The Joy of Having my Period and Ovulation – Yes, it’s true!

by Danna Elmalah, 20 years old, student nurse, the Netherlands

Yes, it may sound really silly… but I love having my period and ovulation. The joy I now feel when having my period and ovulation is indescribable – I never thought I would be feeling like this about it.

In all the years that I have been having periods I had many ideas about how having periods would look like and I was not even aware of the fact that I was experiencing ovulation!

I will tell you how it all began.

Before I had my first period I spoke about it with friends and read a lot of stories in magazines about women’s experiences with it. With all this received information I thought that I would be ready for my first period; I got my first period when I was 15.

I remember that first moment when my period started, I was on vacation with my mum and of course I could not hold back to share this with her. At the same time I felt a little ashamed to tell others, feeling a need to keep it a secret.

Although I was pretty happy about finally getting my first period, I felt a little unsettled and actually disappointed. I had built up many expectations and when my period arrived it felt like I had missed something. I had thought the period would make me a woman… but surprisingly I did not really feel like a woman.

The way I was feeling about my period was actually not that great at all and having ovulation was nothing more then the cause of my period later that month. My periods were not regular and they were super, super painful. I felt ashamed of them, like there now was something that I needed to hide.

Over the years I became more and more tough and I desperately tried to escape what I was truly feeling. Having my period became more like a ‘bothering thing’ then a moment for myself to nurture my body. Nevertheless I did always feel more sensitive and fragile around the time of my periods but I did not give those feelings any attention. There were many signals my body was giving, but I did not listen to it.

Then on top of this there were the comments made about periods; I used to react to them either by not saying anything or when a comment was made I would laugh along.

Comments such as:

  • Oh you are emotional today, are you having your period again?
  • It’s really gross to have a period, don’t you think?

This made it even worse to talk about periods or share feelings about them. As long as you were using tampons and did not talk about it much, it was fine. It felt to me that I had to cover up my periods.

The idea I had about having a period – that I would become a woman – made me wonder how was it that there was nothing that really changed after my first period; that I did not become more beautiful or more womanly.

Why did I not feel like a woman, I started to ask myself? There was something not right, but what was it?

A few years ago I came across Universal Medicine (UniMed) and Serge Benhayon and after attending many workshops and teachings it became very clear for me that it was time to change. The teachings presented that there is a way of life – a simple and loving way for one to live.

As I became more aware of how I was living and how that old way did not work for me, I decided to start new. With the support of Serge Benhayon, the Unimed Team and especially Natalie Benhayon, I started to get to know myself more. This was all in revelation to the relationship I had with myself.

It was really confronting to see how I had lived and to than accept it. Nevertheless it has been an absolute gift to see and be aware of, as I started a true way of living that has changed my life incredibly. I started to look honestly at where I was at, how I was living my life and to listen and trust what I was feeling. I can say it has been a miracle to be part of this process.

I started to look at why I was having such extreme pain during my periods. I found out that my monthly living was very much influencing my period every single month. The way I was living with myself then got reflected back to me while having my period. The more racy, stressed, emotional, anxious and contracted I was during the month than the more pain I had during my period. This was a real revelation.

It was like a package of how I had lived that month that said ‘Here for you to consider’, so I decided to observe. I started to change the way I was living, as it felt that I had no other choice if I were to change my life.

I found out that being a woman is not a role you take on, through a period or any other way, but by connecting to who you are – the woman is naturally within. I just wasn’t aware of this, as I never really made a true connection with myself before.

I started to appreciate my body and myself and boy oh boy I could not believe – the more I felt who I truly was the more ‘feeling like a woman’ started to make sense to me.

It felt to me it didn’t matter if we got a period or not, we are that beauty, we are women. The most important thing is to accept how beautiful we are and that we are made to nurture and honor ourselves in full. Never were we meant to be judgmental, unloving, disrespectful or anything like that about ourselves.

I started to accept more of who I am and it became simpler to truly love myself and also truly love others.

My pains during my periods have decreased so much that they are not common anymore, however, if there are occasional pains I hold myself lovingly. In the past I would have never dreamt of looking at my periods in such a loving way. My periods each month become more of a loving reflection. I started to even notice body changes while having my period and ovulation, whereas before I would have not been aware of having an ovulation in the first place.

I got to see how powerful my livingness – the way I live every day – is and how much responsibility I have to life as a human being here on earth in a true and loving way.

I started to use the Our Cycles App created by Natalie Benhayon and it has been a beautiful App that inspires me to write about my daily living and how I am feeling. I even started to write about how my body feels and about my periods/ovulation. I do highly recommend this App for women to use (also if you are in menopause) and even for men.

My periods have become a time of the month to love and to be playful with. These days are not hard anymore, like they had been before. I no longer have thoughts like “Oh no, here we go again, got my period!” but instead “YES, I have got my period again”.

I would have never thought that I would feel so joyful about having my periods and ovulation or the joy and love that I feel when I connect to who I truly am – which is amazing. The woman I was looking for all that time was already within me… a very loving and nurturing woman.

226 thoughts on “The Joy of Having my Period and Ovulation – Yes, it’s true!

  1. Many girls and women would benefit from this understanding, they then have a choice as to how they choose to live, ‘The way I was living with myself then got reflected back to me while having my period. The more racy, stressed, emotional, anxious and contracted I was during the month than the more pain I had during my period. This was a real revelation.’

  2. I got my first period when I was 11 and the first one in my grade. I can remember being so excited feeling that something amazing was happening in my body, but some around me were quite serious about it and didn’t see it as the beautiful unfolding that I did. I then started to be more serious about it too and would hide it as much as possible. Over the years I went further away from that inquisitive knowing that there was something special with having a period, until I met Natalie Benhayon and started to use the Our Cycles app. Now I feel the blessing my cycle is and what my body shows me each month within my ovulation and period.

  3. As a result of deepening my awareness and the level of care with myself, I now greatly appreciate the reflection periods have and the way our body communicates to bring focus to ensure the quality and detail in which we are living, and the refinements that are needed to bring about a greater depth of nurturing for the whole of our body.

  4. ‘Never were we meant to be judgmental, unloving, disrespectful or anything like that about ourselves.’ True Danna, it all about caring and nurturing ourselves, to live the women we, like you’ve said, already are and a women’s body will reflect in every way how she is living from day to day.

  5. Periods are wonderful markers of the way we have been living during the previous month. I see them as a celebration, a clearing of what has taken place for myself and those around me and if I do get some pain at the time I come on it’s not an opportunity to be disappointed or judgemental on myself because I know what has taken place but to simply learn from it and make changes that are loving towards myself.

  6. This is an amazing testimony of turning around period problems which I have never heard of anywhere else. Society has such a negative view on periods which makes it even more difficult for women to openly discuss and explore what they may actually be all about.

  7. Such a great sharing on how when we are not brought up to know our full potential and the way our bodies communicate with us. Such deeply healing choices to honour and respect what the body is telling us. The added bonus is you feel more Womanly and it’s a Joy being in your body.

  8. I remember thinking having my period would make me feel more of a woman too! Considering that feeling now, I wonder if what I was connecting to was the responsibility that came with the menstrual cycle, the relationship and conversation my period was offering me with my body on a monthly basis.

    1. Yes our periods certainly offer us a golden opportunity to connect with our bodies on a deeper level with all the benefits that this can bring.

  9. To consider that our bodies are not trying to make us unhappy but actually trying to share with us what impacts us in the way we are living is a nugget of gold we should all celebrate being aware of. I feel it is the piece of the puzzle we don’t get taught and it leads to so much unnecessary pain and suffering.

  10. There is so much around our periods and to see so much of it unpacked here is very helpful … I too dreaded my period and considered it a nuisance and did not really want to engage with it beyond the needed functional care. To come to an understanding that our periods offer us a stopping point is huge and something that I have now learned over the last few years with the support of Esoteric Women’s Health and Universal Medicine. That I am a deeply loving and precious woman, that I have a monthly cycle which offers me time to reflect on how I live and that I am already a woman, I just need to connect to and live her and that’s what I’m loving in my new exploration with myself and my relationship with me.

  11. It was huge for me too to understand that my periods are influenced by the way I live each month. in my case -they just happened when they happened, no record of when, no feeling at all. Sure I’d feel more sensitive when I did have my period, but that was about it. My whole ovary area just felt numb. It has been a journey reconnecting to who I am as a woman with the support of Natalie Benhayon, and the start of tracking and recording my awareness in association with my periods and how I am living. A totally new experience that has allowed me to connect the dots and see how there is such a connection with how we live and our period, but this is started with the connection we have to ourselves first.

  12. I have grown up with the fact that our period and being a woman was something we needed to put up with, suffer in silence. How different I know now, how women has the exquisite opportunity to cleanse each month and to evaluate how we’ve lived by our period and make changes accordingly. Who would have thought about considering periods as you do now, this one as an example; ‘My periods have become a time of the month to love and to be playful with.” Truly amazing it is!

  13. Gorgeous Danna, and I too can very much relate to relishing that precious time every month when i have my period and loving the changes my body goes through throughout the month. This has come as a result of greater self-awareness and much deeper self-care and nurturing. The support and inspiration by Natalie Benhayon and the OurCycles app Natalie has created, has been amazing, and in fact endless. We are forever being called to deepening our connection as women and brining the beauty of the women we truly are out for the whole world to see. Honouring our bodies and the cycles that govern it is a huge part of this.

  14. Danna I can totally relate to feeling joy about having a period, while most of the world moans about this time of the month I can feel how deeply healing and nurturing it is.
    We so need better education around this subject so that more people can know and experience the wisdom of there own cycle.

  15. “the more I felt who I truly was the more ‘feeling like a woman’ started to make sense to me.” The cycle of a woman’s period is a beautiful lesson in cause and effect in that the way we choose to live during the month is reflected in how the monthly period is experienced.

  16. I love how in celebrating the joy of ovulating and having your period you have reconnected to your inner womanliness and now reflect that beautifully for other women. Thank you for sharing Danna – you are an inspiration.

    1. Yes, it comes from within, that connection just oozes out of us, it is simply who we are. I didn’t understand that till I started feeling the difference in myself and how my ‘normal’ changed and how people noticed. I didn’t necessarily want people to notice (which is another matter altogether!) but notice they did and that reminded my of how inspired I was, and still am, by women who had lived this deeper connection with themselves for longer and for whom, anything less is self-abuse.

  17. The fact that we’ve nicknamed periods ‘the curse’ means that a) women feel ashamed, upset and frustrated with their body’s natural cleansing cycle, but also b) men feel the stigma and get confused about how they should be treating women throughout different points in this cycle. What if we (women) learnt how to be in the ‘flow’ of this cycle, and respected it in full?

    1. Yes Susie W – and the ‘curse’ is something women have taken on and passed on because of the underlying shame so many women carry – the shame of being a woman in the first place and holding the immense sacredness that is in our bodies but that we abandon to befit a world we know is not true.

  18. This is a real celebration of you as a women. Not many women could believe that loving their period was even possible. The act of observance that the Our Cycle App offers really does bring our focus to the way we are moving through life and does give us reason to celebrate and be in the joy of who we truly are because even if we are not feeling so great we can track this back to what part of our cycle we are in and what we allowed in to pull us out of our rhythm.

  19. Seeing our periods as a time of nurturing was a total revelation to me.. I had always paid very little attention to them or to any part of my body and then when I didn’t get them I really missed them! There is so much information and detail that our bodies are constantly communicating with us.. up to us to then learn to recognise its messages and to listen deeply.

  20. What a wonderful learning and revelations you’ve had around your periods, what they mean and understanding why you had experienced the type of periods you did because of they way you were living. You’ve now changed that and your body has responded accordingly, very beautiful.

  21. It is life changing to realise that being a woman is not a role to take on with all the associated ideals and beliefs rather something to connect within us and allow out in our lives.

  22. Natalie Benhayon has been instrumental in developing an app called ‘our cycles’ and it is a great way of recording how we feel on a day to day basis and very supportive looking back to see how we have supported ourselves or not.

  23. When we start to accept more about ourselves, and each month reflect back on how we live, and how that is reflected in our cycle we have the opportunity to connect the choices we make to the outcome, and if we experience painful periods then there is probably something we need to change in the way we live, and the choices we make.

  24. Appreciating ourselves as women, the incredible beauty that lies within each and every one of us is powerful. When I am being judgemental or criticising another it is a great marker to look at myself and see how am I being with myself. Appreciating ourselves for who we are and what we bring is a foundation set for true love and not just to ourselves but for the world also. It is a crucial part of developing a loving relationship with ourselves.

  25. Our periods are really worth to be given all the attention and celebration as they are a beautiful part of being a woman. They can be easily made small, or seen as annoying and something to get through but if we do so we miss out on the blessing of observing our period and looking at what needs changing in our way of living.

  26. I love that you share how periods are a way to communicate to us how we are living. That is so true. I have just got my period back after 19 months as I had a baby – and my very first period was hardly there. It showed me that I have not been absolutely present in each moment and not bringing the fullness of me to each moment. That has been awesome to help me look at my choices in each moment.

    1. When we have children we can get slightly swept away in the doing and forget about the connection first which is then reflected in the quality of our periods. A very clear and personal reflection of how we are living and being with ourselves.

  27. Wow Danna this is a real testimony to the way you are now choosing to live. I love this line . . . “Never were we meant to be judgmental, unloving, disrespectful or anything like that about ourselves.” . . . what we need to be is our own best friend.

  28. Your very sweet in the way you express your new found love for your monthly cycle. I have also a new appreciation for my womanly bodily functions too since studying with Universal Medicine.

  29. Our body speaks even if we don’t listen, ‘I did always feel more sensitive and fragile around the time of my periods but I did not give those feelings any attention.’

  30. i remember welcoming the dawn of womanhood with the arrival of my regular cycles, but i also felt so lost with the whole process as i didnt know how to appreciate it, and was encouraged to see it all as an inconvenience rather than a chance to check in with myself and understand my body even more than i had been before.

  31. It really would make a huge difference to our overall wellbeing if we were taught to connect with the cycles of our bodies as normal. I had no idea what ovulation even was till after I had children. How on earth did that happen?! If I didn’t then how many others don’t know about our bodies natural rhythms u less there is a problem or a specific need? Writing a diary or using th OurCycles App is a great opportunity to educate ourselves and see the benefit of a relationship with our own bodies.

  32. Thank you for sharing your joy and celebration of your monthly ovulation and period and the reflection this offers you about how you have been living. It is unusual to express so positively about this but it is beautiful to feel how your relationship with yourself as a woman has expanded through your willingness to be open to what your body shares with you on a daily basis.

  33. We are bombarded with how it is we need to be in almost everything we do being a man or a woman and never are we or confirmed in who we truly are – “the more I felt who I truly was the more ‘feeling like a woman’ started to make sense to me.”

  34. I often find little pockets in my life which I don’t like however I have to know learnt to tell the difference between disliking something because it doesn’t match how I would naturally like to be or because I was unnatural when a brought myself to do the task.

  35. I heard a comment yesterday in an online program from a doctor who said the PMS was a woman body’s way to say more self care please. How great to hear a doctor speak like this and not necessarily approach it from treating a condition perspective. It’s great to consider the possibility that we way we choose to live will influence our experience of having a period. I have certainly found this too Danna and if my period or my ovulation is uncomfortable I do stop and look at what’s going on, how am I living? – without giving myself a hard time. It’s very simple but yet very powerful.

  36. “It felt to me it didn’t matter if we got a period or not, we are that beauty, we are women.” that is so true, we are so much more and we can emanate this from every pore of our body or not and of course how our periods are will show us how much we have allowed ourselves to shine or not.

  37. “The most important thing is to accept how beautiful we are and that we are made to nurture and honor ourselves in full.”
    While I have not had a period for some time now it feels like this quote is key to our health and well-being and that we have these cycles in our life to support such an understanding. Our choices coming back around in a package presented to us to look at in that week of clearing. Thats pretty cool. Definitely a shift of beliefs and paradigms around periods.

  38. I have had this experience, I feel now that my period reflects how I have cared and honoured what feels true for me, in the cycle proceeding it “I started to look at why I was having such extreme pain during my periods. I found out that my monthly living was very much influencing my period every single month.” I can feel the more I am willing to be gentle and honour the stillness that is within me the more my period reflects this and the pain is not there, as it once was… I still occasionally get pain, but I feel this is a sign for me to ponder.

  39. Loving our periods and our cycle is part of loving who we are as women! It’s such a massive huge and vital part of who we are and our bodies. I love how my period, no matter how painful it is, always brings me back to embracing myself as a woman, and the depth of stillness and presence that is inside me. If we write our periods of as an annoying, unpleasant time of the month we’re missing out on something truly amazing.

  40. “The woman I was looking for all that time was already within…”
    This is so very true, to realise this and to begin the process of living from the woman with in is an amazing time. Where you said that how you were living had to change if you wanted to change your life so resonated with me. It shows that we hold the power of how our life is, and completely trashes the belief that we are powerless in our lives.

  41. I haven’t yet finished reading this article, but I can feel how truly sensative we are as women, all of the time and how much we override this. Sensing that today is a super sensitive day for me is offering me many old ways of dealing with this, the greatest being going into an anxiousness, rather than being still and feeling the power of truly feeling what is going on around me.

    1. I agree Leigh, our Stillness is so key. I find anxiousness reminds me of how powerful being in Stillness is. It is a way that I resist confirming and appreciating my connection with God and the Universe. In understanding this it makes my commitment to returning to my body even stronger.

  42. Beautiful Dana. This article should grace the pages of women’s magazines to inspire other women to connect to their body as a woman and discover the connection between the way we live and treat ourselves and how this is reflected in their period.

  43. Such a gorgeous sharing Danna, that highlights that the way we live is reflected in our monthly periods. It just makes sense that the period we experience is connected to the choices we have been making and that when we make the link we can begin to develop a truly loving, joyful and supportive relationship with self.

  44. Thank you Danna for sharing the joy and beauty of being a women and celebrating and appreciating how menstruation is an essential part of the whole of life. I can totally relate to it being something that was managed on the side, in private and you just got on with life around having a period. The awareness that is shared through Natalie Benhayon is such a powerful support for women and men in honouring who we truly are and understanding why this matters.

  45. I too was someone who resented my period, I found it embarrassing and I didn’t want to talk about it to anyone, for years I just got on with it and pretended it wasn’t happening. Now, I too love having my period- that time in my cycle that really asks me to deeply nurture and honour myself.

  46. It sounds strange but if periods are an important part of being a young woman and we are not comfortable being a woman, then periods may not be comfortable either?
    It is the same for men – if we are not comfortable being a man, we can have difficulty with many aspects of being male.

  47. When our monthly cycle is looked at with love for ourselves and therefore as a part of the love we have been living over the cycle, it really can be a joy and a great learning tool for being able to see where needs more work and perhaps more tenderness in how we live.

  48. ‘It was like a package of how I had lived that month that said ‘Here for you to consider’, so I decided to observe.’ Who would have thought our period delivers so much wisdom for us to consider. Instead of an inconvenient nuisance our period can become a valuable part of evolution.

  49. It would make a huge difference to women everywhere, especially young people, if we were taught a wholistic understanding regarding what menstruation offers. I spent all my menstruating years cursing my periods, except when I was wanting to fall pregnant, having no idea that there was a bigger picture. What I do enjoy now is following how I am going from month to month in accordance with the moon cycles. There is certainly so much more that our bodies are communicating to us than most of us have ever realised.

    1. ‘There is certainly so much more that our bodies are communicating to us than most of us have ever realised.’ It is so sad that our current way of living is standing in the way of the incredible ability to truly feel our body. When we numb ourselves with food, alcohol,coffee and all kind of distractions there is so much we miss out on.

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