Me and my Wardrobe: Bringing out the True Beauty in me

I remember, even as a child, not caring about what I wore. Often what I did wear was really just to hide my beauty and I used clothes to make me look ugly. One time I remember choosing glasses similar to my Dad’s, which did absolutely nothing for me. As I did not care for what I wore I got all the hand-me-downs from relatives, friends and boyfriends. On reflection they did not support me at all in being me or as a woman – they were more masculine, very simple and completely random.

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How We Dress … Why having Pictures does not Suit us

I went shopping the other day for some nice warm vests or sweaters. I have been having some trouble finding one as I find the fashion at the moment very ‘baggy’ for women. With that I mean that it is very wide and does not show much of our bodies. I would find myself wondering often if the clothing I had in my hands was really a size S or that it was tagged wrong? (It would be the first one – really a size S.)

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My Underwear Story – from Practical to Pretty!

As a child growing up there was not a lot of money coming into our household so I would wear hand me downs that my mother altered to fit me, and as for underwear, it was plain and practical.

Our home life was not a happy one in any way. I lived for the day that my father would finally see me for who I was, or even talk with me. There was never any sharing or chatting with each other, and as children my sister and I only seemed to be spoken to when we were judged to be in trouble. Even Mum and Dad very seldom spoke to each other. At school the children used to chatter away to each other, but for me I was always on the outside thinking that ‘no one wanted to hear what I had to say’, and my self confidence and self worth slowly diminished every day.

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Feeling Amazing – it’s our Choice!

I recently participated in a 6 week Esoteric Yoga Program for Women at a significant point in my life – towards the end of my last pregnancy. I was blown away by all that the program unveiled for me, and the offer to go deeper to appreciate the amazingly powerful woman that I am. I noticed as I progressed through the program I was connecting more with an inner stillness.

This supported me to be more lovingly attentive and remain steady through each day and as situations came up.

The following is just one example of a situation that came up while on the program and what was revealed to me about making a choice to feel amazing.  

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A Life lesson: Hanging the Washing and Appreciating the Woman I Am

Reflections – we see them everywhere, not just when we look into a mirror and admire how gorgeous we are, or when we watch the ripples softly flow along the water, but the ever present reflections and lessons we have on offer from people and routines that are a part of our everyday life. The learning is endless.

I arrived home from a short trip with my mum this morning and put on a load of washing for the working week ahead. I began to hang my clothing on the line with my favourite bright coloured pegs, the sun was shining and I felt an overwhelming feeling to stop and adore my washing line.

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Accepting Ourselves and our Bodies: an Expression of True Beauty

A while ago I saw a cute cropped top in a clothing store that I wanted to get. It wasn’t something I would usually feel drawn to, but I felt differently this time. This top is very simple, cut in from the shoulders and sitting slightly above my belly button. Usually I would think these tops looked too cute, too young, and I would just walk away. But to be more honest, I would not wear these tops because I felt they exposed too much of what I judged to be my weakness – my boniness.

I decided to get the top.

The first time I wore it, I was self-conscious. The top was loose on my body, and it was an extra small size! So I wore a cardigan on top of it. I went through in my head everything I could think of to fix the top so I could better accept myself. It was crazy.

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Image Consultant & Stylist – Re-Defining Myself As A Woman

This week, I became my own image consultant and stylist and cleaned out my wardrobe, completely re-defining myself and my worth as a woman in the process.

It all started a little while ago when I went for an esoteric healing ‘bodywork’ session and named a certain way I’d been living that wasn’t very supportive or self-loving. As a result, and in the days following this session I could feel just how I held myself and my body in a certain way, and dressing in order to mask, hide or stop feeling the distinct lack of worth I felt as a woman. Continue reading “Image Consultant & Stylist – Re-Defining Myself As A Woman”

Dressing for Men or Living My Own Rhythm?

Yesterday morning I heard the chuckle of the kookaburras and the playful steps of my little niece on our timber floor. It was Saturday morning and I had begun my day with a warm shower. I prepared myself for the day by making a delicious salmon breakfast, gently doing my hair and sitting at my duchess, applying loving attention along with my make-up. I enjoyed ironing my beautiful red dress to wear for the day. I felt lovely and my day felt in rhythm. Continue reading “Dressing for Men or Living My Own Rhythm?”

Getting Caught in an Outer Beauty

by Sheri Gompelman, Brisbane, Australia

I recently submitted a blog titled, The Truth about Beauty – We Are Enough.

I wrote that blog a day after I had an Esoteric Ovary Massage with Natalie Benhayon, which had really allowed me to connect with the beautiful woman I am.

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Dress Codes in the Workplace – Dressing How I Feel

by Lieke van Haastrecht, Ghent, Belgium

I am a student studying at University. I wanted to work a couple of hours a week and since this week have been actually working within the University itself.

Before I started working, I noticed some interesting things about how I thought I should look and dress for that particular job and I wanted to share this.

The first thing that came to my thoughts when I heard I got the job was – well, what should I wear?, knowing that my job is to welcome people, making sure they sign in for the class and set out the sandwiches and drinks in the break and cleaning up afterwards.

I realised that I had a whole picture of what I should ‘look like’ when doing those things – an elegant woman with tidy clothes and shoes that shone, looking and being very feminine and definitely very chic! Continue reading “Dress Codes in the Workplace – Dressing How I Feel”