Image Consultant & Stylist – Re-Defining Myself As A Woman

This week, I became my own image consultant and stylist and cleaned out my wardrobe, completely re-defining myself and my worth as a woman in the process.

It all started a little while ago when I went for an esoteric healing ‘bodywork’ session and named a certain way I’d been living that wasn’t very supportive or self-loving. As a result, and in the days following this session I could feel just how I held myself and my body in a certain way, and dressing in order to mask, hide or stop feeling the distinct lack of worth I felt as a woman.

Inspired By A Friend

For a period of time, I’d been paying a great deal of attention to my home – what I have in it, where I place things, how I care for it and how it feels to be living in it. A few days later post this particular healing session I was helping out a friend unpack her clothes into her new wardrobe. As we lovingly hung them she talked to me about how many clothes she had thrown away before moving and how cleansing that process had been. As she spoke, I could feel in my body an impulse to do the same, an impulse I had been dismissing for quite a while.

What was my reason for the delay? Well, I’m a shopaholic and had some beautiful clothes that I couldn’t bear to throw away! But in truth and feeling more deeply into my purchasing motivations, I realised how these beautiful clothes were an attempt to mask or protect me from feeling the ‘rot’ of my excess, unworthiness and dressing to please others. I became completely aware just how much my wardrobe ‘rot’ needed to be cleared out, something I could almost physically feel.

The Cleansing Process Begins…

As I pulled out all the clothes and tried them on, one by one, I could feel the certain energy I’d been living in when I purchased each garment, and even the events that had surrounded the purchase, for example ‘a bad day at work’; a ‘feeling fat day’; a ‘I want a boyfriend and best look sexy’ dress!

The way I had been living was completely wasteful, frivolous and totally unloving.

And as I tried on these clothes, I actually asked myself: “Is this item supportive and am I able to hold myself as the beautiful woman that I am and would like to be whilst I am wearing that?” And with this began the process of throwing out all the dresses and skirts I’d been holding onto for years – purely because I’d spent a lot of money on them, they were pretty or brand new.

Self-love Re-ignited

After my wardrobe cleanse, I felt amazing – lighter and clearer, and with this came a new and distinct choice to select which clothes were actually supportive for me to wear as a woman; a woman who has restored and re-ignited the connection to her own love, worth and appreciation.

Since going through this discarding process, each day whenever I dress, I am able to now feel a level of delicateness and self-love in what I choose to wear; how I take the clothes out of my wardrobe, off their hangers and how I wear them. My body feels stronger and taller and I can even feel my upper back opening more and straightening. I feel my beauty as a woman and honour this in what I choose to wear – every day.

I’m also truly grateful for this friend, who didn’t hold back in her expression when sharing with me the process she went through and also for the support of the esoteric practitioners at Universal Medicine who’ve supported me towards re-claiming the beautiful woman I feel and know I am. They’ve all been such amazing, loving examples of how through expressing ourselves and not holding back, we may also inspire another with an equal opportunity to heal.

My first wardrobe cleansing marks only the very beginning of a new relationship that I now have in re-defining myself back towards the true woman I am, and there’s only more to come…

Ps. In fact, since writing this article I’ve undergone a further two wardrobe cleanses, each one more deeply loving; and just as amazing and powerful as the last!

 by Brooke Taylor, RTO Manager, Melbourne, Australia

458 thoughts on “Image Consultant & Stylist – Re-Defining Myself As A Woman

  1. There’s something deeply healing about taking time and trying on your clothes and feeling do you support you, do they confirm the beauty you are … and often finding they don’t, we’ve bought into an image or style or brand and often we stay attached to those as a familiar way of being and in effect hiding in the world. When we let go and see where we truly are and what really supports us, it’s very freeing and as noted here by the author, this is not a static one off thing, it’s a continual process.

  2. I have had a few major wardrobe cleanses that when I open my wardrobe I am showered in the glory of me before I even put the clothes on. Now if something does not honour my glory no more it is moved out of my wardrobe and onto someone else or used as my work clothes — its a constant shedding.

  3. Recently I replaced a picture in my hall with one I felt was more in keeping with the woman I have become, and the energetic change to my living space and to me have been amazing and is something I am aware of every time I enter my hallway.

  4. Getting rid of items that do not support us living our amazingness makes a lot of sense, “Is this item supportive and am I able to hold myself as the beautiful woman that I am and would like to be whilst I am wearing that?”

  5. It’s awesome how we can be inspired by another to follow an impulse that is already in our body. I have gradually been letting go of clothes that no longer felt true but recently had support from a friend via Skype to let go of some things I had still been hanging onto when she pointed out that lovely as they were they were not where I was at now and I could feel the truth in that and out they went.

  6. It is beautiful to have such an honest relationship with your wardrobe, because this will always reflect back to your loving – or not so loving – choices and if there is no judgement, then each reflection is an opportunity to learn, which in my view is simply awesome.

  7. What gorgeous changes are happening in your body, so you are now able to claim, ‘I feel my beauty as a woman and honour this in what I choose to wear – every day.’

  8. Oh I love clearing out what is not needed in our house. My wardrobe is calling me to let go of clothes that don’t express who I am now. It’s the change over from winter to spring/summer so it’s a perfect time to not just pack everything away for next time but to discard and only keep what I feel to. I find belief comes up of, “I just might need that, if I get rid of it and if I have to buy it again than that’s waste money”.

  9. Having got stuck in a continual wearing of trousers, ( here in UK its cold this winter) I have found that changing to skirts with leggings is more supportive of myself as a woman – and I feel warmer too!

    1. It’s great to get creative and not get stuck in old patterns. I too wear less skirts and dresses during the wintertime and have recently been struggling with finding comfortable shoes and have allowed this to dictate the rest of what I wear which feels like I am not expressing all of me and getting stuck in ‘that will do’ mode. Feeling inspired to dress to show all of me today thank you.

  10. “After my wardrobe cleanse, I felt amazing – lighter and clearer, and with this came a new and distinct choice to select which clothes were actually supportive for me to wear as a woman;” I too have undertaken this process recently – and find it’s ongoing – a constant refining.

  11. This blog reminds me of just how powerful feeling/noticing something and nominating it as not supportive/loving can be. Once seen and nominated it’s like the blinkers are off and we start to see all the ways it affects and detracts from our life. It can feel uncomfortable but it is also the pat to a more supportive/loving life.

  12. I’ve never thought of myself as my own image and style consultant, I wonder how I’ll dress myself in the morning now I’ve self-appointed myself into that role. What a great opportunity to take more care and add more magic to the more mundane moments of life.

  13. I love how you have become your own image consultant and stylist Brooke! When we really stop and feel how we dress in the morning, we do know straight away whether what we are wearing is a true reflection of us or not due to how we feel when we put it on. Its whether we want to feel it that is the key. I have done several wardrobe cleanses myself, although I felt just a few days ago that its about time for the next one.

  14. I spent some time going through my clothes recently and clearing out things I’d been holding onto but that just didn’t feel needed anymore. It was lovely to clear them out and have more space and simplicity to see the things that do feel good.

  15. It is very empowering to respond to the impulses we feel in our bodies and to then initiate the activity the needs to follow to honor the truth our Soul is communicating to us. As in developing this relationship, we come to know and feel that in honouring who we are we naturally live the beauty and divineness of all that we already are.

  16. It was great to read this and reflect on my own wardrobe and the quality of my purchases. Recently I have felt to buy very different clothes to what I used to wear and it has felt great, its like I am allowing a certain part of me out.

  17. As a stylist by trade I would absolutely recommend cleaning up our wardrobe once every few months if not more often to take stock of how we have grown (in awareness) and if there are things which no longer suit us. It is such joy to express truer and deeper always.

  18. It is quite revealing trying on each item of clothing and feeling how and why you bought it and wear it. This is not difficult and you can feel it even as you are slipping into it. I have recently been cleaning out my wardrobe and it feels lovely to look in there now and only see things that are worthy of who I am on the inside and let the real me be seen.

  19. Ah, I love a good wardrobe cleanse. Such a process is symbolic of discarding the many false layers we have allowed to stand between our true selves and our expression of this back out into the world. The clothes we wear either showcase our beauty or disguise it and so it is a continual process of expansion versus contraction.

  20. It’s great how you’ve kept going with reviewing your wardrobe, not just stopped after the first clear out but recognised that was just the beginning of deepening your true expression with clothes!

  21. I loved hearing about the way you went through your wardrobe – truly inspiring! And beautiful that you say that is only the beginning…

  22. “Is this item supportive and am I able to hold myself as the beautiful woman that I am and would like to be whilst I am wearing that?” What a great way to view each item in our wardrobe be it our bras and knickers to a dress to our pyjamas and track pants. Our clothing is not for show, well it sort of is as it’s what we step out into the world in, but first comes us in it and that is paramount.

  23. Yes it is really lovely to just have the clothes in which we feel absolutely gorgeous in our wardrobe. Why would we actually have anything else?

  24. I feel already for a few weeks that I need to clean out my wardrobe and with reading your blog I got even more inspired. I am not a shopaholic but I do feel my wardrobe can use my attention at least a few times a year as the relationship with myself is deepening all of the time and with that my feeling what to wear and or how to wear.

  25. Becoming aware of and feeling the energy we buy clothes in, from a simple pair of knickers to an evening dress, is very revealing of our sense of worthiness; clothes say a lot about us and how we are truly feeling, whether we think we need them to lift us, set us apart, fill an emptiness, keep us dreary – or confirm and complement us in our true essence.

  26. I love when you get inspired by a friend and then when you connect to what they are offering- deeper within you know exactly what it is that you need to do.

  27. Our wardrobe is a very interesting place – if we are honest we can see in the clothes we find there a tale about our relationship with ourselves. I know that my current wardrobe is actually full of clothes that make me feel beautiful – but I also know that back in the family home is boxes of clothes I have yet to throw away, clothes from a time where I tried to use what I wore to fit in, to stand out, to feel better about myself.

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