The Return of the Pad

by Annette Baker, Sydney, Australia

If somebody had said to me six months ago that in a few months I would only be using pads during my period, and would no longer be using tampons, I would have laughed in disbelief, and probably a bit of embarrassment too. I had some pretty bad memories of using pads during the first year of having my period, and based on that experience, to me pads were ‘backward’, clumsy and messy, so I wasn’t about to go back there. As far as I was concerned pads were antiquated, and used only by much older women who had neither discovered nor enjoyed the convenience of tampons. So how is it that today, I sit here in the knowing that it is very unlikely I would choose to use a tampon again?

Some months ago a friend shared with me that she had recently embarked on a self-awareness project, which involved observing her period, and as an aid to this she used a period diary tracking app. We got to talking and sharing about our period and what it has been like for both of us. Being that there’s a certain age difference between the two of us, I had just a few more stories to share, and it became very amusing as we re-called many interesting situations and embarrassing moments, and shared our observations of the ebbs and ‘flows’ of change we had both noted during the years of having our period.

This conversation began to open me up to a new possibility of how I perceived my period.  That sense of bother, foreboding and inconvenience attached to having our period, which is usually associated with a discussion between women about their period, was not there as we talked about it in such a fresh way.

My friend threw out a line as an invitation to do this same project. She offered to be there to hear about any changes I noticed along the way. The changes could be anything, changes in mood, flow, pain, no pain, eating habits, etc. etc.

She shared with me that a lot had changed for her with her period through doing this. However, we agreed that it was best not to discuss too much of this, in order that my project not be influenced by the knowing of the changes she had encountered. After I had accepted the ‘challenge’, she also shared that the commitment to this would be greater than just tracking my period; that in fact it would be a great support in my commitment to stillness. I was already in as soon as the task was put to me, but this clenched the deal. I’d been feeling like I needed something extra to support myself with the development of stillness, the connection with myself as a woman. I felt I needed something more to support me in my ever-developing rhythm, a rhythm which had been steadily moving away from the fast pace of life I used to live, to one of living a life full but without that pace.

During and immediately after that meeting I felt an instant change, a change in how I felt about myself. I could feel that in that moment I cared for the fact that I am a woman. This felt revelatory, it’s not that I haven’t known I am a woman, that would be ridiculous to say, however, it did inspire a deeper connection with that. A feeling about myself as a woman that I hadn’t had before, a care and love for me the woman. What I could feel was that I was on the brink of coming to a much greater understanding of what stillness actually meant, and how that would fit into my life as a woman.

What I have come to realise over these last six months, is that the way in which I had cared for myself prior to this was not necessarily gender specific; I was caring for the person yes, but not necessarily the woman!

So I embarked on this somewhat exciting adventure, exciting in a very  beautiful and gentle way. I felt like I had been offered the greatest gift, a gift that would support me to come back closer and deeper to the truth of who I am. I did not yet know how this was going to happen, I just had the strong sense that there was this possibility.

That same day I started using the period diary app. as a tool to track my days. I would note what I was feeling, anything specific that happened, noticeable changes from one day to the next, fluctuations in my body, moods, eating, metabolism, feelings I was having about myself, etc, etc.

What was immediately noticeable was that by virtue of just taking the time to pay attention to all these details with a more focused purpose, it stilled me and brought me to a deeper consideration of myself, and all the ways in which I was doing things; this in itself was introducing the stillness, THIS was the commitment to stillness. And what I started to understand further and feel more clearly, was that stillness was a way of being. What I began to notice quite distinctly was a feeling of living from the inside out, rather than the outside in. My choices began to be more and more from impulse rather than a thought process, I could feel my body guiding me through the day, not my head.

Stillness had nothing to do with being slow, and the perception of it as this was certainly not something I had been interested in; and as I work in a busy restaurant neither was it an option. What I did notice though was that as I became more aware of not pushing myself or my body beyond what a woman’s body would naturally do, the boys at work began to automatically take the heavier jobs off my hands, without my asking.

It was nothing short of amazing, that by being open to a greater possibility of what our period is about, and observing and feeling this, that I could have a truer feeling for myself as a woman. It was amazing yet sad at the same time, after all this opportunity had been there since I was fifteen, and I am now forty-two!

When I had my first period, my Mum celebrated it even if I didn’t, we both had the day off; her off work and me off school, she took me out for lunch and bought me a present to mark the occasion. She also stated quite clearly from the start, in all her wisdom, that she didn’t want me using tampons, they were to her mind neither healthy nor hygienic. After about a year of using pads, and feeling like I was walking around with a loaf of bread between my legs each time I had my period, enduring many embarrassing situations and humiliating moments, and sometimes feeling like I was the only girl at school not using tampons; I decided to go against my Mum’s wishes. I gave the pad the flick and so began using tampons. I wondered why had I even waited this long. Tampons were the way of the future for me with my period.

Shortly into the ‘period project’, my friend revealed phase 2. Phase 2 was ‘Project Pad’.

‘Project Pad’ entailed using only pads for a whole period. What? Was she serious? What was she on? Seriously! What was going on for her that she didn’t appreciate and embrace the convenience, invisibility and ease of tampons? I did however, from observing her own  personal development over some years, trust that she had landed on something relevant here, and that if she was sharing it, it was purely because it was worth sharing. I could feel the blush of the fifteen year old girl rising in me! No, surely I wasn’t about to use pads again…

I sensed that there was something greater to understand to all of this, and that to go forward with ‘Project Pad’, perhaps I needed to get over my beliefs that it was pads that were unhygienic, and that using them meant I was old, old-fashioned and daggy.

I decided I could put all of that aside for the sake of an experiment and committed to the ‘challenge’. During the course of  ‘Project Pad’, which became fondly known as the ‘Pad Diary’, I had to be completely honest with myself about how it was for me using pads, so as to not influence my ‘findings’ with any previous bias I had against them. I made every attempt not to discriminate (against the pads), due to my own feelings of discomfort around the idea of using pads, and to not hinder what perhaps these ‘findings’ might mean for me with future periods. I could feel change was on the horizon and it was coming closer!

So in the lead up to my next period I of course had to prepare by going and buying pads. This was extremely revealing and very funny at the same time. I was at the supermarket, and I observed that I was up so close to the shelving, as if I was hiding so that no one would notice I was buying pads. This was ridiculous, here I was, a grown woman, embarrassed to be seen buying pads.

The extent of my ‘trauma’ of pads revisited me the night before I would embark on this ‘pad only period’, I actually had a pad nightmare. The memories and torment of using pads for that first year of my period were right there to haunt me, in embarrassing detail.

Rather than be put off by these recollections, I committed further. I could not ignore the deeper connection I had been feeling with myself since doing the ‘Period Diary’, and if ‘Project Pad’ was a potential to going even deeper, then nothing was stopping me now!

So I did it, I went an entire period using only pads, after twenty six years of only ever using tampons. The difference was amazing, the awareness I had of my body and the fact that I had my period, could not be compared to that of a period using tampons. I found I could not, and would not push myself beyond what I physically felt I was able and willing to do. With tampons we just ‘get on with it’, it’s even possible to forget you’ve got your period, especially if there’s no pain.

What I discovered with pads is that as thin and discreet as they now are, you cannot ‘not’ know that you are wearing one; so you have that constant reminder, even if you lose yourself and start pushing. The pad is there to pull you back and say, “hey, honour who you are, honour what is going on here”. Sure, I could probably have done this on my own, without the help of pads, and yes I had made huge changes over the years to not push, not race, not exhaust myself; but this was undeniably a great and very pertinent aid to bringing the awareness of that to another level, that of me as a woman, not just a person.

It seemed to give me more permission to feel my own sensitivity as a woman, and not harden against that, as I had done so much in my life.

When I began the Pad Project, even with my no bias guidelines in place, I had this silent deal going on with myself that it was only going to be a trial thing. Yes I might come to appreciate the difference the pad offers, but I wasn’t about to give up the convenience and invisibility of tampons.

However as each period came and went I found myself reaching for the pads over the tampons. The difference in how I felt with myself during my period, and now also in between each period, was far deeper than I had felt before this ‘exercise’. I was now extending this ‘not pushing’ into all my days, not just those of my period. This was a connection with myself, and with my body that I was not prepared to give up.

My experience with pads this time around has not been ‘issue free’; I have certainly had to play around with different ones to find the one that best suits me, a pad that fits in with a standard of hygiene that I will not go below, yet is comfortable and discreet at the same time. It has come to be something that I have started to give as much consideration to as finding the right pair of jeans.

Since doing this I now fully appreciate the beautiful gift of clearing that my period allows each month, sometimes I can’t wait to get my period for the support it offers. Why hadn’t we learnt this as women before, why is this not a natural and standard part of understanding our bodies?

Recently my period came earlier than I had anticipated, and I had only a tampon available. I felt reluctant to want to use it, which in itself was absolutely revealing of where I was now at with tampons and with myself. Out of convenience and necessity I used it. The feeling was horrible, very invasive, and I could feel how it had the potential to instantly provide a hardening in me, and toward my period. How had I not felt this before?

I got to a chemist, bought some pads and changed; that was probably my last tampon.

I pondered on how I had not ever felt this with tampons before, and it came to me that at times in life we want the disconnect, we want what supports us to not feel, and this was just another one of those ‘aids’ in life.

How crazy is it that we have even mastered how to shut down that which is a natural occurrence in our bodies, an inbuilt gift that actually enables us to feel the fact that we are women, and all the beautiful sensitivity of that. We found and embraced a way to not feel that which we are!

The intimacy and connection I now feel with myself, and with the fact that I am a woman, is certainly the most beautiful thing that has come out of this for me.

323 thoughts on “The Return of the Pad

  1. I recall using tampons for a short while in my teens or if I went swimming and I had my period, but I never liked how they felt and hence wore pads most of the time. I always wondered why I could not wear tampons for long and others were able to wear them all the time – I thought there was something wrong with me. And it was not till much later that I recognised that this was actually just my body signalling to me that the tampons were not for me and that I did not have to think there was anything wrong at all – I was simply allowing myself to be sensitive and feel who they felt in my body as my body experience. Reading your article has confirmed this for me and feels wonderful to know that.

  2. There are several ‘Ah-ha’ moments that I have gotten whilst reading your article Annette, and I deeply appreciate this. One of the key ones is that of actually writing down the symptoms around the cycle because it actually asks you to stop and feel how you are feeling. This might seem like an obvious thing, but I spend so much time thinking things and thinking that I have worked it out, when in fact I have only been thinking about it and not actually making a lived choice that supports the change. Duh! I feel very humbled.

  3. Annette, what an absolutely precious and heart felt sharing – I love every part of how you have shared so honestly your process step by step with transitioning to pads and building awareness of your body, your period and yourself as a woman.

  4. “It seemed to give me more permission to feel my own sensitivity as a woman,” A beautiful gift for every woman to offer herself.

  5. I love my pads (or period pants ❤️) and I love my period. Too much focus is given on the pain (self created by how we live in-between periods) and not enough on it’s function of clearing and supporting us, giving us a grace period to slow things down and reflect.

  6. “How crazy is it that we have even mastered how to shut down that which is a natural occurrence in our bodies, an inbuilt gift that actually enables us to feel the fact that we are women, and all the beautiful sensitivity of that. ” and unfortunately there is always companies and people out there that will take advantage of the fact that as women we do not listen to our own bodies.

  7. It only goes to show that what we experience in physical life are only symptoms of the energy behind all of it. Perhaps the reason we do not feel the hardening that comes with using tampons is because we are already so hard that this is just a natural move that doesn’t require questioning. However if you’re in a place of stillness & deep self-care, anything that hinders that sticks out like a sore thumb.

  8. When I first started my period I also started using tampons, the convenience of them was second to none, and with all the sports and activities I used to be involved in, using a pad just didn’t make sense. But when I grew up a bit more, and started to stop pushing my body into sports and weight lifting, I naturally wanted to wear pads again. I didn’t really have a specific reason, but I felt more at ease in wearing pads because when wearing a tampon I was always conscious that I shouldn’t leave it in for too long, and if I forgot I would feel really horrible after. So period pads have been amazing, and i do not find them messy or disgusting, today they are much more user friendly & we just need to take care.

  9. So much deeper many of us can go regarding our relationship with ourselves as a woman and what it means to live as a woman in life. I have been exploring this for years and still there is more, more depth, beholding, power, stillness, Love, honest, rawness, healing, learning, gentleness…etc…it is unlimited and my life is richer for this exploration. It is not selfish to ponder and observe, rather it is so empowering and restorative.

  10. I find it interesting the situations, dramas and events we create to distract ourselves from living as the true woman we are whether it is an unpleasant experience using pads or the function of keeping ourselves busy; they are simply movements we create to delay us living in the stillness and sacredness of who we truly are.

  11. ‘At times we want the disconnect, we want what supports us to not feel’ – We do crave sometimes that disconnection, but even in that disconnection we still know that something doesn’t feel right. Bringing things into our life that support us to not feel keeps us feeling distanced from ourself, others and whatever it is we’re avoiding feeling, but only for so long – keeping that level of disconnection going is a draining and isolating way to live life that takes its toll on our bodies.

  12. It does make you wonder why is it that the beginning stages of our period when it starts that pads are not the focus and the tampon is the way forward. We are able to do what ever we want at the expense of having a connection with our body. The return of the pad is the only way for me as I have deepened my relationship with my body.

  13. Thank you for sharing how in using pads you reconnected to the wisdom of your body and honoured the stillness that was on offer.

  14. I’m having my period while I read your blog Annette, and this is something exquisite to experience as I can feel now in my body the confirmation about my choice of being in greater intimacy with myself. I can relate to everything you share here and celebrate this way of living my womanly nature with a constant deepening and surrender to this wise, precious and delicate body that I have and can enjoy now much more by honouring its cycles. What a treasure to be lived!

  15. When I started using pads instead of tampons it was a completely different experience of having my period. The actual feeling and being 100% aware that I was menstruating simply meant that I was forced to not push on and bring a quality to the way I was living that honoured this process. Which then lead into my cycle when I wasn’t menstruating and what an impact that has had on how I am connected to the stillness within.

  16. Doing or using something in a way which allows us to just get on with it is so revealing of the being inside who lives for its own means quite often at the expense of honouring the body which carries us through life.

  17. It is so cool when we can experiment with ourselves and try new things. To deepen self-care and stillness can be seen as this – a playful moment where we simply just respond to what is being asked of us. I am being asked to be a lot more still in my body at the moment, and off the back of this, everything can be looked at. What I eat, when I rest, how I wash myself and how I walk and move. It is all a bit of fun and part of my responding to what is next.

  18. “How crazy is it that we have even mastered how to shut down that which is a natural occurrence in our bodies” crazy indeed no wonder we have such high illness and disease rates.

  19. Changing tampons to pads was a huge shift for me. I was so surprised how much difference it was. My whole body felt relieved for a long lifted dishonouring patterns to insert the tampons which felt as a closing off of my being a woman. I just became aware about that when I stopped using tampons.

  20. “I could feel that in that moment I cared for the fact that I am a woman. This felt revelatory, it’s not that I haven’t known I am a woman, that would be ridiculous to say, however, it did inspire a deeper connection with that” This is what I love about all the Esoteric Women’s groups and modalities it is a reminder for us to connect to what being a woman is and feel the stillness that is naturally there. No coincidence I just did this a few moments before reading your blog Annette, I did a few minutes of Sacred Movement (founded by Natalie Benhayon) and the feeling in my body now is totally different, I can feel the true connection of what it is to be a woman the stillness the fragility the delicateness and not just the functioning aspect of what it means to be a woman.

  21. There is an element of ‘rawness’ when we are on our periods that I think a lot of women, including myself, are not at ease with – there is vulnerability when we get sick and our bodies asks us to slow down, there is a call for more care that we don’t typically give ourselves and this can cause a tension. I find that using a pad is a part of this process of not shutting my body and my cycle down and being open

    1. Yes using tampons was definitely part of my process of shutting down my vulnerability at great cost to my physical and mental wellbeing. Choosing to listen to my body and take gentle care of it has been an unfolding process for the last few years as I honour my fragility as a woman.

    2. Yes I can feel fragile and tender especially the day before and the first day of my period. I used to think that there was something wrong with me but I am wondering and pondering on now that I may have experienced the reaction from others because of how I was feeling…

  22. Who would have thought that using a pad or a tampon would have brought up so much deepening of your own intimacy with yourself Annette. It was a huge journey of changing how you felt about your body and brought greater respect with it, thank you.

  23. What an intimate sharing, Annette. Am I meant to read this? I have heard women talking about the fact they re-started using pads instead of tampons, but never really understood the full reason why. Your sharing gives a detailed look into a woman’s life which serves me to understand and appreciate women at a deeper level. Thank you.

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