressure we felt to fit in at school was still with us even though we left school many years ago. It was a ‘tumbleweed’ moment and then a dawning realisation that there were many areas of our lives where we were still trying to fit in – around the school community, in the office, with our friends, with our families.

I found myself sitting with, what we decided, was a group of ‘rebels’. As we shared our stories of life with each other we found we had each rebelled against what we perceived to be society’s and our family’s expectations on us in one way or another. We had rejected what we were told life should be, only to make up our own picture of what life should be and then create ourselves into a group of rebels searching out other rebels! Continue reading “Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon App brings ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ Home”