2013 in review

A 2013 Annual Report for Women in Livingness

Women in Livingness was viewed approximately 96,000 times in 2013.

The most visited blog was Breast Massage and the Esoteric Breast Massage – An Open Approach – written back in 2012, and still generating a lot of interest and support for women online.

Viewers logged in from 128 different countries.

Women of the world, this is a blog for you – signalling a sea change in the online trend toward criticism, irresponsibility, blame and seeking outward – women sharing their return to and reclaiming of the TRUE WOMAN within.

Click here to see the complete report.

34 thoughts on “2013 in review

  1. As women we certainly have much to share and from this sharing we can gain so much more understanding of ourselves and others too…inspiration all around! What a gift and blessing to have such a blog site to access and read!

  2. “Women in Livingness was viewed approximately 96,000 times in 2013.” Oh my that lots and lots of evolution being offered and received. Wonderful – just wonderful.

  3. We have much to share with each other as women and it is a celebration to feel how this site has travelled far. The wisdom the women have shared here is both practical and inspiring. Thank you.

  4. How amazing is the internet that it allows for blogsites like this one: where women from over 128 different countries can log on around the world and support each other, share experiences and learn together: it’s amazing.

  5. There’s something amazing about seeing statistics relating to people’s behaviour. It shows what we are seeking and what interests us. The top blogs read shows me that there is interest in Esoteric breast massage. It seemed like something not for me at first, yet it has become one of my regular modalities due to the profound healing on offer. I also noticed the other top reads were confirming and reminding us women of who we truly are and giving ourselves permission to be that.

    1. Spot on Fiona – statistics are revealing in many ways, and support us to understand what we are drawn to and what we as women are seeking.

  6. The true power of the internet connecting women all over the world and supporting us to claim ourselves as the gorgeous, sexy and sassy women we are.

  7. What this site offers is what women are looking for. Real content; real things that women are living and feeling; Everyday women that other women can not only relate to but be inspired by; but mostly reconnecting to the knowing of who we are on the inside….gorgeous, precious, down right sexy, an exquisiteness that is worth cherishing to say but a few.

  8. Likewise – I have found these blogs an amazing resource that I keep coming back to and learning from, so it’s awesome to read that these blogs are getting out into the world and providing a point of inspiration for women and men around the world. Thank you to all the bloggers and commenters for sharing the wisdom of what you’re learning and living.

  9. I am so impressed but not surprised for as I am going through all the blogs written from the beginning of this site I have discovered and rediscovered so many timeless gems and pieces of gold all from women sharing their life experiences. This stuff of great substance that every woman could relate to

  10. Wow, this really shows how women all over the world go through the same things and we can support each other and learn from each other even from different countries.

  11. Wow! And that was in 2013…. would love to see the results now. It shows women are wanting to read, know and see truth… read other women’s stories and be inspired by them… and men too. Thank you Women in Livingness for covering all the varied topics you do… there is something for everyone. It has been an awesome support and inspiration for me, and I’m amazed each week to find new blogs I haven’t read before that are just perfect for what I’m going through.

  12. As we go into a new cycle it is awesome to feel how widely this blog reaches women and men all over the world. Here’s to another expanding year in 2017.

  13. I loved reading this report and seeing the stats for the year, laid out in an easy to read and beautiful way. It makes me appreciate that more and more of us are reading and sharing real stories about real women who put love first.

  14. I love the comparison between the visitors of The Louvre and the Women in Livingness blog. Just goes to show more people are shifting to online. The report for this year 2016!will be interesting ..

  15. This is a beautiful confirmation that the Women in Livingness site and blogs play a significant role in reflecting to men and women alike what it is to be a true woman and that as women it is time to claim back our truth. What a brilliant site this is, thank god for Women in Livingness.

  16. This is extraordinary that these simple everyday blogs of truth from a livingness of those who are embracing what it truly means to be a woman are being viewing and interacted with on this scale globally. This proves that issues we have today with modern woman are not just in a handful of places but form a modern day plague that exists right around the globe.

  17. So many people benefit from this website , and Esoteric Women’s Health, it is truly evolutionary. It touches my heart to hear that people from over 128 countries have seen this website and have felt the absolute love and care from all the woman who have written on here. Truly touching to feel how many woman this website have reached.. It is absolutely tangible and true what these livingness women are living and sharing with the world to do so too! We are not lost and this site is proof of it, there fore the more it reaches the more will know!

  18. It was cool to see on the map all the different places in the world where the site had been read. It just goes to show that women in livingness is not bound to where one lives but is for all women worldwide.

  19. A wonderful snapshot of a website that is inspirational, supportive and practical. Women sharing from their inner heart with presence that reaches out around the world and gives a hug to those who read these posts. Thank you.

    1. The facts and figures here totally confirm that the Internet CAN be used for greater good – to share and communicate our experiences with each other, without any barriers.

  20. It is always great to see the facts and the numbers on a page in front of you, in black and white. There is no denying the importance and prevalence of this website. It is a much needed breather from what we are currently exposed to all of the time. Real issues from real people, filled with an abundance of love and support.

  21. Wow what a wonderful thing to be a part of and confirmed with the summary of quality participants .
    Since I have started reading and commenting with this website . I have for the first time in my life not felt lonely. The quality of holistic loving interactions, The healing stories of a true friend. The loving/nurturing support of a mother/the wisdom of a grandmother/elder, The loving support of a work colleague, the intimate sister talks. Of woman who have walked in your shoes and are along the same path, destination “Love and Humanity”. All this in the comfort of my home available 24/7. Thank you.

    1. What a brilliant way to put it Concetta. Sometimes we can hide or not choose to share our experiences as we may not see or value the affect this can have in another’s life. Your comment and the comments on this blog totally blow that out of the water. Knowing that each woman writing here has been there and is saying “Here’s how I did it” it makes this website even more phenomenal. The fact that we can have a site dedicated to women sharing their transformational life experiences so openly is certainly a sea-change.

  22. I love this summary – it’s so cool to see how many people are getting the benefit of reading these blogs!

  23. The sheer number of men and women from around the world who have contributed to this amazing women in livingness blog is a testament to its incredible value and how people are calling out for this type of support in their lives that has been offered by it.

  24. Wow, how inspirational and a wonderful testament to the truth that everything matters – every blog, article, response, everything we do and live TRULY MATTERS. This Annual Report is an inspiration for me and all of humanity and it MATTERS. Thank you.

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