My New Bra

by L (aged 22 years), The Netherlands

Two days ago I finally went shopping to buy a new bra. A friend of mine highly recommended a certain nice store, and so my friend and I went to visit.

This shop was amazing! A store full of bras, all stocked in piles in their little cabins. The (bra fitting) assistant was very kind and straightforward and knew exactly what type and size of bra would fit me. At first I was a little, “Ooh no! I don’t wear a C cup, I always have B or even A”. But after trying the B cup first, I actually felt the lady was right – I did need a C cup, which I normally don’t wear! So then she came with a pile of bras for me to try. With the loving support and good advice of my friend and also the assistant, I found two very well fitting bras which also looked amazing. And I can say that it was the first time in my life I had found a bra that fitted my body so beautifully. Some beautiful underwear also came with the bras, so I decided to buy them as a set.

Yesterday morning, I put on my beautiful new bra and I felt the enormous support it gave me, in that it felt great to both look and feel amazing in such a very beautiful (and pretty expensive too!) bra… which also fitted me so well.

This all made me wonder about the old bras I was wearing and about how I had been buying them in the past. I remember when I was younger it always was quite exciting and fun to go and buy a bra. I loved, and still love all the beautiful things they have in lingerie shops…

Recently, due to my own unfolding self-awareness and with the help and support of some great Esoteric Healing Practitioners of Universal Medicine – and also numerous presentations hosted by Natalie Benhayon (on what it means to be a woman) – I have become much more aware of my own body. I’ve also become more aware about how important it is to take good care of myself, which means buying things – such as underwear – that actually fit!

In the process of becoming more aware of my body, it became obvious to me that finding a nice looking bra and one which also fitted me well had not actually been that easy before (this body awareness process), and so purchasing one was always difficult. And slowly I stopped enjoying wearing bras, although I still joyfully went to the lingerie shop, but ended up never finding a bra that really fitted me. I had purposely bought bras that were a little too big around my chest so that they would not ‘cut’ into the flesh under my arms, but because of that, the cup size was not fitting me correctly, and so the bra was not staying in place, which caused irritation. What I realise now, after my recent visit to the lingerie shop, is that I was wearing bras that just did not fit my body shape. I also realised too that the whole bra does not work, or does its intended job, when the straps around the chest are too loose, since it does not allow for the breasts to be supported. I had been trying to find a bra that I didn’t physically feel at all. But now I know that there is a difference between a bra that you can feel, though does not irritate or hurt, and one in which you are able to feel, but causes you a lot of inconvenience, as I used to suffer from.

It’s not that the bras I have recently bought are completely perfect, but they are at least now a lot more supporting of my body shape – I enjoy wearing them because I feel sexy! It’s strange, but since then I am also able to feel a difference in my whole body as well as in my whole life. My body feels like it has been taken care of (by me), and that I am actually feeling this, and myself, more. I feel lovely, tender and precious.

I can feel now that I am a beautiful woman, not only because of the bra, but that the bra affirms and supports me to feel that that is what I truly am: a beautiful woman.

145 thoughts on “My New Bra

  1. We, as women often fit our bodies into clothes, underwear and shoes that aren’t comfortable purely because we think we look good. Whenever the horse racing is on locally I see all the girls coming out at the end of the day carrying their shoes because their feet are too painful to wear them any more. This isn’t unusual in any way this is our norm. Same as those of us who go out at night when it’s freezing cold without jackets because it spoils the look of our outfits to put a jacket on. We’re prepared to compromise how we feel in order to look good and many of us do this without question.

  2. In deepening our awareness of our body we develop a true knowing of how important it is to take care of ourselves and make choices that deeply nurture and support us to value and honour our true beauty and worth.

  3. It’s great to take care of every detail in our way of wearing and choose what lovingly confirms our natural beauty

  4. I may have to look into these front fastening bras, as at the moment with a recovering frozen shoulder on my left side and a tennis elbow on my right arm I am finding it more challenging to undo my bra.

    1. Am I missing something here? A back fastening bra is a front fastening bra simply by doing it up at the front first and then spinning it around to the back or undoing it at the front by taking your arms out first and then spinning it around to the front.

  5. I took the time recently to buy myself a new bra, and the bra fitter asked if I would consider a front fastening bra. This was something that never crossed my mind but I was willing to try one on. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to put it on and also how supportive and loving it was to my body and breasts as opposed to struggling with a back fastening one… so from now on it is front opening bras for me

  6. Finding a bra that really fits is an issue for many women. Getting a proper fitting by a woman bra fitter really supported me with this process recently. It’s amazing how a beautiful supportive bra can really make such a difference to how we feel and look.

  7. Thanks L for sharing this, it’s beautiful to read how your whole body responded to the extra care that you took with finding a bra that worked for you, and just goes to show how much of a difference it can make to how we feel when we take more care of our body.

  8. It’s always a loving choice paying attention to these details when we buy a bra. Allowing ourselves to feel how the bra texture feels in our skin, the pressure it offers, how it embraces us without pushing,… eveything influences the way we relate with ourselves, with others and with life.

  9. I went bra shopping the other day in our local department store. As there was no one free to assist me I took an assortment of bras in various sizes into the changing room and proceeded to try them on. I tried all but one and none seemed to fit me although I found myself convincing myself that some of them were fine. But when I put on the last one I could almost hear my breasts sigh in appreciation with the beautiful support they were being offered. My breasts had spoken that this was the bra to buy; so I did and my breasts and I are loving it.

  10. It is beautiful to feel that in caring for our bodies we get to know just how exquisite we innately are, and how natural it is to feel sexy when we move in connection to the grace and stillness of our sacredness, of who we are in essence.

    1. “How natural it is to feel sexy when we move in connection to the grace and stillness of our sacredness, of who we are in essence”, which is completely different to moving from a place of feeling sexy because we’re wearing sexy clothes and feel that our hair and make up look hot.

  11. Buying a new Bra and underwear feels amazing especially when it is bought from an honouring and confirming of the beauty and grace we feel inside.

  12. When we are aware and connected to our bodies it is amazing what comes up for us to heal and move through. We are really confirming and valuing who we are in these movements and buying an new bra is beautiful example of that.

  13. I love the feeling of going an buying yourself nice underwear, when you put it on I notice that it gives you a foundation and quality that you then hold yourself in that day.

    1. I agree MW and feel that clothes in general can provide us with a bar to constantly raise ourselves to or rather hold ourselves at or a standard to drop to and be comfortable and complacent at.

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