Going With The Flow

by Sarah C, London UK

While I was showering this morning, I was gently washing myself and started to feel myself from the inside out – a concept I find extremely challenging because for so long I have always felt myself from the outside, in.

I remembered that in March 2012, after hearing and reading the concept that pads (sanitary napkins) allowed the natural flow of a woman’s period, and my being a tampon user since teenage years, I found this concept weird, to say the least. But I thought, hey, why not try napkins and see what happens?

Reflecting on this today, the change has been profound and I really only fully appreciated that in my bathroom this morning. I have had eleven periods since that time and can honestly say that I have truly felt my flow and the joy of that cleanse. I love having my period now and actually look forward to it each month. What a turnaround! Well, there’s a first time for everything, even as a 44-year-old woman.

I have been telling people that in 2012 I felt like I’d ‘grown up’: I felt that I had become an adult, a woman. But I had made this comment to friends and family in reference to the year contract I worked in Melbourne and from everything that I discovered about myself – old momentums and revelations about my patterns and family history that I have healed during the time I spent in Australia. The bathroom scene also revealed that I had known how profound this was, but hadn’t put two and two together. Not until now.

Once I made the decision to feel my flow as a woman, to commit to feeling my womanly body, then the consequences of living that truth were that I began to heal my patterns, momentums, family hurts and work / career issues NATURALLY – because in truth, I am more connected to my true expression – as a woman.  

Could it be that the decision to allow my period to flow naturally (not be stemmed by a tampon) could symbolically affect all the flow of energy around me all of the time? Now there’s a concept!

So the simple decision to commit to feeling my period became a physical connection to my true self and every other issue that came into that new structure – and that continues now with every period. Could it be that simple?  So – YES is the answer… and as a result, my focus has shifted immensely from where I was only a couple of years ago.

It’s lovely to observe in myself how the small changes in how tenderly I speak to myself and how I treat my body, have graciously closed a door on a way of being that is no longer a reflection of the woman I am today. And the woman I was denying existed was there all along, waiting in stillness for me to breathe new life into myself.

I will explore this more over the month and revel in my womanliness with RELISH!

327 thoughts on “Going With The Flow

  1. A beautiful realisation that feeling the natural cycle of the physical body has ripple effects on other aspects of living.

  2. Today I was asked what is my relationship with my period? I know now it’s a time to check in with myself, feel how I have been living because my period is a loud communicator of the quality I’ve been in. And I know there’s more to connect to.

  3. The period is an invitation to consciously participate in the clearing we experience every month and from there, to behold life in its deepest meaning.

  4. We think of periods as inconvenience and try to use anything to cover them up, but trust me ladies if you ever stop having your period you will see how crucial it is in our lives.

  5. So much to love about this blog and what I really love today is that you took a notion, applied to yourself, observed the changes, and then adopted it into your life and have chosen to expand on the potential. I love this openness, commitment and powers of observation.

  6. Tampons have never felt right for me, always so uncomfortable and imposing, wearing a tampon did not last long, I soon changed to pads feeling this was so much more supportive for my body.

  7. When we allow life to flow through us, our bodies naturally respond. We can place enormous demands on the body from all the things we expect it to do, but if we don’t take care of it and overload it, we derail it from following its natural rhythm. Our bodies are so naturally aligned to the flow of the universe and when we surrender to this we feel on track and part of a flow that is so much bigger than we are.

  8. There is a symbolism here as you say about accepting things as they are and going with the natural process that is unfolding and not trying to control things that are divinely given to us for our healing.

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