Breast Massage & the Esoteric Breast Massage – an Open Approach

Lucy Dahill explores both a conventional and an Esoteric approach to the practice of the breast massage in this delicate and most important offering in the area of Women’s Health.

This article is to help bring an open and educated perspective on the subject of breast massage and the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM). To place both in some sort of context, relative to our society today and current health issues, so we can understand how much breast massage is currently being taught and the intention, standards and ethics around its teaching, as well as the Esoteric Breast Massage and how it is similar, and then also differs.

I originally trained in Aromatherapy and subsequently furthered my skills and expanded my experience with short courses learning Sports and Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy and Pregnancy and 3 courses in Aromatherapy and Ayurveda followed by Ayurveda Massage. There was specific focus during many of the courses on Lymphatic Drainage, which is part of a very effective lymphodeoma treatment recognised in hospitals internationally.  I studied ‘End of Life’ care with Aromatherapy and then specifically in cancer palliative care.  I studied further in Australia undertaking a diploma in Remedial Massage which involved Swedish Massage and specific courses in Visceral and Myofascial Release and this focus re-connected me with my initial connection to the subtler communications of the lymph and connective tissues of the body. I worked in one of the first wellness centres in the United Kingdom, which was directly attached to the Oncology Department of a major hospital. The importance of these holistic centres is now starting to be recognised here in Australia by some of the major hospitals. The centre I worked in ran many information sessions and talks given by doctors on how cancer treatments work and how we can all support each other for the holistic wellness of the patient. Every doctor who presented was very clear of our role as part of an integrative team, how our gentle massage could help with lymph flow, oxygen circulation and scar tissue as well as the benefits of alleviating stress which was showing clear signs in the research of complicating illness and disease in the body. The major focus was on function but the psychological benefits were becoming more and more known and accepted.

During two of the courses with recognised training facilities in the UK and Australia I was taught breast massage. They were part of the course and not the sole focus of the course, and we discussed how breasts are perceived – as part of the body for the sole use of sexual pleasure / abuse, feeding babies and to give shape to your clothes, ‘make me more attractive to boys/men’ etc. The focus in these training courses however was on the physiological benefits of massaging such a high-density lymphatic area as well as the psychological consequence of such a large area of the body being untouched during a full body massage… almost becoming a taboo area.  It makes perfect sense.

My experience ofBreast Massage

The first time I experienced training in ‘Breast Massage’ was in the UK on an Ayurvedic massage course. There were only women learning on this one and we were given the choice as to whether we did it or not, it was not compulsory.  We talked about the importance of taking care with how we approached the massage and how it can be misunderstood.  We were told to be aware that the massage could be misinterpreted as sexual and to avoid the nipple area at all cost – to be committed in your massage techniques and if you felt embarrassed, the recipients were likely to also feel embarrassed.  There was a great deal of fear around it being openly offered as part of what we did… even though the premise for learning was so clearly physiological. All the women who received the massage swaps from other women agreed that the connection was more than just a physiological exercise and experience but none of us could say why.  The training practice itself was very clinical, open plan style, towel etiquette was to avoid embarrassment. Many of us discussed if we would ever do it, there was a mixed response and the largest agreement was around the likelihood of others misinterpreting it as a sexual thing. There was unanimous agreement that no-one wanted to receive a breast massage from a man – whether we couldn’t get past the sexual association with the breast area or that we were not sure that they couldn’t, I don’t know. We had all received many aromatherapy and remedial massages from the men.

I did not do many breast massages, my reticence was clouded with all the fears we had been warned about on the course, but I was intrigued and men were far more open to being massaged and experimented on by me! What I found was important though, men craved the touch on their chests just the same, I understood the tissue and the lymphatic make-up yet there was the same tenderness and vulnerability that women had.  As I write this I am reminded of seeing a woman in the clinic who had had a mastectomy and she was desperate for me to massage her scar tissue, to massage around her chest area where her breast had once been. She felt it was numb and could not connect to it being part of her body anymore. The connection that woman felt with her breast area after a couple of minutes of massaging the scar tissue has stayed with me to this day. Why do we talk about it as if it is something that is wrong?

The second course which offered breast massage as an optional experience was in Sydney during the holistic massage component of my Remedial Massage diploma. It was a similar experience to the above except there were men and women on this course. Again the focus was on the importance of recognising that this is a large lymphatic area and to see it as anything sexual is simply a distraction. I was uncomfortable with the setting for this group and we were again given the option to partake or not. I did do a swap, it was very different to my previous experience. I could feel all the hesitation in the practitioner and all her anxiousness. It was quite a functional experience and there was no connection at all.

I have since been offered breast massage as part of a Hawaiian massage in a local clinic with a male practitioner – I did not try that one out. Not because I felt there was any impropriety but because I feel that when you are working with breast tissue you feel very vulnerable. It is important to feel confident there is nothing else going on – no possibility of misunderstandings. Up until this point I had had experiences of breast massages being both a connecting experience and a disconnecting experience – both with women. I did not feel to take a chance in that situation.

My experience ofEsoteric Breast Massage

From my very first Esoteric Breast Massage there was a clear difference. The flyer was totally out there – it told me what it was, why it was important. That it was done by and for women. I spoke to my practitioner before I went to see her and she explained again how it could support me and what to expect. The room and towels were warm, the oil and cream were warm. She took some time to connect with my lymph – because I had had so much training it took me a few sessions to stop thinking about what she was doing and where she was going but even though I was doing that to start off with I still felt something come alive underneath it all. We talked about what I felt and what I didn’t feel and what memories it brought up. However hard it was to feel large areas of my breasts being cold and hard, I felt more deeply in touch with myself by the end of the treatment. I could feel that I was tender and delicate underneath the hardness and tension that I had held in the body to “go hard” and “do more” in the way I had been living for a long time. There were physical challenges as well… my arms were above my head. This reminded me of being pounded and manipulated for breast screenings, so lying on my back with my arms in this position had the potential to leave me feeling very vulnerable, yet I felt totally supported, totally safe. My practitioner supported me and in time I didn’t find it such a physical or emotional challenge. There were towels to support my elbows and if they got uncomfortable the practitioner helped me lower them. I once again felt the level of connection I had touched on with the very first few massages with the women in England and the total support of the practitioner standing beside me. I realised over time this was my connection with me, my relationship with me and with my breasts as a most beautiful part of my body. It was far beyond a lymphatic massage or physical support or release, yet I could feel the support of that process as well.

As a medical history I have had a number of issues with cysts – I was not surprised as my mother and my sister both have them. According to the specialist it is something I will have to live with for the rest of my fertile life. I might have agreed once – being cursed by such a throw away comment, but not anymore. After working with my connection to me I found there was a pattern with the women in my family…. the most obvious ones being that we were all emotional and great multi-taskers – stress being high on all of our lists. So this was where I decided to start.

My practitioner suggested I put myself on a programme of self-nurturing with support from EBM and other esoteric practitioners and with regular check-ins with my doctor. I was supported to look at what that meant and other practical things I could do in my day to day life to address the raciness, the tendency to be emotional and little by little I found myself less stressed.

Why is the EBM and their practitioners such a different experience and why would I choose this over any other form of breast massage or healing for this particular issue? I mean, if it was just stress then surely dimmed lights, soft music, candles and incense and prayer would do the trick…  Instinctively I knew this was important. Yes, it is true, I did not have cancer but I have lumps in there that shouldn’t be in there, how could I just accept that – who was to say they would always be cysts and not turn into a tumour? I also had numb parts in my body that I couldn’t feel – that really hit home… someone was touching my breast tissue and I couldn’t feel it – why not?  I wanted to ask questions, to take responsibility and keep listening before my cyst became a tumour and I had a more complicated medical road. I didn’t want this to be about finding a solution, I wanted to know why they were there in the first place, why I was hard, why I was numb, and to do that I knew that I wanted to be working with practitioners who were integrative, who worked with all we have to offer and did not see themselves as alternative.

Recently there has been some media interest and coverage over Universal Medicine’s practice of the Esoteric Breast Massage, such as ludicrous claims of men practising the modality and even more bizarre claims that it can cure cancer. Upon reading these articles, I wondered what, if any, research they had done. All my memories of those initial fears regarding people’s perception of breast massage came flooding back, ie. “Men will see it as sexual, they will see it as a great headline and in all honesty, truth will not be what they are looking for”.

The very easily researchable (Googled even) fact is that we, as a society today, are teaching breast massage as a part of many massage courses in many mainstream colleges throughout the world. None of this is new – it is out there, accepted and common and practised by both men and women. Universal Medicine, as far as I am aware, are the first ones that have made it a modality for women, by women only and solely to support women.

We are massaging women’s breasts, and our integrity when undertaking this modality should be second to none.  Any college that teaches breast massage should be willing to do so openly and support their practitioners by teaching them about the importance of self awareness and self responsibility – what they themselves bring to a treatment. Yet in my experience there has never been any follow-up since I completed any of the other courses and there were no special instructions or self responsibility discussed in how we lived or what we did outside our treatment rooms. No one has since checked if I am still working in any form of integrity. My governing body has only ever been interested in my continual professional development hours and that they should be done through a recognised body and that we shouldn’t do anything to bring massage into disrepute – breast massage would have broken all their rules! It seems everyone is most worried about being sued or misunderstood rather than knowing that what they do and offer is full of importance, has a purpose and is practised with full integrity.

In light of the false and irresponsible media coverage on Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Breast Massage, it is totally understandable that the above is how one feels when it comes to publicly promoting even breast massage that is trained and accepted in massage training courses. However, knowing that all of this was a possibility, Serge Benhayon and his team still chose to make it a modality in its own right, not hidden in any way. They have been totally open and have full insurance for their modality with a recognised leading insurer.

From my starting point I have observed with interest the growth of the Esoteric Breast Massage modality. To see how different or similar it is to the training I received. There can be no comparison. This modality is out in the open, its sole purpose and intention is to support women to re-connect with themselves and a deeply nurturing and caring relationship with their breasts. The practitioners have a support network that is second to none, they are assessed regularly, both energetically and practically. They meet monthly to talk through the issues coming up with clients and themselves. They all support each other and we, as clients, in turn feel that love and commitment in the sessions we receive. They, like all of the practitioners training and working with Universal Medicine, are members of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*, which has a higher code of ethics than any I have been involved with to date.

We should welcome a school of learning that is so open, we should welcome an association that works with its practitioners to the level of the EPA. Yet our first thought is to wonder what they are hiding – surely, that says more about our society and the eyes we are looking through. I welcome it – as we all should.

by Lucy Dahill, Diploma Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, NCC, ITEC, SPA, EPA

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

142 thoughts on “Breast Massage & the Esoteric Breast Massage – an Open Approach

  1. A woman’s breasts are part of her body and the Esoteric Breast Massage offers a very delicate and sensitive way to reconnect to the preciousness and sacredness of her femaleness.

  2. There are many things in our lives which can be turning points, from a conversation, to a book to an experience. Esoteric Breast Massage has been one of those for me, for re-kindling my relationship with part of my body which I saw as mundane, a part which I only considered when I was worried about how it looked when I was wearing certain tops or nothing at all. I used to look in the mirror (and in all honesty, still do) and be upset about how my breasts look, that they don’t fit the picture, they don’t look how I would like them to look. The truth is, what i see in the mirror is a reflection of how i live my life. A reflection of whether or not I am up-beat and ready for the day, ready for life, or if I am sluggish, given up and perhaps even lazy. Our body shows, it does not lie – it cannot. So whatever it is that we may not like about our appearance, perhaps we don’t like because it shows us something, something in the way we are towards ourselves.

  3. How we are outside of the clinic room matters, we deny the Friday night binges, the arguments or the indulgences, the victimhood, whatever flavour of disharmony or disease there is in our lives are an issue, but seriously we take ourselves with us everywhere we go and so, how we are cleaning our teeth, going to the toilet, getting dressed, talking to our family has an equal impact as driving, talking , walking…everything on the level of care and energetic integrity a client receives when they meet us in the clinic room.

  4. Thank you for sharing your varied experiences of breast massages during your training and highlighting the total integrity of Esoteric Breast Massage modality. With the breast cancer statistics continuing to rise we should be grateful for any modality that supports women to connect so deeply with this part of their bodies as in building a relationship with our bodies we have the opportunity to address the issues that bring about our own ill-health and start to make different choices.

  5. The breasts of a woman communicate far more than the human brain alone can imagine or comprehend. It is a very clever game to diminish them to being used for purely sexual gratification or breastfeeding. The drain on the breasts from treating them as such,, of course will show it’s impact.

  6. There is absolutely no comparison here. Thank you so much for sharing Lucy. I had never had any kind of breast massage before a EBM and I was quite nervous about it. It revealed so much anger I had stored in my breasts and body and underneath was sadness and hurt. Before Esoteric breast massage or esoteric healing, any treatment I had was like flying blind, it was functional I didn’t have any awareness or understanding of what was coming up for me what was in my body or even to look out for it. It was mainly just pure relief at having less tension. But since having Esoteric healing sessions and EBM’s my eyes have been completely opened from the inside out to feel everything that’s there and then what I thought was such a big issue or a big pain to face just simply went through understanding.

  7. The truth in this article is refreshing. Let’s no longer accept the falseness and lies that are being bandied around in relation to Esoteric Breast Massage. The integrity that the modality is held in and that it’s Practitioners adhere too is of the highest level possible. Is this not enough of a standout to halt the attack of judgement that this modality receives.

  8. Very cool read about your experiences, it is true that breast massage is offered widely, and yet people still go funny about it, it is part fo the body that is a significant lymphatic area and it can offer great support energetic and physical support to massage this area, when offered in integrity, the EBM is this way.

    1. It doesn’t take a great deal of research to see quite how common breast massage is. It is an incredibly significant lymphatic area so it is irresponsible to not address it, yet only 1 organisation I have found asks the depth of commitment from its practitioners and that is the Esoteric Practitioners Association.

      1. I agree the EPA Esoteric Practitioners Association sets the standard when it comes to integrity and professionalism. I have not encountered another association like it, concerning the support, inspiration and ethics that it offers its members and so anyone who encounters its members.

  9. I agree sueq2012 the EPA, Esoteric Practitioners Association, is by far the most comprehensive, with the highest code of ethics, I have come across in being a practitioner for over 25 years.

  10. I have experienced many different healing modalities over the years, but none have had the deep care and love as the trainings given for the Esoteric Healing modalities. There is an annual assessment for every practitioner in the EPA – which has the highest code of ethics anywhere in the world – as you mention, in contrast to many therapies when you complete a training, get the certificate and that’s it for the next twenty years.

  11. ” We should welcome a school of learning that is so open, we should welcome an association that works with its practitioners to the level of the EPA. Yet our first thought is to wonder what they are hiding – surely, that says more about our society and the eyes we are looking through. I welcome it – as we all should. ” This is a very disturbing truth , it just explains how the world has bastardised true learning. People have lost trust in the teachers and rightly so in a lot of cases , for their teaching was coming from greed and self gain.
    But true learning and support is out there and one of those processes of support for woman is esoteric breast massage as Lucy has so beautifully shown.

  12. I was not aware that breast massage is being taught worldwide. What deeply concerns me is the lack of livingness and how important it is, not being taught at the same time. This is what I love about Universal Medicine… The Way of the Livingness means everything and how I am with myself and others in my daily living is fundamentally what counts and matters most to me, not what I do. So no matter what is taught unless the quality of our livingness is presented then nothing is going to make sense to me because every movement we make whether it is loving or not comes with us in what we do.

    1. It is concerning that in any bodywork study and training that how we conduct ourselves outside of the clinic and how that affects our clients, is not discussed and taught.

  13. Thank you for sharing your past experiences with breast massages and the clear differences between those and the EBM whose ‘sole purpose and intention is to support women to re-connect with themselves and a deeply nurturing and caring relationship with their breasts.’ I was totally disconnected from my breasts before having EBMs and have also had issues with cysts and I have felt so supported to explore what they are revealing to me. The professionalism of all the practitioners that I have had sessions with is totally exemplary and the space that this has allowed for me to explore my relationship with my breasts and how to truly nurture myself has had a powerful impact on all other areas of my life.

  14. A fascinating read and such an informative comparison through your experience of breast massages and the profound difference that is possible in something that could be said to be technically quite similar. But as with most things is life, it is through the quality in which things are done that seemingly similar things are infact worlds apart.

    1. Yes, it is the quality that we live that comes through our every movement. This is such a delicate area of our body and carries so much history that the energetic quality the practitioner brings to the treatment is very important.

  15. It is interesting what Lucy has raised here. Breast massage is not new, but what is different with the EBM is the integrity in how it is practiced. Could such integrity and the responsibility it brings cause others to react and criticise it, because they do not want to accept the responsibility it offers?

  16. Esoteric Breast Massage helps to support women to re-connect with themselves and to build a deeply nurturing and caring relationship with their breasts, and this feels gorgeous, and is much needed by humanity.

  17. I have had many EBMs and now my breasts are a cherished part of my body and the tenderness with which I care for my breasts is now consistent with cherishing my whole being.

  18. It is interesting how much women’s bodies are controlled and owned. The fact that the media jump on this and presume it is something sexual shows that we just see women’s bodies as sex objects. They didn’t bother to delve into the story and actually speak to women about why they feel this modality is of support to them.

    1. This is a great point to make MW! The presumption that EBM is sexual also shows where the media are at. Sex sells so they milk it from any angle.

  19. Having experienced the Esoteric Breast Massage, and felt so deeply supported in deepening the relationship with my breasts as a part of my own body (I’d felt so disconnected from them before – clearly already a sign of ill-health…), I can’t imagine any of the other breast massage techniques as shared about here being able to hold a woman so deeply – that she not feel imposed upon in the slightest, and that she know that this is about her relationship with her own body, and no-one else’s issues, anxieties or desires upon it.
    The level of integrity of every EBM practitioner I have seen, and there have been 4 such women, has been exemplary beyond measure. And this is clearly due to their own willingness as women to heal deeply, the relationship with their own bodies, that such a level of service can be offered.

    1. It is beautiful to feel the integrity with which this modality is practised and the reflection of the practitioners is inspirational as we evolve on our journey of re-discovery of intimacy with our own bodies.

  20. You know, when we read an article such as this – written from an undeniable and impeccable integrity, and complete openness as to the writer’s personal experiences and grapplings with just what practices do hold integrity and care for all, in their very foundation – we are blessed beyond measure.
    For here is not one iota of justification, of defence or any such thing… but rather the pure and unadulterated truth of what truly matters, and a clear experience of a modality, the Esoteric Breast Massage, that holds the deepest significance for all women, and thus all of our society, globally.
    We would all do well to review the practices that currently exist that do not support us to the level that the Esoteric Therapies, as taught by Universal Medicine, do.

    1. Yes, we should Victoria. We should be studying the ethics and integrity behind the Esoteric Breast Massage treatments not slurring them with lewd suggestions.

  21. Wow Lucy this is such an informative blog. I had no idea that there was ever a breast massage option before The Esoteric Breast Massage was introduced by Universal Medicine, not that I would have ever considered having one before. I started EBM as soon as it was introduced as I already experienced other modalities introduced by Serge Benhayon , the founder of Universal Medicine and knew that this organisation was based on the utmost integrity will a code of conduct/ethics that is beyond any I have come across. I also knew that there was only women practitioners and these practitioners where highly trained and regularly assessed. It is interesting that when you google breast massage (as this is what I did after reading your blog) most of the posts are about using massage to enlarge your breast size with YouTube videos to show you how to!

    1. Yes that really gets me – how so much on the internet is about making them bigger, smaller, perkier – anything but accepting them in all their glory just as they are. What I found from having treatments was how much emotion I stored in them that made me not like them and therefore look to change them. A constant learning…

  22. This is the most informative, detailed, incredible blog I have read on this unique modality to date. I was not aware that breast massage had been taught in such a mainstream way. With the current and shocking breast cancer statistics it seems crazy that there are not more dedicated modalities designed to support woman in this area.
    I have not had breast cancer but I have experienced mastitis whilst breast feeding and with the support of EBMs and antibiotics from my GP I was able to address medically and connect to why this was happening. There was a lot of pressure in the area I was living, Byron Bay, (famous for its spiritual alternative approach to things) to continue to breast feed even though I was struggling. I was lucky to have the support of my Aunty who is an EBM Practitioner, she explained that if I wanted to stop breast feeding and change to formula that did not mean I have failed as a mother in any way. I was educated that my health and wellbeing was felt by the baby and if I was draining myself to try to fit a picture, it would not benefit anyone. My bottle feeding a very intimate and beautiful experience once I accepted myself and my breast completely changed and softened through regular EBM sessions.

  23. Esoteric Breast Massage is a beautiful therapy that has helped me to connect with my tenderness and delicateness as a woman.

  24. Thank you Lucy I was not aware how many other institutions trained in breast massage. I am totally aware of and have many close women friends who are trained or who are being trained in the EBM. These are amazing sincere loving women who I enjoy immensely to be a part of my life as supportive friends. I am also a part of the EPA. It’s an honour to be a part of an organisation that calls for the highest level of integrity from everyone involved.

  25. A tremendously powerful perspective and reality check from a position of lived experience and practice that speaks with real authority on the matter of the integrity of the Esoteric Breast Massage.

  26. I have recently been blessed at having practice sessions from a friend who is training in esoteric breast massage, and I must say, even though she is in ‘training’, the integrity, gentleness, tenderness and very professional, yet caring way she carried out my sessions was second to none. I would recommend the esoteric breast massage to any woman who wishes to deepen the connection she has with herself, and to release any deeply held emotions and hardness that we have buried in our bodies which then allows the protection to fall away to reveal the preciousness underneath.

  27. This is presenting such a good point, that there are many breast massages, and what a difference the EBM brings to the table. It is a modality based on an utmost integrity of its practitioners, knowing of the incredible sensitive and precious nature of this massage. It is beautiful to feel the care that goes into and is experienced by the women that are accessing this heavenly modality.

  28. Love this blog Lucie, can’t remember if I read it when it was published but it is great. Breast massage is nothing new, and Esoteric Breast Massage is just taking the whole care factor and the connection to another level. I have many many friends who have tried it and I have never heard of them having a bad experience. Sure, it can be daunting, and challenging at first, but that normally has to do with your own issues about your breasts being massaged and has nothing to do with the practitioner.
    What I love about the Esoteric Breast Massage is the dedication and practise that the practitioners go through as part of their training. Its not just a weekend course and that is it. I love the fact that they abide by the Esoteric Practitioner’ Association code of conduct too as there is nothing else like it as far as responsibility and integrity.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about the training. When I think about how little training I had, and was then free to offer clients breast massage… There was no question about me addressing the energetic aspect, or even looking at what issues might come up around the breasts and knowing how much training Esoteric Practitioners need to go through I would have been very ill-prepared to deal with anything that did come up for my clients and therefore truly support them.

  29. I have been having Esoteric Breast massages on and off now for at least 5 years and most recently, I noted how I could lie on the table, with my arms above my head, fully surrendered and I so appreciate that this could be. Having been quite guarded most of my life, and protective and shut off, it feels great to be able to be with another woman, and be supported and feel safe enough to open up and let the healing happen. And boy oh boy has the healing happened. So much has changed for me since having Esoteric Breast massage. It has impacted the way I am with people, the way I walk and the way I talk… and the way I am with me.

  30. I work as a massage therapist and have only been asked once by a woman to massage her breasts. She was a friend of mine, and married and she explained what was happening for her and her breasts. I remember massaging them, and treating them as if they were like any other part of the body that I massage but somewhere I felt awkward with it because I haven’t had any experience other than learning it in a class. I felt awkward because of the ideals and beliefs that I had at the time, which have all changed for me since having Esoteric breast massages myself.

  31. I too learnt breast massage when I was training in massage. It was awkward because no one was truly supported and the anxiety of those presenting it was passed on to those that were learning it. Isn’t it interesting how things can come across so differently depending on how and who teaches it, and all the misunderstandings that can come from just that.

  32. Thank you for sharing your experiences of being taught breast massage in other modalities and the contrast with the absolute integrity of the training for Esoteric Breast Massage therapists. I had lived disconnected for so long that initially I was unable to feel anything during an EBM but at all times I felt totally supported by my practitioner in the most loving way and gradually I have been building a relationship with my breasts and myself as a woman which I deeply treasure. We all benefit when women return to their tender roots and EBMs can support this process so it is important to challenge any disinformation that seeks to taint this.

  33. Wow, never had I read such a down to earth explanation of the beauty of esoteric breast massage. I understand the rights of people to be suspicious about such things – the world is full of corruption and people willing to take advantage of such things. However, my wife has had esoteric breast massage for a number of years, and it transformed her relationship with her breasts. I did not realise how women could be so disconnected from their breasts, and have such feelings about them. It cannot be healthy to have such thoughts. Esoteric Breast Massage changed all of that for my wife, and for that I am eternally grateful – not the least for the fact that she is now at such ease with this part of her body.

  34. Yes Mary, is it because they cannot see beyond the sexual or functional side of a woman’s breasts? Or is it because they fear what comes from women in their fullness? I have been incredibly inspired by the women I have seen step back into the strength of themselves as women, the delicacy, the fragility and the strength are all one.

  35. True love and care for another is nothing more than just a livingness of true responsibility and dedication towards living this with all aspects of our day. No true healing modality is just about the modality itself but also the livingness, the energy th practitioner brings that goes with it.

  36. You’re right Lucy. Thankfully Universal Medicine doesn’t hide or cower when esoteric breast massages are talked about. What is being offered is open and transparent and is governed by a very strong Code of Ethics but most importantly the focus is on the recipient surrendering and exploring their connection with their body. The intentions behind why someone comes for an EBM will soon reveal itself in terms of what benefits they feel they have received from the session.

    1. Transparency in business is a rare and undervalued commodity which is why we have ended up with people being suspicious of a business that has absolutely nothing to hide. Sigh…

  37. Wow, Lucy. This is an incredible sharing and brings up many important points regarding the Esoteric Modalities, Universal Medicine and all it’s practitioners and Esoteric Breast Massage. I have to say that when I first went for an Esoteric Breast Massage, I had no idea what was fully involved. One of the practitioners had sent me a link to investigate but I chose not to look at it and just went ahead to see an Esoteric Breast Massage practitioner. The practitioner, Mary Louise was so professional and understanding. She fully explained all that was involved before I got on the table and also stated that if I had suffered any kind of abuse in my life that I may not be immediately open to a breast massage, as our breasts are a place where we store lots of our hurts, especially any kind of abuse. I immediately informed her of the types of abuse I had suffered and she said that this was really very helpful as she now felt that I probably would not be ready for a breast massage straight away. I was not, but Mary Louise was very loving and tender and very patient. She worked on my arms and the top of my chest for a few sessions and the last session I had with her a few months later, I felt her hands were on my breasts giving me a massage, even though they were on my shoulders. It was an incredible feeling from an inspirational woman and a much needed modality in this world that we live in.

    1. I have met many raised eyebrows Belinda, at the thought of an esoteric breast massage and I can understand why it would be confronting to some. I have had several myself, with Mary-Louise Myers and Sara Williams, and I agree their professionalism and tenderness is awesome and I never felt uncomfortable in their presence or during a treatment. The only discomfort I felt was coming face to face with the fact that I had abused my body for so many years, but with the choices I have made to self-care (work in progress) I have opened up and let go of many hurts and layers of protection that kept me from being the true beautiful me.

      1. You both make a really important point here. Sometimes what we have experienced in life means that an EBM is going to be too much. It takes time to build the connection with the body again to even contemplate the breast area. The arm massage is, once again, far more profound in its healing than a regular arm massage. It blows all my former training out of the water.

  38. I’ve never had any other type of breast massage other than the Esoteric Breast Massage however my experience has been nothing other than absolute integrity and honour for a women’s body. To me, this modality can in no way be compared in any way to any other form of massage that involves the breast because it’s the only modality that I’m aware of that has its basis on the integrity and lived quality of the practitioner.

  39. Lucy, this is a very well detailed brief on the history of breast massage. From what you write I can see the clear difference between esoteric breast massage (EBM) and breast massage (from your previous training). Breast massage is nothing new and there is evidence out there that supports its use. However the most impactful information is the increased connection women experience when receiving EBM, this is note worthy.

    I feel it is quite shallow to dismiss something solely because it seems shocking on a superficial level. Breast have a role in the body’s function just like any other organ or part of the body. As long as the treatment is done ONLY for women by women and practice with SUPER integrity, I see only benefits in its use.

    1. I agree Luke, and it is worth studying because the number of women’s lives it has changed is remarkable. Breast cancer and other women’s issues are rising at a rate that is confounding doctors. This is a modality that should be studied and understood. The challenge will be when more people start seeing the benefit and for it not to be copied so that the integrity of the modality is lost to a function and solution.

      1. A worst thing would be in that the modality was seen as a purely mechanical therapy as opposed to deep steadiness it provides and supports women with.

  40. This is a great sharing Lucy thank you. As a modality the Esoteric Breast Modality is second to none. For women, by women, the modality offers the woman an opportunity to surrender to her connection with her innate sacredness, her nurturing emanation and her preciousness all of which hold her true power.

    1. Yes, I am with you on that, top of the list for me in women’s health. I also love the expansion from the practitioners to see the support that can be offered to women through esoteric women’s health. It doesn’t just stay in treatment room, this sacredness and nurturing is in all we do, say and feel. The practical tips that are offered have been a great support for many women I know.

  41. Felix, you have the most extraordinary ability to expand things further – thankyou! This has really highlighted the importance for me of every moment. So often what we do is a role we switch on and off to, however love is something we need never switch off from.

  42. Thank you Lucy for sharing all you have learned about breast massage. I have had many Esoteric Breast Massage sessions and always look forward to them as my body shows me how I have been living and the level of self-nurturing I offer myself. When I first had EBMs raising my arms above my head was very painful and my left arm just didn’t want to go there. Now I have no pain and my arms rest above my head openly welcoming the support in a deeper connection to my breasts and me as a woman.

    1. Isn’t it extraordinary to consider the muscle restriction we have that we don’t consider abnormal. I can only presume your treatments have been as mine have… No deep tissue, no manipulation of joints, yet your shoulder’s range of movement increased from massage to the tissue on your breast and lymphatic areas. This is so much more than the physical release. My sense is that the EBM addresses deeply held emotional memories that restrict our movements as well.

  43. I always wonder how is it possible to fit so much care and love in a 60 minutes session. Well, it is possible because I feel all the love and care from every moment in the practitioner’s day.

    1. Absolutely Felix, that is what I was saying in a comment just before, the difference in these treatments is that this level of care, tenderness and integrity is normal for these practitioners which means they are able to offer the client a divine level of support that is not laced with anything from them. There is no perfection but it is definitely what
      I would like from a healing treatment and how I aspire to live in my life now. This level of care for ourselves or others does not need to be restricted to a healing session that we get once and a while, this is for always as our normal too.

  44. A great sharing Lucy on the power and healing qualities the Esoteric Breast Massage offers all women. I studied a Massage Course years ago where they taught breast massage, I had only left school and I felt very uncomfortable with the way it was taught, plus I felt quite vulnerable having my breasts massaged by complete strangers. Having experienced EBM’s many times, I have always felt completely supported and truly cared for by the female practitioners. The level of energetic integrity and professionalism by these women who train to be an EBM practitioner is of the highest standard worldwide making this a powerful modality that truly supports women in many, many ways.

    1. That is when I always ask, what is the difference? Why have we felt uncomfortable with some practitioners and not others? I always come back to it being down to the intention of the way the modality is taught and the responsibility in how the practioner lives. I feel that in that moment we are more aware than ever of our vulnerability and so we feel, even more acutely the thoughts and choices of the practitioner. Rough hands that don’t event know they are rough, uncomfortable hands that are trying to hide it. It can all be felt. It is the same with the EBM practitioners yet I feel nurtured, care for and supported as I work through what I feel or don’t feel in my breasts.

  45. Putting EBM in comparative perspective is a great thing to do. Not only it states the facts in face of media lies, helps to understand what other modalities are out there and shows how it is desirable to integrate this massage to treat difficult conditions. It also, puts on the agenda a topic that is often swept under the rug; the integrity and responsibility of the practitioner.

  46. Such a great blog Lucy. I learnt massage many years ago and did not cover breast massage at all. In fact it was taught that breasts were not to be massaged at all, because of the sexual connotations. I could certainly understand this, but there still felt something missing here in this picture. When I first heard about Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), I pretty much booked myself straight in and within 2 weeks was experiencing my first EBM. I recall saying to some friends afterwards that it was the most loveliest gift that I had given myself, as I could feel how supportive and nurturing it was. It been the modality that had allowed me to feel who I am a woman through the quality of my being rather than what I had been previously ‘doing’, identifying who I was with the things that I did, the roles that I played. Any modality that supports women so deeply that we get to connect to our absolute inner beauty and feel how exquisitely precious we all are is a real winner in my books.

    1. I agree Jennifer, to understand from feeling it in your body that we are so much more than the roles we play is priceless. We can talk about it all we like but to feel it, coming from inside….well, it needs to be experienced and then held on to forever more.

  47. Thank you Lucy for your intimate and insightful blog. Without the depth of presence and love that Esoteric Practitioners bring to every session I do not feel that I would ever have begun to ‘feel’ alive again. It’s as you say ‘that really hit home… someone was touching my breast tissue and I couldn’t feel it’ and I would not even have had this recognition before, as I only treated my body as something that was functional and to go with me wherever and whenever I commanded it, without any reference to the impact this arrogant lifestyle brought to my body and what might be the consequence. It feels a million miles away from where I am now. Yes, I am still learning but I am doing this with my body and not irrespective of my body.

    1. Thank you for sharing Susan. There really is a life before EBM and a life after when it comes to breast care. I feel forever appreciative that this modality and its ongoing support is part of my life. To go from having cysts every month to none, I truly believe I have contributed to being my own good medicine which meant that my cysts didn’t go any further.

  48. Thank you Lucy for sharing your experience across several modalities of breast massage. I have had many Esoteric Breast Massages over the years and find them incredibly supportive and a deeply nurturing experience. Having been through breast cancer, I am super aware of the importance of breast care and it is through the Esoteric Breast Massage that my relationship with my breasts and the whole of my body has changed to one of self-love and nurturing. It is such a powerful modality for women and should not be shyed away from.

    1. I agree Donna, an EBM is an excellent part of our whole body care. An EBM is deeper than just breast care, for it connects a woman to herself, to her essence, and this brings about a new level of self love and self awareness, and this has a very positive impact on self care.

  49. Thank you Nadine, if you get a chance to have a session then ensure you buy some cream and ask the practitioner to share with you how you can support yourself with breast massage too. I made a practice of using the cream after my shower for a program I put myself on for self care and the difference in my day to day was extraordinary. For me I began to appreciate the power we have with our own bodies when we are given an opportunity to remember what that connection feels like. The EBM then has an opportunity to support you to take your connection deeper.

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