Re-discovering the Delicateness Within

by Adrienne Ryan, Brisbane, Australia

There is an exquisite ‘quality’ deep within every human being that we can allow ourselves to feel, connect with and begin to nurture.

When we connect to this quality and allow it to be, it naturally and effortlessly becomes part of whatever we do – it becomes our expression.

The more we nurture it (like a seed with sunlight and water), the more it grows and the fuller our expression of it becomes. As we nurture it, over time the quality within grows from seed to sapling and onward to oak.

We all have it – we all have something within ourselves, a unique quality with its own flavour of delicateness, tenderness, or joyfulness; so beautiful, so lovely and so natural. When we connect to it and continue to nurture it along, it begins to radiate out in every activity.

When I stop and connect to the delicateness I am and let it be, it becomes my natural expression without a drop of trying. It feels lovely all round because this quality of delicateness is present before, during and after whatever it is I am doing.

When I ‘try’ to do something delicately, I miss seeing that I already am delicate and crazily end up trying to create it instead, working hard to do things delicately in order to feel it.

I also notice that when I am ‘trying’ to be delicate, it’s definitely not lovely all round. I don’t start with this quality, but with a feeling of not having it and wanting it, believing that if I do things delicately – then I will become delicate.

The ‘tragedy’ – beautifully highlighted at a women’s presentation by Universal Medicine I attended last week ­– is that this quality is already forever there alive and well within us: that it doesn’t come from the outside no matter how hard we may work at doing things delicately.

For me, when I stop trying and start instead to feel and connect to this quality within, it begins to blossom effortlessly throughout my whole being – it comes alive within me first and then naturally permeates all my activities from the inside out, and not the other way round.

Connecting to the exquisiteness within is a journey worth taking.

It feels amazing. Sometimes at first, it can be a little difficult to accept the exquisitefullness of me… to know that I am every bit of this, and not just a little; that I am worth it in full and all the time, not just on special occasions. That it is okay to enjoy my exquisitefullness even when others around me may have forgotten theirs; knowing that it is equally in all of us – without exception and whether we choose it, or not.

There’s more… when this process begins, eventually the question is asked: “If I can feel this amount of loveliness, how much more might there be to feel? How much deeper can I let myself go into the loveliness I am?”

It is inspiring to know that this quality is ALREADY there within each of us to connect to at any time and to unfold in our own time. No matter what our situation or how far down a certain path we may have gone, it is never too late to connect to the fathomless, constant, loveliness that is within and let it grow from seed to oak and beyond…

245 thoughts on “Re-discovering the Delicateness Within

  1. Re-connecting to the inner delicateness and beauty and you realise it is equally within everyone, however hard they ‘try’ to deny it.

  2. You are quite right it is never too late! I thought that I could not connect to this delicate thing! It really was a thing for me because I loved my sport and had hardened to a point that what I thought was delicate was not at all. It was my normal. I look back and just love myself so much because I didn’t settle for that, I simply engaged with classes and online programs that built a body that could feel there was more to me and that it was safe to go there. Now I can feel I am so much more delicate and tender in my movements and as a result I am so much more kinder and more tender with those around me.

  3. My new favourite word – exquisitefullness – a word which makes me smile at the feeling it engenders deep within me. It has me feeling that I am all filled up with “delicateness, tenderness and joyfulness”, each one of these qualities, exquisite on its own, but all together overflowing with exquisitefullness; now to live this, as much as I possibly can.

  4. The biggest surprise is that there is no end to this deepening process. Every time I think, ‘oh this the most delicate and lovely I have ever felt’, there is more to deepen into.

  5. Your delicacy is woven beautifully through your words Adrienne and as you say, ‘When we connect to it and continue to nurture it along, it begins to radiate out in every activity.’

  6. I love your reminder that we have all the love, tenderness, delicacy and I would say sacredness already inside us and that it is there all the time. All we have to do is to stop and acknowledge that it is there and let this quality be in every movement we make. How effortless is that!

  7. I agree, there is a push in trying, I feel tense when I try. Being settled in what is happening, and being open to learning as we go is a fantastic feeling, flowing with it, instead of the jagged, pushy and exhausting trying.

    1. So true. There is a tendency to see the opposite of trying as laziness or abdicating responsibility, yet it is far from irresponsible to take a pause and consider what you are working so hard at and what purpose it serves.

  8. I appreciate the way you have debunked the notion of ‘trying to be something’ that we already are – so simple, so divine, so effortless. And that makes me wonder why we identify with struggle so much and what we get from it?

    1. The idea that we have everything we need within us, felt bizarre to me in a way, until I began to connect through paying attention to my breath and body, when I did, this I began to build a foundation, a knowing of the ‘within’ and it felt rich, steady and amazing and I began to now that even on the day I do not feel it all, it is all within to allow to be expressed, rather than go searching outside of ourselves.

  9. I love the analogy with the oak, this very solid tree and how it grows. Feeling and living with this innate quality, our exquisitefullness (as Adrienne has called it) is as a solidness within so althought you would not compare an oak with our delicate nature it is very spot on.

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