Our Relationships: Woman to Woman

Is it possible that there is an untapped resource at our fingertips: have we neglected the fact that we all hold innate wisdom, and through connection with this and sharing what we have learnt along the way we can support ourselves and other women to arise and flourish?

Is it possible that we all potentially complement one another and that the insidious and reducing behaviours of comparison and jealousy between women have distracted us from our true power, for far too long?

Could the truth of female empowerment be in liberating ourselves from our self-made limitations, celebrating one another’s qualities and actively being inspired by what other women represent, express and live?

Often underlying what drives the feminist ideals and equality movement is blame, seeking to force equality from a place of reaction, anger and indignation: in doing so are we in fact missing something here about our relationships as women?

Being united with a foundation of mutual respect and inspiration, understanding that we all have our own angles on life to share, is vastly different from seeking to be in a group which is based on victimhood, anger, force or blame.

The potential power of gentle, purposeful steady reclaiming of our birth right as women, through building a foundation of true unity, openness and support is beyond measure.

Consider how disunited girls are in the school environment, women in the work place, friendship groups: many of us will know that women often do not truly support one another. Competition, keeping the mask on, self-worth issues, victimhood, comparisons and insecurities often get in the way of building and deepening our relationships.

Can we allow ourselves to be real, raw and transparent with each other? As a wise woman once said to me, we need to get into the ‘nitty gritty’ of what is concerning us, how we can work together, what our old habits of hurt are – to heal, to flourish, to unite.

So when we meet, we do not need the preliminary niceties, or mutual moans, instead we can share with honesty, openness and be raw, no need to hide or place a veneer over life. In true unity we hold each other as precious and equal, and in our rawness we allow ourselves to be truly seen and appreciated by each other.

Intimacy builds from honesty and appreciating our own, and one another’s, true qualities.

I have astoundingly gorgeous friends: we have sweet loving, caring and evolving relationships. However there is always more to learn and I realise that it is time to reach out, build and be more open to relationships with all women for the purpose of evolution. What do I mean by that? I mean to reach out to learn more about being a woman: to develop wisdom, heal, share, be honest, and learn to not hold back from expressing myself. Evolution in relationships for me is about making a commitment not to sit with the status quo, but instead being open to always learning from one another with a purpose to build harmony, community and unity.

Evolution of myself is essential, yes, however when we are open to having honest relationships the more we build true intimacy as a community. As a global community of women this is potentially ground breaking: the more this happens the more we support and inspire all of humanity through reflection or ‘reflecting what it means to be a woman’.

Concerning our relationship: woman to woman, take a look around, feel the unique quality that resides in every one of us. How deeply beautiful we all are; all made of the same divine essence with our own way of expressing it, there is absolutely nothing to fear and no need to compare ourselves to each other.

Our Relationships Women to Woman Samantha Davidson

We have a true resource of deep sacred wisdom and grace at our fingertips. We could be supporting one another gracefully with ease to arise and shine our light bright, through honouring what we feel, developing intimacy with others and seeking evolutionary counsel from those that we feel inspired by, understanding that there can be inspiration in every one of us, if we are open to feel it …

It can be the way someone expresses their vulnerability and delicateness, their authority, their love and care, their understanding of law, education, relationships, decorating, hair, science, politics, parenting, science, cars, gardening etc. a universal encyclopedia of life just waiting there to be accessed and appreciated.

Fundamentally we have a global community that could, if chosen, put down the arms of comparison and separation and truly support women to nurture the female relationship within themselves and those around them with a focus of evolutionary healing.

No holding back, no waiting for anyone else or anything else to happen. Instead, a simple, intimate, honest, open, reflective and expressive ‘way of being’ with all, that will enable us to support each other to empower ourselves, to grow and develop, discard old habits and bring and inspire a lived way of harmony, true community and unity on this planet.

By Samantha Davidson, UK

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852 thoughts on “Our Relationships: Woman to Woman

  1. “We have a true resource of deep sacred wisdom and grace at our fingertips.” no wonder there are forces in this world that seek to destroy this, what you speak of is true power!

  2. Intimacy has to start first with ourselves before we are able to share it with another, thats why true education is so important where we truly learn to appreciate and love and care deeply for ourselves.

  3. “a universal encyclopedia of life just waiting there to be accessed and appreciated.” I love this as it helps break down that ‘I have to do it all myself’ mentality. I remember once someone saying “I don’t know how to do x,y,z, but, I know someone who does” and I could really feel how they appreciate their resources that are other people.

  4. In this picture I can see you three look so healthy, so glowing and so energetic – proving if we have intimate relationships where we feel super supported ad cared for it is amazingling good for overall wellbeing.

  5. To consider we have 2 options, to see each other as threatening, or to see the inspiration in each and every one of us, is to embrace the team-work that is life.

  6. “Is it possible that there is an untapped resource at our fingertips: have we neglected the fact that we all hold innate wisdom, and through connection with this and sharing what we have learnt along the way we can support ourselves and other women to arise and flourish?”, yes it’s very possible but unfortunately it’s also equally possible that we have all held ourselves back to such an extent that the thought of another woman ‘arising and flourishing’ makes us feel incredibly uncomfortable. So uncomfortable in fact that we will actively make moves to hold them back.

    1. Alexis I feel there is something in what you say here that we hold ourselves back and if we see someone arising and flourishing we will actively make moves to hold them back or try to crush them. Jealousy and comparison is as old as time and it is rife amongst us.

  7. The more I let myself be touched and inspired by the women in my life and the more I let them in – as in be open, honest, vulnerable, real and caring – the richer these relationships become. Actually I would use the words precious and exquisite and I understand that if I am not treating myself in an honouring and loving way I do not hold that same quality and care for others.

  8. This is such a beautiful and honouring blog of what is possible for women in their relationship with themselves and each other. Comparison and jealousy are forces that wound, they feel awful in the body and lessen self-worth. What is offered here is the antidote to those harmful feelings. To feel and observe the qualities of each woman we meet, to be accepting and appreciative of what they are reflecting is way more loving for all. And there’s a simplicity in the choice to see our relationships with other woman as a way to support and honour the deep wisdom we hold within.

  9. I remember being a young girl and having two girl friends, when it was just two of us, we often ended up talking about the third one and I remember how much i didn’t like that & how much I just wanted it to stop. But an insecurity in me would keep the other person going because I didn’t want to lose my friend and on top of that, have them talk about me when i’m not there. I remember one day realising that if they’re talking to me about one another, they must talk about me to one another and that was crushing & from that moment i decided to stop playing with girls so much. I labeled girls as unreliable and dis-loyal so chose to remain friends with the boys – with them was easy, no comparison, no jealousy. I didn’t have to compare to them because we were somewhat different, but i guess that’s not the way to go because it does not deal with the insecurity or the hurt, but it just avoids it and now 20 years later, i still have similar if not the same things happen again and again…

  10. Celebrating one another’s expression and qualities is a beautiful thing to do, there is something very wonderful when we absolutely love another women for who she is, and the love she brings.

    1. Yes. And this is a developmental process for me as I move away from years of comparison, competition and jealousy in my relationships with women. In developing a respectful, honouring and valuing relationship with myself I get to see the qualities that abound in us all.

  11. This is so true ‘understanding that there can be inspiration in every one of us, if we are open to feel it …’ letting go of judgement and opening up to what another offers allows life to unfold in amazing ways when we choose to let go of our many layers of protection.

  12. There are so many elements of this blog that inspire me. I could feel the importance of us, as women, allowing ourselves to let go of comparison and embrace honesty as a way of building a deeper more intimate relationship with each other based on understanding. There is a whole lifetime of practice in that one part!

  13. The more I get to know myself as a delicate and authoritative woman, the more I can hold myself when I feel comparison and jealousy coming my way. However I am aware that my unfolding is a forever deepening of the true woman that I am so there is a continuous expansion being offered to me in every moment. It then requires another level of letting go to bring more of the sacredness within to be lived. We grow when we are open to say yes to the reflection and what it is offering us not only for our evolution but for the evolution of others in the bigger picture of life.

    1. The purpose of relationships is to offer us expansion and evolution if we are open to what is available and I am finding the more I connect to my sacredness and vulnerability the deeper the connection with other women becomes and in this allowing there is always more to unfold.

  14. A beautiful call to all us women to open up and let us be seen in all our rawness and beauty so we can learn with and from each other and move forward united.

  15. Our body lets through a flow of energy when we contract by certain thoughts as ideals and beliefs how life should be then we create a blockage of energy in our hips. This blocks the intimicy with ourselves and others.

  16. Roll on the day when each of us choose to walk the full depth of love and divine glory that we are, and support each other to express such magnificence too, knowing that every single person in their true essence contributes a beautiful and significant, and necessary part that supports the All.

  17. Each of us represents a particular part of the greater whole, a unique expression and if we hold that back in ourselves or another we make the whole not the whole anymore. If we can feel for ourselves how important it is that we fully express the part that we are and support all others to do the same we can once again experience the interconnectedness and beauty of the whole.

    1. Yes, to understand that we are all here together and that not every single one of us has to be and know everything and do everything on her own is the key to open up to each other and the beauty there is.

      1. So true, how many women believe they have to do it all and all by themselves for that matter? This is such a lie and one that keeps us from building tender and intimate relationships with each other. As Martin Gladman sings: “We are greater together” The some of 1 plus one will be always more then two if in true connection.

    1. This is so true Carolien… the sooner we accept and embrace the fact “that we cannot grow and evolve on our own” the sooner we will start living our true purpose for being here on earth, which is to live as one in harmony and in love.

      1. Reading our comments Elizabeth i can feel the stubbornness many have on holding on to this belief of doing it on our own, solely for the purpose of self-protection and self identification. It is quite silly when we come to realise that in sharing our selves with others life becomes infinitely more beautiful and loving.

  18. Today I had the opportunity to develop and deepen a relationship with a few female friends of mine, I have to say it was gorgous. I have always loved women’s company and when we all get together as we truly care about one another doors open and we see another part of the universe reflected back.

    1. It is only through us getting together and bringing a willingness to consider this as a possibility for the doors to fly open! It is us that are holding on to the door handles and holding them shut for fear of what is on the other side! It wastes so much energy!

    2. It is only in recent times that I have begun to feel totally at ease with other women. Up until then I had always found the company of men to be so much easier. But in recent years, as a result of working on my stuff, the stuff that used to come up with other women no longer does, which has paved the way for some absolutely beautiful friendships with some absolutely stunning women. Now I can truly say with my hand on my heart that I adore the company of other women.

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