Being A Delicate Woman – Is My True Strength

Whilst swimming in the pool I observed a young girl injure herself whilst playing, albeit only slightly, yet the response from the adults around her was to immediately suggest she ‘get over it’, ‘harden up’ or ‘laugh it off’. And as I observed, it had me wondering…

Why don’t we allow ourselves as women to feel how delicate we truly are?

Have many of us not been taught from an early age that being girly or delicate means that we’re just not strong or tough enough to be out there in the world?

And with this, it makes me also wonder, who honestly does want to be out there in the world feeling like a brick wall, the reverse of delicate, when you’re a person with great sensitivity, and not the emotional kind, deep within?

To me it sounds like a lot of effort, and a tiring way to live! I once ‘tried my hardest’ (excuse the pun!) to live this way for most of my adult life so I know what it feels like. But what I didn’t realise was that the more I tried to hold myself in a way that didn’t show or honour my delicate and sensitive nature, the more I built up a brick wall around me which was actually keeping everyone else out. As a naturally loving and deeply tender woman living a way that felt so unnatural actually is what hurt(s) me the most.

What I have been able to feel recently is just how delicate I truly am, and that I’m still only scratching the surface of the depth of this innate quality.

With the support of Universal Medicine practitioners and in particular the Esoteric Breast Massage modality, I am discovering that it is not in my nature to have a tough bricked exterior, and that I just don’t want to have this any longer.

I am finding the more that I allow myself to feel my delicateness as a woman, in the many ways that I confirm this as my natural way – then the more awareness I have in my daily moments. For example, the way I gently touch my own skin feeling its texture, how I type on the computer, the way I walk, move, sit, or carry my shopping home. The way I hug, speak or look with depth into the eyes of another, holding a quality that is accepting of my own delicateness and also theirs too.

I now hold a more true sense of what it actually means to be a woman with strength; feeling really powerful with my innate delicateness, which is something I’m really enjoying and loving as a foundational part of my womanhood. Gone are the days of viewing my own preciousness as a weakness because with my acceptance of what I feel is true within me, I have gained more awareness in my everyday life, which I greatly appreciate. And now I know that, being a delicate woman is my true strength – and also every other woman’s too.

By Cherise Holt, Nurse, 31, Australia,  

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1,259 thoughts on “Being A Delicate Woman – Is My True Strength

  1. I suspect that many of us have seen delicacy as a weakness. I know I have. I watched my little grandson playing recently and he looked so sweet and delicate, he shone from the inside out. Imagine what life would be like if we reflected (or at the least, taught) our children to appreciate and retain their sense of delicateness. Perhaps there would be less harming and more harm-less-ness.

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