Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon Diary

by Sara Harris BHSc, Cert. NFE, Melbourne, Australia

To meet with women is a very beautiful thing – there is something very ancient about gathering and being together to support one another.

Recently, this February, we had a gathering such as this in Melbourne. It was a presentation for women titled: “Nurturing the Woman Within: Reclaiming Your Natural Rhythm within our Modern Times” presented to us by Natalie Benhayon.

This presentation was also the launch of a new ‘tool’ that is now available as an App from iTunes called ‘Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon Diary’. The creation of this app and what we can use it for is nothing less than revolutionary. We now have the opportunity to record our period, menopause and full moon cycles in great depth, all at the convenience of our finger-tips! Continue reading “Our Cycles – Period and Full Moon Diary”

Pads and Tampax

by Sally, United Kingdom

I have been using tampax probably for the last 30+ years; clean, efficient and they’ve allowed me to concentrate and focus my mind on all that I need to do in the busy workplace without giving it a second thought – just a usual day, same routine, no problems.

I was inspired by others to give pads a try, and yes… they have changed since the early days when I first tried them. I was really taken aback by the profound effect they had on my life. Continue reading “Pads and Tampax”

Re-claiming my Relationship with my Period

In this article Vanessa McHardy reveals how the simple act of checking in with herself, via daily notes, has had a big affect on the quality of her monthly cycle.

Four months ago during my period the pain in my left hip was so painful that I was taking nurofen with no relief gained (I take painkillers once in a blue moon). My periods were so heavy on the first and second day it required me to change my pad every hour. They lasted four days max and I had PMT for a week before the period began. My last period I had slight pain for a few hours, it was only heavy for a few hours and lasted 7 days.

So what happened in those three months? I have taken no drugs, had no medical intervention, so what was it – how could there be such a significant change? Continue reading “Re-claiming my Relationship with my Period”