Wearing a Cardigan of Protection

Recently, I have felt something changing within me, but I wasn’t sure what it was. I noticed that my cardigans seemed to be too big or not sitting well on the shoulders. They were like an oversized coat that no longer fitted my frame and I started to question whether it was my posture, or my weight. Both remained the same, but something else had changed. Yesterday the understanding came fully as I was booking in for my monthly Esoteric Breast Massage – a super supportive modality offered by women practitioners trained by Universal Medicine.

In the last six months – and for the first time ever – I was starting to feel what true sacredness was in the body, as a woman, and how simple this felt. I started to feel that sacredness was not something I searched for on the outside – a picture that seemed complicated and hard to reach – but a quality: a feeling of being myself, that is very simple to feel, when I choose to surrender more and appreciate from within.

Up until this point I still had many ideas and beliefs of what sacredness would feel like. I was conditioning myself that it was going to be the BIG BANG moment where I would feel a massive change in how I lived, that would transform my life. I was searching for the marker outside my body yet not stopping to feel what was being shown from within.

There was no BIG BANG moment but a BIG awareness that what I was searching for on the outside was patiently waiting on the inside when I chose to let go of the layers of protection. Giving myself permission to return to just being me, I could feel how easily we can connect to our sacredness. Sacredness felt like not having to follow pictures of how to be someone. It was about connecting and feeling the real me, and this felt so easy and deeply loving.

This anticipated moment was offered with such love and pure simplicity and was showing me how we can live with ease, if we choose sacredness over protection every time. Choosing to let go of protection was a choice to let go of all the tension I was holding in my shoulders, as I’d walked around shielding myself from the world.

The space that my shoulders no longer filled was the posture I left behind, as I was choosing to carry the true me, over a ‘padded protected’ me.

Image credit: Matt Paul

I realised that it wasn’t about the cardigans fitting or not, but appreciating that in the last six months I had committed to a level of surrender which allowed the layers of protection to fall away – the protection that no longer served me as armour to avoid feeling how deeply sensitive we all truly are.

The release of the old behaviours was shown in a simple piece of clothing, confirming that the way to return to our true selves comes from connecting to the innate sacredness that resides within each one of us. 

With deep appreciation of Serge Benhayon for bringing through this healing and powerful modality for all women to feel their true innate sacredness, and for the practitioners worldwide that offer their unwavering support to women connecting to the divinity we all are.

By AB, Australia

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57 thoughts on “Wearing a Cardigan of Protection

  1. ‘I started to feel that sacredness was not something I searched for on the outside – a picture that seemed complicated and hard to reach – but a quality: a feeling of being myself,’ I love the simplicity of simply being myself that honours everything that is already present within without any imposition from outside.

  2. I love how symbolically we can sense things – like in this blog the cardigan being too big and needing to be shed as symbolism of letting more of oneself out in ones sacredness. Or at times I can feel like having another child, but in fact it is about knowing it is time to go deeper in nurturing myself, or about knowing that I am ready for a larger house when in fact I feel an inner expansion that is needing to take place. Understanding and interpreting the feelings and symbolism is key so we don’t then get distracted to do the total opposite!

    1. How true Henrietta, how we can confuse and dismiss within ourselves what is truly going on, taking a deeper look at symbolically what is truly happening here.

  3. For me it felt that my jeans were not fitting so well and so I must be putting on weight, then I tried to put on a pair of trousers which a few months ago were a perfect fit, I couldn’t get them over my hips. Then it dawned on me, I hadn’t put on weight but hips had changed shape they have blossomed into beautiful feminine hips and so lost that narrow tomboy look. It feels as though as I embrace all of me I am coming out of hiding and allowing all of me to be seen.

    1. Mary I have witnessed a similar change in a friend’s body after she entered into a very honouring relationship. Her body took on the most incredibly womanly feel, in fact in sharing this I’m not even sure if the shape of her body changed at all or if it was purely on an energetic level but whatever it was she was mesmerisingly more womanly, it was and still is incredibly beautiful to feel.

      1. That really is truly amazing Alexis, to think that the energetic quality, if not the physicalness, of our body, can change when we change the quality of our way of being through letting go of protection and claiming more of who we are. I have always had curves but not always appreciated them, but now I am appreciating the shape of my body and how womanly I am feeling thanks to a deeper connection with myself.

      2. And in a way that’s not dissimilar to you Sandra I am a thin woman who used to be very conscious of how thin she was and as a result of my relationship with my body I didn’t feel womanly at all. But now that I have connected on a much deeper level to the energetic quality of me as a woman I feel very womanly and at times surprising curvaceous!

      3. It’s quite fascinating Alexis because my hips have changed my gait has changed, it had to and because of this I feel much more grounded and solid as I walk. I don’t just bumble along any more, there is an authority in the way I walk it’s quite amazing. I had no awareness that the way I walked had been so restrictive and protective.

      4. We either walk who we are or we walk who we’re not. When we walk with false authority then we’re stamping individualism onto the planet and when we walk with true authority we’re allowing Heaven to pour through our every footstep.

  4. Love the simplicity of this AB. I too thought that sacredness was something outside of me that I had to connect to, waiting for the BIG BANG as you call it. When I realised that sacredness was inside of me, untarnished but buried under layers of protection I could surrender to it and let go of ideals of what sacredness should ‘feel’ like.

    1. That is very beautiful Sandra – to feel that our Sacredness is there inside ‘untarnished but buried under layers of protection’. It feels like buried treasure that is waiting for us to go deeper within and bring out to the world unprotected and shining forth………we are magnificent.

      1. That we are Susan, for me, claiming myself feels a little like a re-birth back to where I would have been had I not allowed myself to hide my light and bury my hurts thinking that was my ‘normal’. Allowing my magnificence to shine out has been well worth the journey, and a never ending one at that…there’s always more space for claiming more magnificence because it’s inside us already, just waiting for us to let it all out.

    2. The word ‘sacred’ conjures up images of something that is incredibly precious and almost mystical in nature, something that happened in long ago times as well as being something that involved lots of rituals and ceremony but it’s not. Sacredness is the common or garden essence of us all. It’s totally natural and totally normal, it’s just a rarity however to feel it in another because we’ve chosen to align to a consciousness that doesn’t want us to access our very natural sacredness and so we don’t/can’t. Switch our alignment however and hey presto our sacredness is right there.

      1. You have summed it up nicely Alexis. I thought sacredness was something mysterious and unattainable not realising the simplicity of the fact that we innately hold sacredness in our bodies, in fact it may not even be the case that we hold sacredness, we are sacredness! Perhaps it is time to come back to the true meaning of words so that we can claim and accept what, and who we truly are. This is an ongoing journey for me, but more and more I am beginning to feel that if I accept that I am more than just a physical body and get my head out of the way, sacredness can then become part of my every movement and every footstep to re-imprint the way for others to feel it too.

      2. Sacredness is right there, it’s just that we encase it in reactions, behaviours, beliefs, pictures and conditions and as a result scramble our natural connection to it to such an extent that we’re not even aware that it’s there.

    3. Well said Sandra – and not just that it (sacredness) is inside of us, but that it is not something we need to work on – it is all there ready to go…and what we do need to ‘work on’ is simply getting ourselves out of the way, surrendering to this amazingness within.

  5. Thank you for writing about the grandness and simplicity of the sacredness we all are. And that it is because of our relationship with all that we are within, that we get to express heaven on earth.

    1. Love that Matilda. It gives me a sense of humbleness to think that this vehicle, this body of mine, can bring through heaven on earth if I just get myself out of the way, what a blessing.

  6. We make life about objects when it’s about energy way before that. The possessions and items we own communicate way more than we admit. I’m looking at my clothes and bag right now wondering what they express!

    1. Energy has set everything that has been produced in motion, not only that but it’s energy that has impulsed us to then buy everything that we have in our lives. Energy is behind everything. Perhaps it’s even truer to say that alignment is behind everything, as in an alignment to our soul or an alignment away from soul and so when we buy something we can ask ourselves if the impulse behind it’s production was a soulful one and also if our impulse to buy it is in alignment with our soul.

    2. That’s rather staggering Joseph! The concept that everything we own has an energetic vibration, not only that, but could it be that everything also carries a vibration of where we were energetically or emotionally when we bought it! Oh dear, I may need to re-visit my closet…. I suppose the more we can refine our own energetic vibration the more we will be able to discern what we buy, where we buy it from and where we place that seemingly innocuous object in our home.

      1. An interesting invitation Sandra – calling us to go deeper in our relationship with life and whether we are willing to finally let go of the ‘me’ and commit our lives to the all?

      2. I was feeling this the other day Sandra that the clothes I wear do not support me anymore I feel the need to change but as yet the impulse of what to change has not shown it self, I just know that what I wear is not expressing the truth of who I am.

  7. Letting go of protection is simply the beginning of feeling our sensitivity and thereby connecting to a space inside of ourselves that has remained forever sacred. Sacredness waits for us to deepen and connect.

    1. On reading your comment Susan, it poses the question as to what it is that we are actually protecting ourselves from… being hurt, feeling rejected, putting on a brave face, bracing ourselves, not wanting to take responsibility, all of these things not only keep us from connecting to our true essence, but stops us from deeply connecting to others too. This is most strange behaviour as it appears we are all playing the same game, when all we want is to love and be loved and get to feel and connect to the depth of who we truly are.

      1. And the ridiculous thing is that by engaging in all of these behaviours we simply hurt ourselves even more – we have trodden this path so many times before – when will we learn? As you say when we begin to have the awareness that all we want is love maybe this is an opening of the portal to a new learning and understanding of life.

  8. This is a beautiful confirmation of how letting go of what is not true does allow not only our energetic being to be clearer and lighter but also physical impact on our body. Really awesome blog.

    1. I like what you say Christine ‘letting go of what is not true does allow not only our energetic being to be clearer and lighter but also physical impact on our body.’ No wonder our bodies can feel heavy and compressed when we burden them will false ideals, beliefs and self-limiting thoughts when we can make the simple choice to let it all go, and begin to feel that state of lightness and aliveness beneath that over burdened facade we have placed over ourselves. I suppose you could say that the majority humanity is living under one giant cover up.

  9. Gorgeous ‘in the last six months I had committed to a level of surrender which allowed the layers of protection to fall away – the protection that no longer served me as armour to avoid feeling how deeply sensitive we all truly are.’

  10. “Sacredness felt like not having to follow pictures of how to be someone. It was about connecting and feeling the real me, and this felt so easy and deeply loving.‘ How lovely and how simple! Your joy could so easily be felt in your blog, thank you for sharing the steps you felt took you back to your sacredness. I have also received the Esoteric Breast Massage modality many times and I find it opens up my heart to access the true me, all the gorgeousness I am in my essence as a soul in a woman’s body. Truly a blessing to feel how we are at our core beyond this world.

  11. It’s as if we’re all wearing placards around our necks warning people to ‘keep away’, ‘trespassers will be prosecuted’. I look forward to the day when we’re all wearing a t-shirt that says ‘come on in, all welcome, access all areas’.

  12. Sacredness is definitely not a big bang experience for sure. I have tended to find it to be more of a quite confirmation or appreciation for what is being reflected from another or what is being lived by me from within.

    1. Haha Leigh, there is a part of me that is a little disappointed that I there is no big bang experience! I reckon that is partly because all my life I have been waiting for that ah ha moment, when the reality is, there is no ah ha moment, just a gentle re-awakening and deepening of what is already there. It is almost too simple that one wonders why we want to make it so complicated.

  13. If only it were just a cardigan that we wore but it’s not, it’s a metal suit of armour with built in chest plate, which we ‘dress up’ with matching shield and accompanying sword.

  14. This story clarifies so much I have been feeling recently and love the energetic understanding of dropping away the layers of protection with the physical changes. It makes perfect sense.

  15. We are the sacredness of Life and so by default when we drop everything that we are not, we naturally return to being the sacredness that we’ve always been, men and women alike.

  16. AB I too have had a very similar experience with what feels like a profound change in my shoulders. That part of my body no longer feels like a brick outhouse but actually quite delicate and moveable. Also my shoulders don’t roll in as dramatically as they used to, which I feel is a direct result of me allowing my heart to be less protected and more accessible.

    1. Love what you share Alexis. I can relate to that too, my shoulders used to be quite rounded and I was always being told to ‘stand up’, quite irritating as I was already quite tall and I all I wanted to do was hide and keep myself to myself. With all this work on myself… although not so much work as an allowing, I too feel my shoulders and chest area more open and allowing of letting people in and that feels very delicate and lovely. And if I begin to feel a little restriction in that area, I can always move and realign my shoulders and allow my body to become more transparent and accessible.

  17. AB such a simplified account of how you were able to access sacredness. You have demystified a subject that has been conjured up to be secretive and elusive when really it’s not, it’s incredible accessible and practical for all.

    1. Our bodies are walking placards for the lives that we’ve lived. The bend in our spine, the limp, the lines on our face, the twisted fingers, the bent toes, the organs that have been removed, the knees that have been replaced, the hardened jaws, the creases around our eyes, our hair loss, every single part of us tells a story about some aspect of our lives. If we learnt to read our bodies then we would become very transparent to one another.

      1. Maybe at this current time, we don’t want to read our bodies because it kind of shows us where we are at. The human body is indeed suffering, and it can only take so much. This begs the question of when is enough, enough, do we have to completely crumble away before we begin to take responsibility for our state of health and well-being on a grand and universal scale. I sincerely hope not.

      2. Our ability to ‘read our bodies’ comes from our alignment, as does all of our illnesses, aliments and more broadly the way that we’re living. ‘Reading our bodies’ is an option that’s provided to us by aligning to a consciousness that actively wants us to know what’s going on but if we’re aligned to a consciousness that doesn’t want us to know what’s going on then reading our bodies won’t be an option that’s offered.

  18. I woke up to this blog this morning, reminding me how exquisite it is to allow the body to yield to the depth of delicateness and surrender that is waiting for us to feel. No need to look outside for this confirmation of our sacredness, it was there all the time!

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