The true power of women – no more holding back

Is it enough to sit around and talk about the way that things are? Does this really change anything? At an Esoteric Women’s Health event – Wellbeing for Women – in Melbourne this question was posed. The women in this group had been coming together for over a year and discussing what was going on for women, what was going on for ourselves, and we were loving it. Ultimately we were exploring the phenomena of holding back the true power of women.

Realising that everybody felt the same was important and had a very equalising effect. The honesty was a stepping-stone for the group to then be able to stop and look at the truth. The truth is that we, as women, are living so far from our natural beauty, our natural confidence and so very far from ourselves. It was felt in the group that night that we (women of all ages and stages of life reflecting women the world over) are living as a lesser version of who we really are and not from the true power of women.  

We could see we are out in the world asking what it wants from us. Conforming, twisting, changing to whatever we can see the situation requires of us.  

How much of our day is spent feeling absolutely comfortable in our own skin? How much of what we say and do comes from us and exactly what do we want to say and do?  How much of what we really feel, do we hold back? At this meeting it became clear that sitting around talking about this isn’t enough. It is time for action, it is time for change, and it is time to stop holding back the incredible women we, each and every one of us, are.   


Something inside of me changed on this night, something inside of me said enough.  I will not hold back anymore. I will say how I feel, I will ask for what I need, I will share my wisdom, I will know my worth, I will definitely stop wondering if I am enough and I will just be myself. 

This is powerful change and it is so needed. All I have to do is be myself, know that this is enough and confirm it with myself everyday in every way.   

Women with this power are unshakable because they are real and they know who they are. They know what they bring and they love themselves for it. Esoteric Women’s Health and Wellbeing for women reignites this true power of women.

By Kate Robson, Midwife, Melbourne, Australia

First published on Esoteric Women’s Health, 17/08/2015

For further inspiration..

Being ourselves, opening up and letting one another in, as women.

From feeling unsure of herself to choosing to surrender to the true woman that she is.. one woman’s experience.

What happens when we peel back the layers of all that we do, and discover how it feels to simply be who we are?

95 thoughts on “The true power of women – no more holding back

  1. I have found that participating in Sacred Movement sessions has supported me to reconnect to the sacredness that is there within us all untainted just waiting to be rediscovered. I had no idea that such deep stillness could be found in my body, however it is now possible for me to feel the sacredness and how powerful it feels when we reclaim ourselves and the purity of our movements can be felt.

  2. “How much of what we say and do comes from us and exactly what do we want to say and do? How much of what we really feel, do we hold back?” I have been looking at this myself and I have to say in relationships I often don’t express how I feel, and the effects of that holding back feel quite suppressive to my body and being and it sends me into a state of internal disarray.

  3. “All I have to do is be myself, know that this is enough and confirm it with myself everyday in every way. Women with this power are unshakeable because they are real and they know who they are.” yes yes and yes.When we deepen in who we truly are and look within rather than outside for guidance we will be unstoppable. A continual deepening and surrendering to truth and love.

  4. “How much of what we really feel, do we hold back?” So many of us don’t express what we truly feel – and I know from personal experience this can be a disaster for many relationships. When we do say what we feel there is room for manoeuvre – no need t blame or judge tho.

  5. I know this a womens group but as a male I feel exactly this way myself and I think many people feel like this in today’s society. Regardless of who you are.

    1. It’s a great point Mark, thanks for your input, I would say that children would also feel the same.

  6. Awesome blog, I agree we are (pretty much everyone in the world!) living lesser than who we truly are. My understanding of this though is not to berate ourselves and then ‘try’ harder as this only still takes us in the wrong direction but instead to connect to who we truly are and live from this knowing (the Gentle Breath Meditation is a huge support in this
    then all that is not true us starts to fall away. I love how I am steadily see this unfolding with both myself and many others in my life it is a gorgeous thing to feel and see ✨

    1. I love that Vicky and so true – to see the changes in everybody around us is very cool – and I’m talking all changes, from big to small. The very subtle things and the huge life changes. They are all equally precious because what I may consider insignificant may be tormenting another person, so to see everyone making their steps is reassuring to say the least.

  7. “All I have to do is be myself, know that this is enough and confirm it with myself everyday in every way. ” Yay the way forward for all of us.

  8. “How much of our day is spent feeling absolutely comfortable in our own skin” sad that we even have to ask this question, feeling amazing, connected to God, beautiful and divine is each of us birthright.

  9. We worry about what we eat and how we look but we often don’t want to know the effects of holding back and what this has on the body.

    1. So true – we worry about the things that in this current era don’t really hold sway. Our movements and expression are key these days.

  10. Recently I have been feeling like there is this tremendous, enormous love in my chest just waiting to burst out but I am almost afraid to let it out. In that I have realised that to avoid it, I have made so many “issues” in my head, focussed on so many insecurities which are just not real & if I don’t focus on them, or worry about them, they actually don’t exist. So perhaps many of our worries are like that, and the reason why we are not the confident women we so desire to be, is not because there’s anything wrong with us, but because we ourselves are not comfortable with the power that comes with our confidence.

  11. Thank you again Kate. This actually brought tears to my eyes today simply because of the simplicity and magnificence of deciding not to hold back any more; not to try and morph ourselves into the pictures or expectations we perceive society or others have. I am absolutely up for building a relationship with myself that is sure, steady, unshakeable and settled.

  12. When we don’t hold back the heavens rejoice it is our natural birthright to be full of our own glory.

  13. Lots to love and be sparked up by in this article. For today I am inspired deeply by the unshakeableness we can build in ourselves when we honour, care for and appreciate our qualities and what we have to offer.

  14. We all feel it & we all see it, that is why there are so many of us marching & protesting, going on hunger strikes and burning our bras. But perhaps it’s time to consider that those things have not made us feel more honoured, they’ve not brought the respect towards women – they have just given us a forced status in society where by law we are supposed to be treated a certain way, no real equality there if you think about it because if somebody has to be forced to do something, then they evidently are not convinced that women and men are equal.

  15. Kate its interesting that there are women’s groups getting together to discuss what it is like to be a woman in the world and realising that we put ourselves down and compare and compete with each other rather than collaborating. I have been to some of these woman’s groups and the honesty in the sharing’s blew me away and I felt the power that we naturally are. Then I hear that a state in the USA has passed an extreme abortion law that goes against all women’s rights and I wondered if this was a back lash? That there is for now an unseen agenda that doesn’t want women to claim themselves in their power and sacredness because if they did then the world would change over night. So the extreme abortion laws put in place feels to me to be a shot across the bow to remind women to know their place and not grow and expand into the beauty and power that is ours by rights.

    1. Great point Mary. I think there has always been an unseen agenda that doesn’t want women to claim themselves in their power and sacredness .. this has gone on for eons. But, things are changing and nothing should stop a woman claiming her true power and sacredness for this is what we need in the world.

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