Woman Returning

Earlier this year I attended a workshop titled ‘Relationship with Self’, part of a new series presented by Natalie Benhayon, and Esoteric Women’s Health. The idea around these presentations is that as women today, we are not living the fullness of who we are, lacking that deep connection and knowing of ourselves as women which is impacting many areas of our lives.

At this particular presentation Natalie Benhayon was presenting alongside Miranda Benhayon and together the two women were speaking about intimacy, and in particular intimacy amongst women. They shared how as women this is actually a very natural part of us, yet in many instances it seems we are holding ourselves back from sharing this natural intimacy with one another.

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Jealousy: Foe or Friend?

Recently I realised that I was often feeling jealous and compared myself to other women, particularly my friends. If they achieved something or were doing well, got a new boyfriend, a lovely dress, anything really, I would feel small pangs of jealousy arise within my body.

In the past I have quickly pushed down these feelings of jealousy and then played the ‘nice friend’, commenting and congratulating them on whatever it is that they shared. Because the jealousy was only a small feeling, nothing too big that only lasted for a few seconds, I didn’t think I had jealousy issues.  Continue reading “Jealousy: Foe or Friend?”

The True Beauty of Women

by Raymond Karam, Goonellabah

A few weekends ago I was invited to an International Women’s Day function organised by Real Media Real Change (RMRC) in collaboration with Esoteric Women’s Health. I was under the impression that I was there to support them. I was wrong.

From the car trip there, to walking into the function, there was something bigger offered than what I had thought. There was something different about the women, something that I hadn’t chosen to see before… or possibly something that wasn’t there before. Continue reading “The True Beauty of Women”

The Choice between Poison and Inspiration

by Leonne Sharkey, Brisbane

My Experience of Competition and Comparison Between Women

At the women’s group last month, Mary-Louise Myers, a presenter on Women’s Health, spoke briefly about the competition and comparison that occurs between women. I knew immediately that Mary-Louise had stirred up something big that I had not allowed myself to really feel before. Of course I have always been aware of the competition between women, but I always thought it was something ‘out there’ in the world, ‘just the way things are’ – something that I was affected by, but in no way responsible for.

I love people, I really do. Most of my closest friends are women and I truly love and appreciate them. I cannot imagine deliberately trying to hurt another person, let alone those closest to me. I want nothing more than for myself and others to be living wonderful lives full of true love and joy. So you can understand my alarm when it dawned on me that I had never pondered the way in which I had personally compared myself to, and competed against, the women in my life. Continue reading “The Choice between Poison and Inspiration”

Women, Comparison & Love

by Anonymous

Having grown up with 3 sisters, I know all about comparison and jealousy and competing for attention… And I know all about covering things up with niceties, manners and politeness when presenting to the rest of the world, yet knowing full well the feelings that are underlying between us.

When I reflect now, it’s sad to feel the way that we were with each other and in some ways, still are. How is it that 5 beautiful women (including my mum) were all living in the same house and, for a lot of the time, there were unspoken resentments, jealousies and judgments towards one another. It’s been hard to admit, but if I am really honest, that is the truth. And I played a full part in that. It is painful to feel that I measured myself constantly with my sisters and also with my parent’s expectations. Instead of expressing and getting it all out there in the open, we tended to hold things in and keep it all under lock and key, letting it all build up – with the inevitable emotional explosions from time to time. And all the while, so often our words and actions were laced with the insidiousness of anger, frustration or disappointment under the guise of ‘politeness’ or ‘niceness’. Continue reading “Women, Comparison & Love”