Wearing a Cardigan of Protection

Recently, I have felt something changing within me, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I noticed that my cardigans seemed to be too big or not sitting well on the shoulders. They were like an oversized coat that no longer fitted my frame and I started to question whether it was my posture, or my weight. Both remained the same, but something else had changed. Yesterday the understanding came fully as I was booking in for my monthly Esoteric Breast Massage – a super supportive modality offered by women practitioners trained by Universal Medicine. Continue reading “Wearing a Cardigan of Protection”

Women are Magnificent

In my work as a midwife I have the awesome privilege to be with women when they can resource deeply their true magnificence.

Being pregnant and giving birth is a time in a woman’s life when she has a relationship with her body that is very real and full. A time when she can get to know herself and her true strength and qualities, as her body does some of the most amazing and miraculous things ever. Continue reading “Women are Magnificent”

Sacredness – The Truth Available to all Women

For many years I lived with depression, feeling totally hopeless and at the world’s mercy. But more recently, through attending Universal Medicine presentations and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom I have come to rediscover that all I require is already living within me and the more I connect to and live from this space the more beautiful life becomes for me. I now love living, and working, where as I used to dread each day upon waking.

I have recently become aware of the feeling of sacredness that all women hold within. I am amazed that we live most, if not all our life, unaware that we carry such power and authority within. I feel like we have chosen to be led astray from knowing what is there to connect to and build a deepening relationship with, yet this is the very base of who we are as girls and women.  Continue reading “Sacredness – The Truth Available to all Women”

The Power of a Smile: In Celebration of the Woman I am

It was a Friday evening. My children and I were walking down a busy city street to get something for dinner. I’d just come straight from work, so wasn’t especially ‘made up’ to go out; just relaxed and feeling a little tired from a busy week.

As I walked along I noticed a lady pushing a pram coming towards me.

Her head was hung low and she looked very despondent. I kept my gaze on her and began to smile; very soon she raised her head and we locked eyes. I broadened my smile and felt I was beaming from every pore in me. I did not do what I sometimes can do and make it a fleeting smile – I continued to hold the lady in my gaze and felt I was almost having a conversation with her – it felt amazing. Her face responded immediately and lit up in a glorious smile too – her whole face and body seemed to transform.

This moment seemed to last an eternity as we continued to walk towards each other, locked in each other’s gaze.

Continue reading “The Power of a Smile: In Celebration of the Woman I am”

Discovering I have Ovaries and a Cervix

I first contemplated the possibility that I could have a connection with my own ovaries and cervix after I heard Natalie Benhayon present, and say as women we did not have to try to feel our ovaries, as we were women and we all have them!

So I started exploring if I could feel my ovaries. Initially, I began with just having a sense of where my ovaries were physically, putting my palms on them and just paying attention to the area. I did this five or six times a day for a couple of weeks.
Continue reading “Discovering I have Ovaries and a Cervix”

A Letter to All Women

by Sara Harris , BHSc, Cert. NFE

Recently, I had a session with an Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner and I felt something quite amazing in my body. I was able to let go and allow myself to just be me and in that, there was such a beautiful feeling of equalness between us. This allowed for so much more tenderness and I felt how natural it is to be this way, supporting one another, instead of my putting others higher or above, which keeps us separate. I wrote that evening as the feeling kept unfolding and it was like I was remembering how we, as women, used to be with each other. There were so many tears as I felt how we have the potential to hold each other and ourselves in the absolute sacredness that we are, and how beautiful and natural it is for us to be this way. So I am sharing what I wrote with you all, which ended up being a message for myself and for all women. Continue reading “A Letter to All Women”

Releasing Ideals and Opening up to the Natural Beauty of the True Woman within Me

by Nicole Serafin, Tintenbar, Australia

Growing up in a house with my two male cousins – one a little older than me, and the other a little younger – created an interesting dynamic for me as a girl, let alone when I started going through my teenage years and into puberty…

My parents treated us all equally. We went to the same school, had the same friends, went on holidays together and were all very close, wanting to do things together all the time… which in most cases was fine, but in some I found it wasn’t. Not because we didn’t want to, but because we weren’t always allowed. I began to find that the boys were treated differently to myself, often being able to go places and do things that I also wanted to do, but because I was a girl I was told it was not safe or just not ‘the done thing’. It didn’t take me long to realise this notion was the case in most situations, and also held in the world.

I began to notice that the boys were always allowed to do more activities – such as play more sports and go out to places that I was not able to go – even when I had been the same age. Society ‘told me’ that I was a girl and “girls did not do those sorts of things”. However, when or if I ever got hurt, felt vulnerable or expressed any kind of fragility, I was expected to “get over it and toughen up” like the boys. There was never any room or time for tears or feelings. It seemed I was supposed to be able to ‘tough it out’ as they say, but also when it suited I was to be a girl. I remember feeling and finding this extremely confusing. Continue reading “Releasing Ideals and Opening up to the Natural Beauty of the True Woman within Me”

Walking back: Re-connecting to the True Woman I already am

by Anonymous

When I was about 11 years old, I became obsessed with getting my period. Now, at that point I hadn’t yet, but I had heard about it from my family and friends and in my 11-year old mind thought it was the coolest thing I had ever heard. Every month I get to be special! I thought…

After that, I listened intently to my body, and with any pain in my tummy I would get a little excited and hope I was finally getting my period. A year later, I started to really notice that I was alone in my feelings towards this special event. My friends thought it was gross and would tell horror stories about their sisters bleeding on their uniforms, or about how much it hurt. I started to feel embarrassed that I was looking forward to it and so I would pretend I felt the same way, but kept my little secret. Continue reading “Walking back: Re-connecting to the True Woman I already am”

Re-discovering the Delicateness Within

by Adrienne Ryan, Brisbane, Australia

There is an exquisite ‘quality’ deep within every human being that we can allow ourselves to feel, connect with and begin to nurture.

When we connect to this quality and allow it to be, it naturally and effortlessly becomes part of whatever we do – it becomes our expression.

The more we nurture it (like a seed with sunlight and water), the more it grows and the fuller our expression of it becomes. As we nurture it, over time the quality within grows from seed to sapling and onward to oak.

We all have it – we all have something within ourselves, a unique quality with its own flavour of delicateness, tenderness, or joyfulness; so beautiful, so lovely and so natural. When we connect to it and continue to nurture it along, it begins to radiate out in every activity. Continue reading “Re-discovering the Delicateness Within”