Bras, Breasts, Esoteric Breast Massage and Me

I never really considered how I related to my breasts beyond them being a nuisance or an annoyance. Yes, I got attention because of these breasts of mine, but not in a good way, and I felt riled and annoyed each time this was happening.

I’ve always been conscious of my breasts, not in a proud or appreciative way, but as something I felt extremely awkward about, a part of me I was not exactly sure what to do with, and blithely ignored as much as possible. Plus, they hurt, especially during my periods and so they were often considered a nuisance.

For years I wore the wrong size bra, apparently and surprisingly up to 80% of women do, (1). The figure seems absurd, and yet many sources corroborate this. Imagine wearing the wrong size shoes!

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A Life lesson: Hanging the Washing and Appreciating the Woman I Am

Reflections – we see them everywhere, not just when we look into a mirror and admire how gorgeous we are, or when we watch the ripples softly flow along the water, but the ever present reflections and lessons we have on offer from people and routines that are a part of our everyday life. The learning is endless.

I arrived home from a short trip with my mum this morning and put on a load of washing for the working week ahead. I began to hang my clothing on the line with my favourite bright coloured pegs, the sun was shining and I felt an overwhelming feeling to stop and adore my washing line.

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Discovering the Joy of Wearing a Bra and Uncovering More of the Woman I Am

I am aged 33 and for most of my adult life I have not worn a bra. I didn’t really see the point as my breasts are quite small and bras were just something else I had to worry about in the morning, something else that cost money and were not as comfortable as not wearing a bra. I also liked the picture I had painted of being a braless woman – I was a bit of a hippy and a bit of a feminist. It was a label I liked the sound of.

The first bra I remember buying was during pregnancy. I was given a voucher for a maternity bra and thought why not? But the one I bought was pretty hideous and I never wore it. I then needed some bras once I was breast-feeding which were for no other reason than to hold in some pads as I leaked so much milk, it was a necessity.

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My Dream Job as a Bra Advisor – Reflections on Nurturing in the Service Industry

by Shevon Simon, UK

From a very young age I’ve always wanted to serve. Serve humanity and help. I couldn’t wait to work, not only for the financial gain but to put my skills and willingness to the test. I began my first job at 16 in a shoe shop. I did well, as I always wanted to provide people with the best experience. I was honest, never sold them anything they didn’t really want just to get a sale, and I was one of the top sales people. I was soon inspired to move onto a company who paid their staff more and treated them better. Continue reading “My Dream Job as a Bra Advisor – Reflections on Nurturing in the Service Industry”

Taking Bra Shopping To a Whole Other Level

by Sara Harris, Health Practitioner, Australia

Recently I have been feeling it is time… time for some new bras!! I simply feel that I deserve it! I have grown more into being me and more into myself as a woman, and have found that my breasts have changed – my breasts and I have moved on!

I never thought I would say this in my lifetime… but my breasts have actually grown! Not a huge amount, but I can certainly feel that ever since having the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with the EBM trained practitioners from Universal Medicine, and committing to claiming more of myself as a woman –  my body, including my breasts, have taken on more of their natural shape and fullness.

So today was the day where I finally made it to a store that a friend had recommended a while ago. It is a very cute little boutique which has very carefully selected brands of the finest quality ‘intimate wear’. I had saved some money and had a specific and quite generous amount that I was going to spend… but I quickly learned that I was not going to be walking out with a few bras… that I may just have enough for one – good bras are expensive!! Continue reading “Taking Bra Shopping To a Whole Other Level”

My Relationship with Bras

by Susan Hayes, BEng BSci, Bendigo, Australia

I have never really been into bras. As a teenager I was scared of the bra shop – the thought of someone measuring and looking at my breasts was not something that appealed! I ended up trying bras on by myself in changing rooms (not even allowing my mother in) and ended up having cheap, poorly fitting pieces that I never really liked.

In my 20s I ‘upgraded’ to sports bras that flattened my chest and had no back clip. I promoted that these were ‘easier’  and ‘more comfortable’ than a standard bra (although looking back at how tight they were to get my head, arms and shoulders through to eventually squeeze over my breasts so I am not sure this was an honest conclusion!).  A couple of ‘normal’ bras were available when needed for special occasions, such as weddings etc., shoved in the back of a cupboard or drawer. Continue reading “My Relationship with Bras”

Buying MY First Bra

by Dr Rachel Hall, Dentist, Kenmore, Brisbane

There are many milestones in a woman’s life, one of which is buying your first bra, as getting a bra for the first time signifies the shift from being a girl to a young woman.

As a girl I seldom gave bras much thought, it was just something your mum wears and they were fun to play dress up in, or use as a makeshift catapult – but that was about it. Breasts and bras were quite an alien concept and during my developing years I often prayed, wished and hoped that my breasts, when the time came, would not be too big. Evidently breasts came in different shapes and sizes, as some women had flat chests and others seemed to have more than their fair share. I didn’t see what was so sexy or great about them… or why the girls at school were so desperate to get their boobs. Continue reading “Buying MY First Bra”

Breasts, Bras and One Amazing Hug

by Heidi, 23, Goonellabah, New South Wales

I developed breasts at a young age and did my best to ignore their arrival. Into my mid-teens I usually wore loose fitted tops and compressing sports bras. My friends would often comment about the size of my breasts when they happened to see me in a singlet or fitted top. I could feel the comparison they went into and I was so bemused by their attention, and shocked at talk of wanting breast implants and finding bras with maximum padding.

Wearing sports bras most days continued into my early twenties. At the time, I enjoyed the feeling of a flatter chest as I thought it made me look skinnier. I disliked how my shoulders and upper body looked with a bra – I just felt top heavy and clunky. I had tried some strapless bras and found them horrible. Strangely, I wore them quite regularly. They cut in, jabbed me and made my whole chest feel hard. Continue reading “Breasts, Bras and One Amazing Hug”

My New Bra

by L (aged 22 years), The Netherlands

Two days ago I finally went shopping to buy a new bra. A friend of mine highly recommended a certain nice store, and so my friend and I went to visit.

This shop was amazing! A store full of bras, all stocked in piles in their little cabins. The (bra fitting) assistant was very kind and straightforward and knew exactly what type and size of bra would fit me. At first I was a little, “Ooh no! I don’t wear a C cup, I always have B or even A”. But after trying the B cup first, I actually felt the lady was right – I did need a C cup, which I normally don’t wear! So then she came with a pile of bras for me to try. With the loving support and good advice of my friend and also the assistant, I found two very well fitting bras which also looked amazing. And I can say that it was the first time in my life I had found a bra that fitted my body so beautifully. Some beautiful underwear also came with the bras, so I decided to buy them as a set. Continue reading “My New Bra”