Taking Bra Shopping To a Whole Other Level

by Sara Harris, Health Practitioner, Australia

Recently I have been feeling it is time… time for some new bras!! I simply feel that I deserve it! I have grown more into being me and more into myself as a woman, and have found that my breasts have changed – my breasts and I have moved on!

I never thought I would say this in my lifetime… but my breasts have actually grown! Not a huge amount, but I can certainly feel that ever since having the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) with the EBM trained practitioners from Universal Medicine, and committing to claiming more of myself as a woman –  my body, including my breasts, have taken on more of their natural shape and fullness.

So today was the day where I finally made it to a store that a friend had recommended a while ago. It is a very cute little boutique which has very carefully selected brands of the finest quality ‘intimate wear’. I had saved some money and had a specific and quite generous amount that I was going to spend… but I quickly learned that I was not going to be walking out with a few bras… that I may just have enough for one – good bras are expensive!!

I guess I had always gone for quite basic bras. You see, my breasts are quite small and nothing ever seemed to really quite fit. I never really took the time for myself to find a store like this one, which was supportive and catering for all breast sizes, and also to allow myself to be assisted by someone who knew which bras would work and which ones wouldn’t for my shape and size. I never gave this opportunity to myself because I had already discounted my breasts – like they were nothing, and like they didn’t matter. And I had devalued myself and my worth based on an idea of what I thought breasts should be, and on an idea of what I thought a woman should be also in relation to her breasts’ size and shape. This was very convenient because it allowed me to ‘stay young’, to ‘stay small’… to stay like a little girl, and this had kept me from claiming the true woman that I know so very well and deep within me. It also kept others in treating me this way.

Knowing what I know now about myself and the woman that I am today – living in a way that supports me to claim more and more of my natural fullness all the time, I can look back and see how much comfort I was living in. For example, and to describe this ‘comfort’ or even ‘convenience’, if I stayed the little girl, then I didn’t have to step up, take responsibility and be all that I am; be a woman… and I could (‘conveniently’ and ‘comfortably’ so) keep on allowing others to maintain having a certain amount of power or control over me. So it felt comfortable and safe for me to stay small, though mostly for others’ benefit – because if I were to actually claim this natural fullness of true beauty that I know deep within me, then there was a good chance that I might ruffle some feathers or shift the weight in the boat, so to speak, with this (unsettling for them) natural radiance of mine.

Now I see myself and my breasts in a completely different way. I am beginning to really feel the absolute power in my presence and the natural tenderness of being a woman. My breasts feel full and alive as I have claimed them back as being a part of me as the woman, and no longer the little girl.

Hence this bra shopping experience is one of a woman (i.e. myself) who feels her value and her worth and is now no longer afraid to emanate her gorgeous and very natural womanly ways…

And so, in this particular store and on this particular occasion, I was dealt with by a very lovely woman who was most willing to assist. I felt so looked after as she gathered bra after bra for me to try on until we first found the right size, then the right shape and then the right style. We had a lot of fun! Most of all, I was overjoyed to feel how supportive the whole experience was, and I knew this was because I had already felt that I was worth this; that I deserved every bit of it.

As soon as I put the bra on, my breasts and I knew that it was the perfect bra! Everything about it – the fit, the shape, its elegance, and the quality, was amazing. This bra just confirmed how I was already feeling in myself – full, alive and very tender and loving. I have never spent so much money on a bra, but I didn’t even think twice about it!

Now sitting here this evening, with my beautiful new bra taking its cherished place inside my drawer and shifting some of the old bras out, I’m reflecting on the awesome experience I had today and appreciating the entire process that happened for it to occur: it was an honouring of me, since it was for me… and I realised that I had just taken bra shopping to a whole other level, and celebration too!!

317 thoughts on “Taking Bra Shopping To a Whole Other Level

  1. Embarking on a bra shopping venture with yourself as a beautiful woman inspires you to choose a bra that supports your natural beauty.

  2. Also feeling it’s time for an update, however these days I don’t just rush into any store, grab the cheapest thing and head out again. I am worth taking the time and putting in the effort to feel what would be supportive.

  3. Our body feels deeply nurtured and loved when we make the space to honour our true worth and appreciate our own unfolding in how we cherish, support and value ourselves.

  4. It is always great to take a moment to stop and reflect on and appreciate how far we have come, ‘Knowing what I know now about myself and the woman that I am today – living in a way that supports me to claim more and more of my natural fullness all the time, I can look back and see how much comfort I was living in.’

  5. Recently I have found the most perfect bra for me and I wasn’t even looking, I just was out there shopping for something else when I walked past this bra and was immediately drawn to the look of support and comfort it would give – I brought it without even tying it on got home and it fitted perfectly – I love shopping when you connected – you always by exactly what you need!

  6. When my breasts are small on one level I want them to be that way as I did not want to grow up or truly be a woman with all its responsibilities to handle. This has changed and it is inspiring to live in honor to myself rather than in expectation from society.

  7. When you truly take that moment to honour yourself in full everything is brought to you in how that honouring needs to be — the cherishing and appreciation is celebrating the process and not interfering how it flows.

  8. Once upon a time I didn’t even own a bra – yes, this was in my adult life. Nowadays I have the most beautiful collection of expensive French bras that I love. I love the bras but what I love more is choosing the bra I feel like wearing and how gorgeous it feels to wear.

  9. I recently went bra shopping and it was a completely different experience, actually enjoying it and taking time to find what was right for me

  10. Awesome to feel how this bra buying trip was a confirmation of your claiming of your worth as a woman and your willingness to stand in truth despite what may come at you. With a beautiful foundation for your body as well as the foundation of a deep sense of yourself and what you bring as a woman you are truly claiming your power and reflecting it to all.

  11. In beginning to honor ourselves, our bodies and our being as women we realise that this is a process of unfoldment is one that is always deepening, which is inspiring in many ways. With this what we need to support, nurture and care for ourselves with changes as we continue to evolve. Thank you Sara, for sharing how valuable it is to honor who we are and the deepening connection we feel, every step of the way on our journey to live more of who we truly are.

  12. I love your claiming of your gorgeousness back, ‘ this bra shopping experience is one of a woman (i.e. myself) who feels her value and her worth and is now no longer afraid to emanate her gorgeous and very natural womanly ways…’

  13. Utterly gorgeous Sara! Sadly not many women share the same experience as you have with bra shopping. Issues of self worth and competitiveness dominate and overshadow our own relationship with ourselves. All the while there is this amazing ness on the inside just waiting to bust out!

  14. These patterns of staying small and giving our power away have many layers and can be quite insidious, I was just reflecting on a situation in my life where I had allowed this to happen, ‘keep on allowing others to maintain having a certain amount of power or control over me.’

  15. You have given us something to ponder about the connection between not appreciating our breasts and staying ‘small’ or feeling like the ‘little girl’. Learning to value and love my breasts through Esoteric Breast Massage has certainly been part of my coming of age as a woman, even if it is 40 years later!

    1. The focus of our breasts is mostly either sexual, about breast feeding or in relation to breast cancer. There is a whole lot more to breasts that these 3 things and we miss out on it all when we don’t appreciate them.

  16. I recently invested some money in myself and one of the things on my list that I knew would support me was a new bra. I had brought some new inexpensive bras recently which we were not a perfectly snug fit and I felt that I was worth more than this. I had some money and decided to take myself to a gorgeous boutique to find my new bra and it felt amazing to be supported by staff who went by what they felt would best support me and together we found a delicate set of beautiful underwear which I absolutely love putting on.

    1. The right bra can be found at the right place when we are willing to truly feel the depth of preciousness and sacredness that we hold and nurture in our bodies.

  17. I love buying clothes when I am feeling good about myself, when I just know who I am and feel amazing and I go in this energy shopping I buy all the right things, items that confirm my beauty as a women.
    On the other hand if I go shopping when I am having a off day and not feeling all that I am, I often make the wrong purchase because it came with need rather then a confirmation.

  18. Having the space to really take our time and feel exactly what we want from our bras, how we want them to support us and for them to be something that we cherish and not just throw on is a way I have been experimenting with. I notice we make a change and then think yeah that’s cool that works we leave as it is. To be always checking in and feeling if that still works is taking it to the next level. As we evolve and expand so to do the things we support ourselves with.

  19. Lovely sharing. Our shopping for our bra can be a true celebration of ourselves and our breasts. No matter which size or shape we have, just to deeply enjoy and embrace them with our love.

  20. Clothes should do exactly what you’ve described and confirm us in our beauty, sense of confidence, flair and grace. Should an item of clothing that does not do this really make it’s way into our cupboard?

  21. Beautiful to read about your bra shopping experience. When we truly value and honour ourselves we can but items of beauty that match our new feelings of self worth, rather than ‘making do’ – which was an old pattern of mine.

    1. Thank you Sue. The ‘making do’ is an old pattern that I have not yet completely eliminated. I feel shadows of it here and there and you have inspired me to look deeper.

  22. Thank you Sara, this was so lovely to read, particularly the way you honoured yourself by purchasing a bra that truly fitted and supported you, it is lovely when we take time to support ourselves, giving ourselves permission to spend a little more on something that is truly supportive.

  23. Bra shopping can be a stressful experience when we feel like we don’t know what size we should be, what colour and shape will look good under clothing or if we are buying the bra to look a certain way for others rather than honour us! I love the simplicity in what you shared Sara and how the perfect bra found it’s way to you based on how you went about the shopping experience!

  24. With shopping we seem to be particularly addicted to repeating what we had before, sticking with the same ‘trusted brand’. But what I have found is that when I get freaked out and am a bit unsure of what I am about to buy, it’s usually because I’m buying something that is helping me grow and is true. A little while after purchasing I typically reflect back and say ‘geez what was I so worried about – these are great!’. So thank you Sara for showing us all that when we embrace us, things around us just naturally change.

  25. What if we held ourselves in a certain quality, or high regard, so that every choice we made never compromised that, but instead built it, confirmed it and developed that quality. So whether it be bra shopping, or food shopping, or choosing what to wear, all these choices were made knowing that first and foremost there was a quality that cannot be compromised.

    1. This is a great recipe for life – whatever the ingredients we are purchasing what matters is that it contributes to the quality of the whole.

  26. It is taking me a little while to go bra shopping but I feel I am nearly there! It is bringing up much in me to face and deal with especially in my relationship with other women… will the assistant be supportive and gentle and will she put my needs first etc? I know I will be given the assistant that will support me to evolve in whatever way that is so it is now a matter of creating a space for me to go because I am worth deepening some more love, care and attention to support me.

  27. To find a bra that is really supporting and comfortable is not that easy I noticed.
    The more aware I become about my body the more the details are important of the clothes I wear.

  28. I was never taught when growing up how to find a bra that suited me and even less that there were different bra shapes and that some do fit the shape of your breasts and others don’t even though it is the same size! I just went to a shop and took the one that fitted best, not wanting any support of the assistants as they felt a bit rough and would pull way to hard on the straps of the bras in my experience. Later in my life I also had a lovely experience in a more delicate shop where my size was taken and we found the correct shape of bra that suited my breasts. Since then I knew which shape to look for and that helped me so much. It would be super supportive to do more education on this for (young) women so we all know this information and the importance of putting some time into getting a beautiful bra.

    1. I agree Leike. As a young woman I remember getting my first bra which did up at the front. It was made by a company that made children’s clothes, so although it was a bra, it did not feel confirming to me that I was now growing into a young woman, but that I was still a girl who now wore a bra. And never did I feel truly supported with this transition. Its such an important time for young girls and for them to be encouraged to feel able to express how they feel about themselves and the changes they are experiencing.

  29. That’s so lovely Sara! I love the attention to detail you brought to this experience. Everything is everything, even when we try to brush it off as nothing (me – I do that!!), so to be able to appreciate the whole experience and understand that it has a much greater impact that we know, is pretty cool!

  30. When we shop in the confirmation of who we are it’s a whole other experience, and I feel your joy and delight here Sara in your whole experience, one which came from an exploration of how you were and how you let go old ways that no longer served you. One of the things you mentioned ‘comfort’ resonated strongly in particular your words ‘I could (‘conveniently’ and ‘comfortably’ so) keep on allowing others to maintain having a certain amount of power or control over me’ .. I can feel how I have played this game and how it allows for the convenience of being a victim and not taking responsibility for my part … for the opening, the invite is always in us first.

  31. I too was a little shocked at the price of a good Bra at first but it too has been one of the best purchases I have made. A great lesson in self appreciation! Thank you for reminding me Sara.

    1. Haha, your comment made me laugh, the price of little details can be surprising, but the little details can make the biggest difference in our lives, especially if we take care of as many little details as possible.

  32. Feeling amazing and shining, ruffling a few feathers becomes water off a ducks back. It becomes normal and accepted as my awareness increases observing the reactions and the games people play.

  33. Beautiful sharing Sara. Much to celebrate. I can relate where I bought an expensive jacket. It felt amazing in store i.e. it equaled the amazingness I felt inside. I then went into doubt about paying a lot of money for it and when not long later I was watching my funds. I kept it because it kept me super warm. It has had so much use and pays for itself everytime I wear it honouring how awesome I feel. Sometimes it is worth paying for a glorious feeling garment.

  34. Finding the right bras which fit our own particular size and shape is super important. When I went bra shopping recently, I could have felt despondent by all of the bra’s that didn’t fit as some of them looked quite ridiculous on but I knew what I wanted and with the help of the shop assistant found just the one.

  35. I did this a few years ago and it was really wonderful, I haven’t invested in a new set for a year or so and are inspired to support myself and my breasts once more.

  36. I can relate very much to what you are saying here about the playing small to not ‘rock the boat’ and that it is really a denial of myself and my responsibility to bring my awesome presence to the world. It therefore feels super important to move, dress and support myself in as many ways as possible to bring my fullness to every moment and every situation.

    1. We play it small because we are not always so comfortable with the responsibility that comes with playing it BIG.

  37. Buying clothes in honour of who we are as women takes shopping to a whole new level. I’ve been wearing trousers that are now too big for me – time for a clear out and celebrate my new size with some new ones.

  38. For me bra shopping was usually more about practicality and comfort as I had very large breasts and always saw them as cumbersome and in some ways a nuisance. Now my breasts have changed quite a lot over the years and my relationship has also changed to the point that I actually really love them, I love the shape, delicateness and warmth of them and I really enjoy finding bra’s that confirm my loveliness and celebrate who I am and being able to value myself so much more is truly a blessing.

  39. It is amazing how common it is for people to devalue themselves based on not fitting a picture of what they think they should look like in some form or another. How gorgeous that you have addressed and healed these ill beliefs and thus come to a place where you are able to appreciate yourself and your body, and can now honour and celebrate yourself in this way.

  40. Yes going bra shopping has never been a favourite past time of mine. I was always not knowing what sort to buy or what felt right. Until I found one that I actually really love and have been wearing for years now.

  41. “My breasts feel full and alive as I have claimed them back as being a part of me as the woman, and no longer the little girl.” I too shared your experience of believing that my small breasts made me less of a woman. In having Esoteric Breast Massage sessions I have rediscovered the beauty and depth of myself as a woman and grown up from the little girl that was holding me back.

  42. Wow Sara, I can feel the empowerment jump off the page. I really love your statement “is one of a woman (i.e. myself) who feels her value and her worth and is now no longer afraid to emanate her gorgeous and very natural womanly ways…” how deeply wonderful to read about your experience and how claimed you now feel from the inside out.

  43. You invite us all to give much more attention to the time and quality we can bring in our bra shopping and how important our breasts are as part of our beauty as women.

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