A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth

by Sarah Cloutier, VIC, Australia

To the Editor – Courier Mail / News.com.au / Perth Now / News Corporation

Re: “New age ‘medicine’ of Serge Benhayon leaves trail of broken families”

As General Manager of a film and television company in Melbourne, I expect a level of commitment from my team to research and investigate new technology to ensure we have all our facts straight before proceeding with any commitment that could impact on the success of the business.

As the Editor/s, and manager/s of a team of journalists, and a member of a national news network, I am surprised that neither yourself, Josh Robertson or Liam Walsh, did any real investigation or research into Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon; and as such you call into question the true intelligence of women such as myself – and in fact, all women.

Why are you not putting on the front page the skyrocketing increases in diabetes, cancer of all types, heart disease, lung conditions, mental illness, alcohol abuse – and the most affected by this ‘story’ – domestic violence towards women??

Isn’t it time we started to arrest these alarming statistics? 

According to Diabetes Australia:

  • “Up to 60% of cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented. The total number of Australians with diabetes and pre-diabetes is estimated at 3.2 million.” (1)

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare:

  • “The risk of being diagnosed with cancer before the age of 75 years is 1 in 3 for males, and 1 in 4 for females.”
  • “The risk before age 85 years is higher, at 1 in 2 for males and 1 in 3 for females.” (2)

According to the Parliament of Australia:

  • “Alcohol is a significant risk factor for domestic violence, particularly in indigenous communities. A longitudinal analysis of alcohol outlet density found a relationship between alcohol availability and domestic violence. Packaged liquor outlets that sell alcohol for off-premise consumption were particularly implicated.” (3)

And, from the Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse:

  • “Children are exposed to domestic violence by witnessing violence and abuse, intervening to protect their mother, being present in a household filled with violence and terrorising behaviours as well as being directly abused themselves.” (4)

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  • In 2007, 47,963 divorces were granted in Australia, which is one in three, and most divorce applications are submitted by women.

The costs on our public funds are immense:

  • According to the Department of FaHCSIA, the cost of domestic violence on the Australian Economy is $13bn a year.
  • According to Diabetes Australia, the cost to the Economy is $10.3bn
  • According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the cost of cancer diagnosis and treatment is $2bn a year.
  • It is very revealing that domestic violence costs the economy more than cancer and diabetes put together.
  • Divorce is costing $18bn a year – $11bn of that goes to legal costs.

Your ‘expert’, Cult Counselling Australia director Raphael Aron said of the alleged 42 marriage breakdowns, “That’s an absolutely devastating figure, catastrophic”.

The facts I found readily online easily show that this is a very small percentage compared to the national average – and as I’m sure you well know, marriage / relationship breakdowns are complicated and never attributed to one situation, but a build up of issues over time.

Most concerning for me, was your last comment – for women “to not allow their partners to touch [their breasts] without permission.”

Editor/s, may I remind you that it is 2012 – and women have the right to choose when and how their breasts are touched. Isn’t that what you want for your daughter, sister, niece, grand-daughter, mother – wife? Since when did women give up the right to choose who they want to spend time with, what courses they attend, who they marry or divorce, and by whom and when they allow their breasts to be touched?

I’m 44 years old and have worked all over the world in my profession, and have been listening to Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine courses since 2001. He is a man of the highest integrity and has never once told me what to do – ever. I consider everything he presents and make up my own mind… yes, I have one of my own. It reveals your lack of intelligence that you, without any investigation, slander women who chose to live a life of gentleness and care for themselves as ‘followers’ – I have certainly not given up my career, education, intelligence, hopes or ambitions. I have had more true success in my work and private life since choosing to live with more tenderness towards myself.

I live an amazing life, full of wonderful friendships with women – without jealousy or comparison. My commitment to care and nurture myself now is greater than I ever imagined, changes that my mother (in Toowoomba) calls miraculous. The miracle is that, through the Universal Medicine courses, I have connected to a deeper sense of love for myself and cherish myself deeply. I have wonderful friendships with men, too; they are tender, truthful and loving – and I will only be intimate with a man when I feel that there is harmony, openness and true care.

A responsible life of getting to bed early, eating well, exercising and not drinking alcohol is pretty simple and can support a healthy life – and a healthy society. My choices have a positive impact on my team at work and my family, as they are seeing that there’s another way – to live a vital life with energy, clarity and consistency.

Educate yourselves, please – you are abusing your journalistic power when we very clearly need more truth in this world.


(1) Diabetes Australia, “Diabetes in Australia“, 2012
(2) Australian Institute of Health and Wellness, “Cancer“, 2012
(3) Parliament of Australia,  “Domestic Violence in Australia“, Nov 2011
(4) Australian Bureau of Statistics, “Divorces, Australia, 2007“, Aug 2008

107 thoughts on “A Response to The Courier Mail Editor: Researching the Facts – Writing the Truth

  1. Statistics can be easily manipulated by the media and other bodies and the way the media portrays things often does not do justice to the actual figures. This is something we must keep in mind as Sarah has so beautifully exposed in this article.

  2. Thank you Sarah for an amazing article that really lays out the facts – and also gives us real food for thought in terms of the actual figures that are alarming when it comes to statistics of domestic violence, diabetes and cancer.

  3. My understanding is that the true role of the media is to present information and facts to the public in a fair and open way and not to selectively offer information with the intent to manipulate and control people.

  4. I know my family have deeply benefited from me being involved in Universal Medicine, in fact all my relationships have evolved and deepened.

  5. This is a miracle Sarah, many women would like to bring this into their lives, ‘The miracle is that, through the Universal Medicine courses, I have connected to a deeper sense of love for myself and cherish myself deeply.’

  6. Sensationalist articles of this ilk clearly demonstrate that this kind of journalism is never about truthful reporting but about the angle, the spin, the author’s career and prospects, about circulation at the expense of not only truth but decency and respect.

  7. “Why are you not putting on the front page the skyrocketing increases in diabetes, cancer of all types, heart disease, lung conditions, mental illness, alcohol abuse – and the most affected by this ‘story’ – domestic violence towards women??
    Isn’t it time we started to arrest these alarming statistics?” For a paper to criticise an organisation and people who are presenting information as to how to arrest such alarming statistics is a sad state of affairs. There would seem to be a hidden agenda – ie shoot the messenger. Five years on this harassment hasn’t halted, yet those who heed the advice given – of their own free will – are going against the trend and leading more healthy vibrant lives than many of the population around them.

  8. The irresponsibility of these journalist is quite disgusting, disgusting but not surprising because unfortunately time after time the press have shown they are not worthy of reporting the truth.

  9. Thank you Sarah for making yourself very clear.
    It is amazing how the media is still making lies by turning things the other way around.
    I can imagine that when you study to bcome a journalist you have this ideal that you take care you bring the truth whats going on into the newspapers so we all know and can respond.
    How is it to live to twist stories to gain money by trying to bring down people who mean gold to the world.
    How he numbs to feel what he is truly doing?
    That can never be healthy to live with lies as we are natural loving beings who can express love through the body.
    Which forces you need to go in the opposite direction?

  10. To focus on a something and turn it into a negative to give credence to another’s apparent right to make certain claims or suggestions is really just smoke and mirrors and has no validity whatsoever when you look at the many women and relationships that are flourishing and much more true as a result of attending Universal medicine workshops and presentations. This is where the focus needs to be, as there are so many beautiful stories to be told.

  11. Not one of us can ever claim that another or situation is to be blamed for their marriage/partnership/relationship breakdown, the same goes when a marriage/partnership/relationship becomes more loving and stronger as it is down to each and every one of us to look at ourselves and our part in any relationship but interestingly do we get to hear about all the marriages/partnerships/relationships that are flourishing because of the involvement in Universal Medicine?… now that would be worth publishing!

  12. People do need to be educated and sadly with poor or inaccurate reporting, they are not receiving it from media sources that have the power to deliver the extent of the global problems. Articles such as these that corrupt and spin the truth for their own agenda only serve to add to the mess we are already in through spreading lies and perpetuating ignorance.

  13. Hear hear Sarah. Well said. The article in question published be the Courier Mail exposes how people are unwilling the take responsibility if they are taking offense at presentations that offer a way of taking care of ourselves such as this . . . “A responsible life of getting to bed early, eating well, exercising and not drinking alcohol is pretty simple and can support a healthy life – and a healthy society” . . . The Courier Mail article also expose a great disdain for women in general printing absolute rubbish about ‘women not allowing their partners to touch [their breasts] without permission’ as if this is a crime instead of given!

  14. I agree Sarah we have a right to decide who will touch our breasts. All young women from an early age need to be empowered so they never get taken advantage of by any-one ever. This is our responsibility as a community to get this message out, not the garbage you print about questioning a woman because she did not want her breasts touched by her husband.

  15. You are a total powerhouse Sarah! How could anyone believe the garbage that was printed after reading this cracker of an article! Why is it that we are so quick to attack a business that is currently promoting preventive health care around the world? In other words, we have a company that is presenting to its audience a way of living that encourages all that listen to take deep care in everything they do, starting with the way you treat yourself. Long term this will save the government loads of money because people that attend Universal Medicine talks or Retreats are more likely to be very healthy, working vitally and not draining the system from an early onset disease.

    1. Great point and great question Sarah – it does not make sense to quell an organization that is there to support well-being in people and in a way that gives true and lasting results. So it pays to question what is really happening behind the scenes.

  16. Thank you Sarah, what is worth claiming here, or educating, is living a life that is gentle. Since choosing to breathe my own breath gently it has been the marker for what is going on around me and also how I am running my own internal environment. Things start to ‘stick out’ and do not feel inline with what feels true to how simply relationships should be. I have gained my true nature back with less abuse in my life. This article written about Universal Medicine and the students is abusive. You cannot call being gentle ‘airy fairy’ or spiritual. It has completely supported me to evolve my life miraculously. My story needs to be reported on and how much Universal Medicine are everything to do with the enormous changes I have made and continue to make.

  17. A very simply request for journalists to educate themselves and be more informed, which really should not be necessary, considering that is in fact their role. But when lies are told it is the reading public that do need to call to account and vote with our feet and wallets. Here we see the responsibility clearly and Sarah you are stepping it up with your blog.

  18. Thank you Sarah – it’s a relief to know that there are people involved with the media who do have integrity and are willing to call out others in their field who bring this professional sphere into disrepute. The media have such influence and power over the population generally which, in my books, means that it is especially imperative that it leads the way with accountable, ethical and transparent practices. Clearly this isn’t happening when it comes to the subject of Universal Medicine and its students.

  19. “Why are you not putting on the front page the skyrocketing increases in diabetes, cancer of all types, heart disease, lung conditions, mental illness, alcohol abuse – and the most affected by this ‘story’ – domestic violence towards women??
    Isn’t it time we started to arrest these alarming statistics? ” I agree Sarah Cloutier. To choose a different way to deal with disease and its prevention has been a game-changer for so many Universal Medicine students that have chosen to change their life-style. To abuse people for doing so is patently absurd. Do these journalists really want the world to continue down the track it is on – with ever-increasing rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer? What if there were a different way to live?

  20. Good point, Eduardo. I feel you are asking some very important questions here. I hear people whine on and complain about the world and the political leaders and my answer is…If you want true change, be that change! This is the offering that Serge Benhayon brings, a true change for all, if we so choose to live it. What on earth is wrong with true self care, true self nurturing and true self love?

  21. The statistics are reflecting us that our world is in trouble. This brings us to two important questions: what can we do about it? What are we willing to do about it? Serge Benhayon has not only helped us to understand why the world is in trouble, but also presents an amazing array of things that help us to live amazing lives if so we choose. So, the press can write (sorry make up) whatever. The lived and proved true remains.

  22. Absolutely Sarah and well said. Journalists are abusing the position they have and what they are meant to deliver – confusing the presentation of what is happening in the world with tantalising rubbish for profit. The harm they are causing through their irresponsibility and lack of integrity is deeply disturbing in a world that can be greatly supported by hearing the truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and how inspiring many to make healthy and loving choices has resulted in miraculous transformations in their health and relationships.

  23. Leaves trail of broken families…. It is the opposite. Since i am a student of Universal medicine for 8 years i can say that the opposite is true. All my relations with my father, mother, brother, father of my daughter and friends all became harmonius. Which they were not at all before. I always had disharmony with one or the other. A deeper building of love is what is happening with all of them.

  24. Great article Sarah calling out and exposing these journalists’ irresponsible reporting and incredibly powerful coming from someone such as yourself working in the media with the utmost integrity – leading the way and showing that it can and should be done this way.

  25. The facts about the world and where we truly are and how we are living is far worse than we can imagine. Why doesn’t the media start exposing that instead of lies about a company doing the extraordinary in a very sick world.

  26. How powerful is Your sharing and yes we definetely need more truth in the world. Thank You for putting all the facts together and express from strength and Your lived experience.

  27. I would love to see a statistic that celebrates all the ex drug users, ex alcoholics, ex self abusers and true relationships that attend Universal Medicine, that would be a story worth telling but then I realise the newspaper has no credibility and they would assume we were making up such amazing statistics and incredible stories of returning to health, vitality and joy.

    1. You know you’re right Merrilee, Universal Medicine need some student stats that show unequivocally that the student body are very healthy, vital and joyful members of our local communities that have been able to overcome, in some cases, enormous hurdles including drugs, alcohol, self abuse etc. It would be extraordinary.

  28. The irresponsibility in the media stretches far beyond Universal Medicine. The media focusing on a group of healthy people taking responsibility for their lives and choices and condoning them for it, is basically saying that abusing others is fine. That the society we live in is the society they want and are behind. Why aren’t they screaming in the streets about the shocking statistics of violence and ill health we all have. I suppose they would then have to take responsibility for their own ill choices and obviously do not wish to make that next step yet.

  29. Fantastic exposé Sarah! The statistics you quote are staggering and well deserving of appearing daily on the front pages of all newspapers so that society can no longer ignore the enormity of the health and well being crisis we are facing. But instead the journalistic knives are out for an organisation that is showing that there is in fact another way to live that improves health and well being, and if adopted worldwide, would inevitably lead to the lowering of these non-acceptable statistics. How long before journalists wake up to the fact that they are missing the biggest story of the century?

  30. ‘I will only be intimate with a man when I feel that there is harmony, openness and true care.’ It is completely ridiculous that there comes a need to spell this out to any journalist in this modern world. This is something that could be reported on to offer the younger girls who so readily give themselves away in self abuse, as inspiration for what they evidently don’t know they have the choice.

  31. Awesome blog Sarah, there really is no excuse for the media who clearly haven’t done their homework. If these editors and directors prefer to write and publish lies with no basis maybe they should consider going into non-fiction. Leave the newspapers and online articles for what is reality, not made up momentary sensation stories.

  32. Great blog Sarah delivering the facts as they are makes the accusation look as they are a nonsense and the truth is there to be heralded forth by the media and yet is held back by the energy the media is stuck in. Sensationalism and the need to sell a story even if it is at the expense of the facts.

  33. An absolute cracker Sarah; it’s simple, as you said: “Educate yourselves, please – you are abusing your journalistic power when we very clearly need more truth in this world.”

    1. There really is no lack of material to research about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the positive impact they have had on a vast number of people across the globe. There is no excuse for the Courier Mail’s editor for having so obviously not observed their professional duty of care.

  34. Thank you Sarah for a great expose. Integrity is sadly lacking in some mass media communication. But as in politics aren’t we given what we asked for? The proliferation of trashy publications is indicative of a market that feeds on sensationalism. Integrity and responsibility in reporting the truth re-establish the balance.

  35. The media has a responsibility to the public just as a person has a responsibility not to lie in a court of law. The person in the court of law is bound by oath, isn’t the media bound by journalistic integrity. This seems grossly lacking and Sarah has it so and very well.

  36. Miraculous indeed Sarah, and I second every point you have made here – including miraculous changes in my own life and a far deeper knowing of my own authority as a woman and an engaged member of society, as a result of my involvement with Universal Medicine.
    And thank-you deeply for your communication to editors such as this, exposing outright corruption and falsity, and not standing for a single bar of it. Like ‘hello’, it is gutter level journalism to brand a whole section of the community as ‘mindless followers’… What then also, if such a ‘ditherer’ has a husband who also attends Universal Medicine courses and presentation? Is he deemed to be of an even lower ranking?
    Absolute ridiculousness, and utter trash. It deserves to be called out again and again. For we all have undoubtedly been far too quiet, that our media can so flagrantly stoop to such levels, with little if any recourse on their behalf.

  37. Sarah, I love how you express. It is very clear and straightforward, there is no messing with you. Thank you for this letter calling the editors into responsibility. We do need to start to see what is really going on in the world and take each our responsible part in it.

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