Who Creates the Image of Women

If you look to the media you could say that there are constant pressures from the world and society as to what a woman should be, what a woman should look like and how a woman should behave. There is constant finger pointing and blame about how women are represented and even sexualised to create the image of the perfect woman, but the question arises to deeply consider and ponder:

Did that image and projection come from men and the media, or is it at all possible that it actually began with women themselves?

As a woman today it is an interesting perception to fathom that we are constantly being governed by what we see around us.

But what if the question gets posed: Are we truly indoctrinated by the outside world, and pressured to be a particular way by men or the media, or is it possible that we are our greatest critics? 

Yes, again the question has been posed: Who is actually creating the image that we all are pressured to look up to, but at the same time are repulsed by?

Let me expand on this further. In society we have the images of ‘what a woman is supposed to be’ but for me personally I haven’t given much time to these ideals, and instead just focused on pursuing and shaping the life that I wanted to lead and live as a woman. But even though I can look around me I can say that I have had pivotal role models to teach me what is true, knowing that this is a choice for me to make, I seem to not hold the ‘basic skills’ a woman is meant to have.

Is it possible that a woman means more than what you can ‘do’ or the ‘skill set that you hold.’

Picture this situation: You walk into a fabric store/sewing shop, make up done, heels on and feeling great in yourself, as you walk through the door all the women in the store look you up and down to see what you are wearing, as if an alarm has gone off upon your entrance – not knowing there is a dress code for fabric stores you learn very quickly that heels and tight jeans aren’t the appropriate attire. You proceed to look at the fabric surrounding the store, mountains and mountains of it. But here is the interesting point…

As you ask for help as you would do in a hardware store, a computer store, a clothes store, the moment the words come out of your mouth “Hi Could you help me… I’m not too sure the difference between all the fabrics except for feel”, a look of horror and disgust fills the face of the assistant in front of you. The face that looks at you as though saying:


“You are a woman and you don’t even know.”

“How pathetic.”

As you look around the store, suddenly filled with silence, you now see that you are the centre of attention because you sought support from women when unsure. Next, you ask if they could help you carry the heavy rolls of material to the counter. Again it is like you have just sworn really loudly and said something blasphemous, if not discriminatory to offend all around you. 

We as women complain about when ‘men’ talk down to us, when we don’t get the attention or time we think we deserve when talking about cars or technology for example. We will be the first to complain about the disrespect and stand very comfortably as a victim of society and fight for our rights. But what if we have created this whole situation, could it actually be possible that this whole time women have been complaining they are the victim of society and about the pressure that gets imposed upon them, that it is actually women who are putting the most pressure, women who are setting the standards of ‘what a woman should be’, and it is women who judge and criticise other women for not living up to the ‘basics’ of being a woman.

If you truly think about it, if you are a woman and you can’t cook, can’t sew, can’t iron, couldn’t clean or don’t or can’t have kids, then who are you?

How do you value and appreciate yourself when everything is indicating to you that you have failed?

World wide we have this constant fight for women’s rights and equality for women – which is all vital to ensure that women are treated with respect and they are given the opportunity to make choices and decisions.

But what if part of the way of moving forward for society is for women themselves to begin to look at the image they are holding onto about what a women actually is, as they too are part of the equation?

So what if women are the key to being the role models for children, men and even the media to see what a woman is and it is not defined by your domestic abilities, but the qualities you hold inside you?

by C.K. Age 30

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819 thoughts on “Who Creates the Image of Women

  1. The outside world sure does carry so many impositions on us as women, but the real question here lies in how much we prescribe to these impositions, embrace them and live them…when in fact we hold a far greater wisdom deep within.

  2. It is a very wise question to ask – what is it to be a woman? Is it the cooking, the cleaning and the child bearing that makes a woman? We know the answer to that….but then consider the true nurturing qualities that we hold within, and then we can be one step closer to really feeling what it is to be a woman. And the beautiful thing is that though there is a common ground for all women, they will each express their qualities differently – such a needed reflection for us all.

  3. C.K. Thank you for this blog which highlights the fact that we as women hold a large part of the responsibility to hold ourselves and all other women as equals and appreciate the qualities we bring rather than falling for the comparison and jealousy and all the other degrading and demeaning ways that we can choose to be with each other.

  4. And so it’s not out there after all, but the ideals we buy into with ourselves and then seek to impose on other women … and the interesting thing here is that it’s women who ensure culture is maintained through generations be that religion or tribal customs etc., even when those customs are discriminatory against women, women are the ones who more than men in many instances insist that to these customs must be honoured and so as the question is posed here, what about we start with ourselves as women and look at the ideas we hold and propagate, how about we model another way?

  5. “But what if we have created this whole situation” Women are inclined to find comparison everywhere in life and it has taken a man, Serge Benhayon, to show us the way to live in the fullness of who we are as women.

  6. It makes sense that when we stubbornly hold onto images of how to behave and express as a woman we create the demand and ideal for what we perceive to be a woman from outside us instead of connecting to our natural and innate qualities within us and making these a living way.

  7. The media can impose on us whatever it wants, but we choose to subscribe to it and be affected. So as much as the media is to take responsibility for what it advertises, we also ought to take responsibility for what we subscribe to.

  8. It is true that we as women collude with pictures of how women should be in society and are often intolerant of women with different skills sets that do not conform to the designated norm. We can each start to make a difference when we refuse to go into comparison with other women we meet in life and instead celebrate our differences and the unique essence that everyone has to offer when they are given space to explore it.

  9. When we know we don’t have to be indoctrinated by how the outside world thinks we should be, we have a huge responsibility to bring this by reflection to everyone we meet and to the next generations. This brings a totally different image of women, WE make this image of deeply nurturing ourselves, and then we can support our children, meaning we can allow them to be exactly who they are.

  10. By building a strong foundation of acceptance, appreciation, and love for ourselves we change the reflection that is coming from outside.

  11. It helps to become aware about the effect of all images and signal we get on daily base from the outside world which effects us how we feel about ourselves without noticing on conscious level.
    Just suddenly we feel to eat something sweet….what happened the moment before?
    What pictures did you see. What someone just said to you that you notice you feel less good then one minute before.
    What about the effects of the churches and atitudes towards women who work in that industry?
    Yes lets wake up ladies and rock the boat.

  12. We do put a lot of pressure on ourselves without consciously being aware of the degree in which we conform our body to be a certain way that affects our movements, thoughts and all our choices, keeping us far lesser and separated from feeling and knowing the true qualities we naturally hold and are able to express from our essence.

  13. How crazy is the world we live in – knowing how to sew, or what type of fabric you need for a particular project doesn’t make you an amazing, loving, caring human being – it’s like we have our values completely upside down.

  14. You really call us to delve into our innate essence here, what is it to be a woman below the images, ideals and beliefs that surround us? Are we so critical of each other that we feed these images without consciously being aware we are?

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