Premenstrual Syndrome – Prozac or making new Choices?

Many a conversation amongst women has been about Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). PMS is fairly common although exact statistics are hard to find as some symptoms of PMS are unreported. Women’s Health Concern (1) state that “One in three women suffers discomforting symptoms in the days before their period. For one in 20 the symptoms are bad enough to more seriously affect their lives.” Premenstrual Syndrome can have various symptoms (2) including irritability, tiredness, depression, mood swings, night sweats, bloating, anxiety, breast pain.

An article in a number of newspapers in recent years stated that scientists say ‘premenstrual syndrome is like drug withdrawal and could be cured with Prozac’ (3) (4). They go on to say that Prozac could cure Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) for 4/5th’s of women. This caused me to reflect – would I take a drug to fix PMS or is there more to it than that?

I have had PMS, with symptoms including tiredness, grumpiness, and breast pain, grumbling aches in my ovaries. I tried many different herbal remedies, foods, supplements etc. to fix it, but nothing seemed to work and every month I would feel very unsettled for a few days before (and during) my period. During PMS, my work would be less focused, my capacity would be less, and I would be more argumentative at home with partners, family, and friends too. This went on for many years, and I never once considered the contributory factors. I just felt I was ‘cursed’ with having PMS so it never occurred to me that the way I was living my life was contributing to how I felt around the time of my period or that I had a role to play in it.

Common sense really when I look back, but at the time I was on the hamster wheel of doing doing doing and never really reflected on my life, I just did life.

That changed when, 13 years ago I was introduced to Serge Benhayon, Founder of Universal Medicine, and went to a presentation which literally pressed the ‘pause’ button on my life – as a result of the presentation I realised that something was not right about the way I was living, and that I had something to do with that. In fact, I realised that my life and the way I experienced it was entirely in my hands – I was the one who made the daily living choices I made, and my body was a reflection of those choices.

The PMS was telling me loud and clear that something about the way I was living life was not working. Not only was this a wake up call, I also felt empowered for the first time in a long time, as I could feel that if my health was in my hands, then I could make changes to the way I was living that may support my health – including my PMS (and my period pain).

A few years later I was introduced to the Esoteric Breast Massage, a Universal Medicine healing modality practiced only by women for women, which offered me a further opportunity to reflect on my life, and to realise just how responsible I was for the way my body felt. It was the first healing modality I had been offered where the focus was purely on me as a woman, and, where through the tenderness and care of the EBM practitioner, I began to reflect on myself as a woman and how I had been running my life, and treating my body as a woman.

For example, if I over ate there was no one to blame – it was my choice, if I pushed myself in the gym and ached, I was the one who had chosen to do that. From this I realised how many daily choices we have every day in our lives – and that we are the custodians of those choices and of our own body.

So if I could make choices that weren’t nourishing or supporting me as I had been doing, I could also make changes to the way I was living my life in a different way, by listening to my body, staying present and focused during my day and deepening my relationship with myself. This included experimenting with many things – everything from sleep, rest, food, exercise, hydration, supplements and nutrients, asking for support when I needed it, getting a check up regularly with my GP and so on.

As I experimented and made these changes something remarkable started to happen; my body started to change, as did the PMS symptoms.

Jane Keep PMS

The more I took care of myself, the more I chose to be honest about the things that did or didn’t support me, the more the PMS dissipated; when the PMS was worse I began to realise that the month I had just lived was a month where I was driven, pushing hard, striving and not giving myself a moment to rest, but, when I took greater care of me while I worked and lived, the PMS was less or not there at all, and through this I began to understand the relationship between the way I was living and the way my body felt, and that our daily living choices do affect our health.

So going back to my earlier question “would I take a drug to fix PMS or is there more to it than that?”

What I have learnt here is that my health is in my hands and that our body is a brilliant barometer of the way we are living our lives.

PMS was showing me that something about the way I was living was out of kilter.

In taking the time to observe this I learnt a lot about myself, and I felt empowered as I saw that when I made changes to the way I was living my own state of health and well-being changed. Whilst sometimes medical care and medication is needed (and I am not averse to taking medication), I have found for instance that there is much we can do to change our own lives, so much so that as in the case of PMS here, medication may not be needed.

By Jane, UK


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490 thoughts on “Premenstrual Syndrome – Prozac or making new Choices?

  1. It is a truly empowering moment when we make loving choices and can feel the benefits in our body in its entirety.

  2. I too have experienced situations (and still do) where I have symptoms and signs that my body is giving me yet I can conveniently ignore them or pretend that I have nothing to do with this…but eventually the body speaks loudly enough or we learn to heed what it says…and realise that we play a big part in the choices we make and how this can make us feel. Thank you Jane for these pearls of wisdom!

  3. Such a simple realisation but one of the most useful tools we could possibly have! – “as a result of the presentation I realised that something was not right about the way I was living, and that I had something to do with that.”

  4. Every month my period is different with it’s various signs and symptoms and what-not. It’s amazing how it does this in response to how I have lived in the month.

  5. “PMS was showing me that something about the way I was living was out of kilter.” Our body shows us the way – be it thru PMS or other symptom – but do we listen and adjust our lives to make different choices? Many folk just want a quick fix pill and are then surprised when later on symptoms reoccur. – maybe more aggressively. The marriage of western and universal medicine – the way to go. .

  6. Again and again i am in awe of the magnificence of the female body. I was at an art exhibition yesterday and the artist had drawn the organs of the female body. In the painting you could feel the power of the uterus, it just hit you without you having to analyse the painting or try to understand what was going through the artist’s mind at the time. The message was very clear.

  7. When I read this I was like really?????!!!!!!! ‘They go on to say that Prozac could cure Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) for 4/5th’s of women.’ When we are scrambling around for answers and looking at taking drugs for depression for PMS we are so far from the truth. Going back to the energetic reason why we are feeling this and have these symptoms in the body in the first place … exploring with love and not judgment or critiscium is the way.

  8. Our cycles and periods can take a varying form – they can be consistent like clockwork or inconsistent & irregular. But this is all a reflection of our process in life, how long it takes us to deal with something and let go, perhaps something may be going on and we need more time, or something has happened and we get a bleed earlier. Whatever it is, our cycles show it.

  9. Making new choices or prozac – what a great call. Yes sometimes Prozac is much needed, and working with health professionals can be supportive, but also, making esoteric choices is equally important.

    1. Spot on Ariana – when we are held or sandwiched with all the support from conventional medicine as well as esoteric medicine we are truly well looked after and then it is about us looking after ourselves to add to the healing mix 😉

  10. Crazy how we can get on the wrong track and before we know it we are like hamsters on a wheel just doing doing doing, I have had many of these moments and I see this behaviour all around me, I just thank God I found Esoteric Womens health that reminded me to stop, take stock and be in life rather then do do do life.

  11. Modern medicine is amazing and it has come a long way but if we use it to avoid taking responsibility for our health then it puts immense pressure on our health system. Your blog Jane inspires us to take responsibility for our health and shows us how important this is. 

    1. Taking responsibility for our choices is so important. When we rush off to the doctor for a quick fix solution we avoid paying attention to our body, which may then have to signal its symptoms more violently to us.

  12. Our body is amazing at showing us when we are out of kilter with it, but it is always our choice whether we override it or choose to listen. PMS affect many many women, and it is showing us all that we are not living to the natural rhythms and cycles that support us to be fully connected to understanding what it means to be a woman, and our innate wisdom. Medicine may help us to cope, and get by, but for us to fully heal we need to be willing to look at the underlying causes that stop us being, tender loving caring women.

  13. “PMS was showing me that something about the way I was living was out of kilter” – totally Jane it’s the same for me too, and the more I understood myself through my body, how i was being with it, the choices I was making to really look after it, the less PMS [pre menstrual tension] became a regular and intense feature of my monthly period cycles to where these days I have perhaps 5% of PMS from a prior 100%.

  14. Reflecting on how we’ve been living our life, the kind of choices that we’ve been making and how our body is feeling about it is a really valuable thing to do in my experience as it gives us the opportunity to be more aware of how we are living and the impact this has on our wellbeing.

  15. It shows the degree of medicalisation and looking to pharmaceuticals we have in society, when using Prozac for PMS is even considered. Before Universal Medicine, I had no idea how powerful my choices and the way I treat myself/my body really are. You can hear the words ‘lifestyle choices’ and lifestyle related disease’ but not put 2 and 2 together to see that means our moment by moment choices. It is amazing and also a big responsibility to know that we affect our state of health and wellbeing and it costs nothing to change it.

    1. I agree about the medicalisation and pharmaceuticals in society. Yes they are needed, but we can also discern. I saw an advert on a wall that said if you life life on the go, and you get indigestion take a certain indigestion medicine… and I wondered whether if we for instance sat down and ate for even 10 minutes rather than walking and eating as we can sometimes do – that would save us needing the indigestion medicine in the first place.

  16. Our choices not only affect ourselves, but also those around us, it is therefore of great importance that we become aware of what we are choosing and the responsiblity involved in what we choose; ‘The more I took care of myself, the more I chose to be honest about the things that did or didn’t support me, the more the PMS dissipated’.

  17. It is true that disharmony whether in ourselves or within humanity or the environment can only be restored with a correction that is itself not natural to life in anyway but needed to restore balance to what is very out of balance. Our bodies are the same. And illness and disease is it’s way of communicating that something is out of balance and we are the ones making it so.

  18. “For example, if I over ate there was no one to blame – it was my choice” It was a choice, one that can be changed. One thing I’ve noticed is that I can claim the choice I made but then blame myself for making it. But the fact is that it is a changeable, not fixed thing. If I am honest with myself I can learn and understand why that choice was made. But blaming myself for making the choice doesn’t help, it doesn’t get to the WHY or WHAT happened before the choice thus it will repeat.

  19. “I began to understand the relationship between the way I was living and the way my body felt, and that our daily living choices do affect our health.” If we stub our toe on a rock, we learn to look where we are stepping; if we burn ourselves on the stove we learn that it hurts and to take more care. Our body is deeply caring when it tells us that the pain we are experiencing is calling for us to take a long, loving look at the way we are living.

    1. Love it Mary, great sharing. These things are not a coincidence or just an ‘accident’ they are a momentum of how we have been living up to that point. If I have been living life in the ‘fast lane’ or like a ‘runaway train’ then at some stage unless I pause, and change that momentum that momentum will catch up with me e.g. I will have an accident, or forget something, lose my house keys, and so on.

  20. Yes, we are the ones that make the choices in our lives and those choices will play out whether for good or ill, so it is therefore of great importance that we become aware of what we are choosing and the responsiblity involved, as our choices not only affect ourselves but everyone around us.

    1. I know many years ago I got very unwell, and had to take time off work. At that time I was diagnosed with some ailments and illnesses and I was shocked – not so much that I was far iller than I thought but also because I had over-ridden all the signs and symptoms along the way so they accumulated to a greater ill. One of the things I didnt do at first was take an honest look at how I had been living my life I had lots of excuses as to why I was sick and found it easy to ‘blame’ life. What turned the corner for me and being ill was when I started to take responsibility for the daily living choices I had been making, which became an empowering process.

  21. This blog takes me back to my periods many years ago when they were so painful and debilitating that I would have to go to bed for a day and have valium as the pain was so intense. It is extraordinary how this has changed for myself as well as hundreds of other women, where I now hardly ever have pain at all. This has all been possible with the support of Universal Medicine and Esoteric Women’s Health leading the way and inspiring women to make loving choices that honour the body and our natural cycles.

    1. Which offers the reflection and consideration that our health is in our hands, and when we connect to our body, and we begin to make loving choices in daily life, things can and do change.

  22. I wish I had read this years ago, to understand what the symptoms of PMS were really telling me, although it is never too late to learn. We are shown so much about the female cycles of the body to understand how we can take greater care of ourselves.

    1. Well said Gill – it is never too late for us to learn and we have so much to learn from each other as women – what a blessing with all the amazing reflections we have around us.

  23. So many women are very comfortable with putting off whatever their symptom is to “hormones”, “genetics” or just how things are. We are very content with the way life is, despite the misery that we collectively live in. Our bodies are screaming loud and clear, only way out is to listen to them.

  24. We think illness and it’s symptoms are the worst – yet they are simply telling us that something needs to change. Whilst unpleasant, if we heed what they have to share we can heal in amazing ways.

  25. Leading up to the menopause I had attended several years worth of presentations by Serge Benhayon and had started to make some significant changes to the way I was living, and as a result, my menopause was fairly uneventful. One thing that did help was doing the Gentle Breath Meditation and breathing gently when a hot flash was rising up the body.

  26. Thank you Jane, this is precisely what should be taught to every young woman, as part of the education curriculum; to learn just how much the menstruation cycle in a woman’s body, and her body itself communicates to her. Understanding and living guided by our connection to our body is living with true empowerment, rather than living at the mercy of the consequences of our ill-choices made in disregard to our body and seeking only ways to manage the pain we experience as a result.

    1. I agree Carola. In much of our education including sex education, and in life, we are not taught to realise the body knows everything, and that whole body intelligence is the real deal. The body communicates with us through symptoms, ailments, aches, pains etc and in that we can learn to live in true support of ourselves.

  27. It is so simple, yet so, so, so true. WE are living our lives so WE are the ones who are in charge of the way they unfold. Our choices every minute of every day, determine the end result of that day, the end result of the month and so on. Why does it take another to highlight that to us when it’s so simple, it should be common knowledge.

    1. Yes, I totally agree Viktoria – it is simple, it is our innate way of being, as we are in essence sacred with a body that knows precisely how to live the sacredness we are. We have to date walked away from living in connection, in utter disregard to the wisdom of our body yet our sacredness has never left us. Such is our responsibility, as those who now have rediscovered and resurrected this way of being again, living in connection to our body and being, to reflect and share that the true power of a women, is one that lives guided by the connection to her essence, her body and the cycles she is naturally part of.

      1. Beautiful Carola, you have summed up the Ageless wisdom so simply in this paragraph and you are so right – regardless of how we have lived, regardless of what has been going on in our lives the sacredness that we are born with remains innate, just a choice away and something that will forever be in the core essence of every single one of us – regardless of how much we try to avoid it, deny it or think that it is not us.

  28. Lying here with pain piercing through my left hip a common menstruation symptom for me I can see how it is a call to go deeper in living more from connection to me instead of operating to pictures of how I ‘should be’.

  29. I am now with my 2nd period after a 4 year gap and the week before both of these have been horrendous for PMS – the tension in my body had me thinking I was going crazy I was so reactive. I’ve been a student of Universal Medicine for 7 years now and it is very supportive having this understanding of this is how the body communicates.

    1. That is awesome Leigh to read of your greater understanding of your body and what it’s communicating to you. It really does speak to us loudly and clearly, and the more we pay attention to the signs and symptoms, the better we understand the messages being communicated and what we need to change in our lives to support our own health and vitality.

      1. Sometimes if we ignore our body for too long we need help coming back through the fog of ignorance to the original simple message. Recently and repeatedly I find Sacred Esoteric Healing to be a great support in this.

  30. Yes we are definitely the custodians of all our choices and when we choose to keep on the endless track of disappointment we are always offered a knowing of another way if we care to let go of the comfortable way.

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