Going with or Resisting our Natural Cycles

‘I am in a 60+ year old body and yes, it is starting to show signs of ageing, but the me inside this body feels sparklier and more vital than it ever has; regardless of what is going on physically – the connection to my inner self is deepening and expanding exponentially – I put this down to acceptance and appreciation of the innate qualities I have and express.~ Judy

We have created such a weird construct in society in which we impose stops, negativity and ‘no gos’ on our natural cycles (ageing, menstruation, menopause, dying … to name a few) and this leaves us in a quandary and no man’s land in terms of our relationship with, and acceptance of, ourselves, our bodies and life.

It is a social construct that we all buy into, investing in pictures and ideals of perfection and what is attractive; for women most acutely this is around attracting and keeping a partner.

We scoop up any number of the roles on offer (mother, career woman, daughter, wife…) and morph ourselves into the pictures that society lays before us, incrementally and with every step moving away from who we truly are and the fullness of our natural expression.

How exhausting it is to try and stem what is not only natural but also inevitable. We can, as women, with absolute certainty know that we will age, that we will menstruate and go through menopause …

As two older women, we have experienced the challenges of ageing in a society that neither embraces nor celebrates this process. And out the other side of menopause we are considered ‘spent’ and ready to be ‘put out to pasture’. Studying and working with Universal Medicine however, this has not been how things have turned out for us. A combination of understanding the divine order of cycles, developing self-value and respect, alongside the practical application of self-care and responsibility around the choices we make about our diet, exercise, sleep and the way we work, have meant that we have been able to buck the trend and to blossom as we grow older.

Matilda Bathurst & Judy Joy-Going with or resisting our natural cycles

Exploring our relationship with food, being honest about the way we feel after we eat certain foods and how we use food to soften and/or numb ourselves from what we are feeling; dulling our innate, instinctive intuition about what is really going on in life, has opened up our understanding of the way we can hamper our awareness, or not.

There are many other lifestyle choices we make that can either support or disturb our connection to and understanding of ourselves and life. These include the use of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and other drugs – all of which interfere with our physiological homeostasis, override or silence the signs our bodies flag up, and corrupt the opportunity we have every step of the way to listen to our bodies and respond respectfully to what they show us.

Whilst we can endlessly discuss the whys of this, might it be more purposeful and significant to explore how we can support ourselves as women, and eventually each other, to hold steady and confident with our natural way of being?

We have come to understand and appreciate (and this is an ever-deepening thing) the absolute preciousness, strength, sweetness, power and joy of being women; of having this opportunity to express all the qualities of being women on Earth at this time. As we have moved through the many natural cycles of life, the more we have come to accept and appreciate our innate qualities and the simpler and more purposeful our lives have become. We would suggest that this is on offer to all women, whatever age they are and sharing this with each other in simply writing this article brings the inspiration of this to the fore and invites us to be open to the ‘what next’ …

By Judy Joy  and Matilda Bathurst

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780 thoughts on “Going with or Resisting our Natural Cycles

  1. Understanding that life is a series of cycles has changed every aspect of my life. Nothing is left behind, it comes back to us eventually. The good, bad, ugly and the divine.

  2. Going with our natural cycles honours not only ourselves but everyone around us, go against our own cycles and others are also impacted.

  3. When I first heard about cycles I was very unclear on what this meant, nowadays I have a greater understanding of myself and through this self awareness I am rediscovering cycles and what it means to live in rhythm.

  4. “As we have moved through the many natural cycles of life, the more we have come to accept and appreciate our innate qualities and the simpler and more purposeful our lives have become. ” Beautifully expressed. Going with the flow has become easier as I age – surrendering to more simplicity.

  5. “There are many other lifestyle choices we make that can either support or disturb our connection to and understanding of ourselves and life.” We can dig our heals in and bury what we know to be true, or say a big yes and go with what is on offer. It’s down to us.

  6. I am well past menopause, and even past what we consider to be retirement age, but no way do I feel that I have been “put out to pasture”, in fact I feel more vital and alive than I have ever been. This is in total contrast to how I have felt for so much of my life, and has come about because I have made the choice to commit to care for me more deeply and to honour the cycles of my life, not resist them as I used to.

    1. I echo your comments Ingrid and keep forgetting I’m in my late sixties until my body reminds me as I’m a bit slower at some things than I used to be.

  7. I cannot tell you have much it supports me to see women of all ages embracing the cycles they are in. I’ve learnt there is nothing to fear and only much to gain from accepting whatever cycle I am in. To fight it is like fighting the tide, pointless and exhausting whilst missing out on such universal grandeur.

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