A Woman Stepping Out – my Journey with the Esoteric Breast Massage

I had heard from some women that I spoke to about having Esoteric Breast Massages, how nurturing and deeply honouring they found the sessions to be, so I was very much looking forward to a series of Esoteric Breast Massage sessions with a Practitioner who had been recommended to me and one whom I felt drawn to because of the deep stillness I could feel in her presence.

Over the last couple of years I had lost quite a bit of weight and my body now looked very thin. I had felt apprehensive at first, exposing my body to someone in the condition that it was in. But as I entered the room and sat down I could feel the warmth of my surroundings, and I felt like a baby being wrapped up in a warm cuddly blanket.

My connection to this practitioner was deeply felt and I knew that I would be treated with a tender delicate love, one that my body longed for, but never received. My body was presenting to us that day that it was very much starved of love, my own love.

I felt embarrassed about the state of my body and quickly covered it up with the warm cloth that was given to me. As I lay on the table feeling the gentleness with how I was being prepared for my session, tears came to my eyes, a deep sense of loss and longing came over me and with the warmth of the oil and the delicate tender touch, I could deeply surrender.

I left the session that day feeling the preciousness and fragility of my being; it was so raw and delicate that I did not want to walk out into the busy thoroughfare, so I chose to leave by the back door going straight to my car, to sit with, and to hold these beautiful feelings that had come up deep within me.

During the next session I became aware of how prominent my ribs were… they felt like bars across my chest, a cage that I had held my precious heart in… protected.  As the integrity of the touch and movement of the hands (tenderly and very lovingly) massaged my body with the warm oil, I felt the hardness in my chest starting to change, and with that, the bars that had imprisoned my heart for so long were being slowly melted away. More of my heart was being uncovered and it felt so precious. And again, I left by the back door, tenderly holding my heart.

I arrived for my next visit with some anxiety through rushing to get there on time, which caused a wheezing in my chest which I would usually try to hide. As we sat down together, the practitioner, feeling my anxious breathing, commented on it, and said it was okay. With her words a lot of emotion came up for me, it was not okay, I was not okay, and with that tears came to my eyes, my throat started burning and my glands under my jaw began aching. As I began gently holding my jaw the pain soon subsided.

So much that had been held back in expressing me, I could now let go of, and my breath, which was often shallow, could now deepen. After another beautifully powerful session, I again, left by the back door, with my heart opening wider.

My last deeply beautiful session was one of confirming, claiming, and a bringing together of all that I had been experiencing in the clearing and healing of that which did not belong to the true me. Much came up for me to open up to and allow to be deeply felt during my four sessions.

After these sessions I could feel an expansion in my chest, my shoulders had straightened up, not as rolled in as before, and I could feel more of me. My heart was now opening up wider to me, to life and to the world around me.

Jill Steiner- please credit Gayle Cue
Jill Steiner

This time, I left by the front door, stepping out into the thoroughfare of life, claiming me as the deeply tender and precious woman whom I have come to experience, and to now know. 

By Jill Steiner, South Tweed Heads, N.S.W., Australia
Photography by Gayle Cue, Australia.

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282 thoughts on “A Woman Stepping Out – my Journey with the Esoteric Breast Massage

  1. The amazing experience of the tender, loving care received from the Esoteric Breast Massage therapist is a powerful insight into how we can treat ourselves as women, and how this can potentially be life changing. Reading your blog again Jill I am reminded of this and the magic, healing and confirmation that happens with that level of care, and what it could mean to my life if I were to offer that to myself.

  2. ‘My heart was now opening up wider to me, to life and to the world around me.’ Such a beautiful claiming of yourself and all that you have to offer, the world sorely needs the reflection of your exquisite delicateness and willingness to be vulnerable.

  3. The Esoteric Breast Massage is a deeply nurturing and supportive modality and when you see women re-claiming who they truly are and surrendering the sacred stillness within it truly is worth cherishing.

  4. For us to be so deeply nurtured and held as a woman by another woman is a profound experience. It has restored my outlook on relationships with women and how actually it is possible to support each other rather than judge each other.

  5. The Esoteric Breast Massage is one of the most profound healing modalities I have ever experienced and the Esoteric Practitioners take healing to another level. Nowhere would we find that level of care and honouring when dealing with a woman’s body in any other sector of the medical profession.

  6. Thank you Jill, reading this I could feel the tenderness and delicateness within you expressed in every word, and how preciously you hold yourself as this woman. It’s reminded me of how this same inner beauty is unfolding in me, though I haven’t had an EBM in some months it’s coming through to be felt and expressed more deeply. I find the deep surrender into myself in Esoteric Yoga sessions very supportive, and Chakra Puncture sessions also, to reconnect to and bring more of myself out.

  7. It’s been a while since I had an EBM so I booked in for one recently, just the preparation for the EMB allowed me to surrender into my body and from there to feel the delicateness and tenderness that I had been hiding under layers and layers of hardness to protect myself from the harshness of life. I did not want to get up off the table I was wondering how to move in a way that would allow me to continue feeling all this within me and not shut it down again. Let’s be honest with ourselves we do not live in a world that supports such delicateness. We have made our environment very harsh and aggressive. I say we because we are all contributing to our society and the way it is run. Do we live in the delicacy of who we truly are? To live this way would be to not harm ourselves or another I feel we are a long way off from living this yet.

  8. In a world where the increase of breast cancer is on the rise we certainly do need women walking out of there door feeling complete, delicate, precious and a strength within that holds deep power. I also have deeply connected with this when receiving and Esoteric Breast Massage and with regular sessions I have been able to claim this more and more and feel start to feel this consistently as my normal.

  9. “I left the session that day feeling the preciousness and fragility of my being;” A beautiful gift you offered yourself to reconnect to the delicate and powerful woman you are.

  10. Stepping out, step by step to accepting ourselves ever so deeply, to nurturing and shining bright on a gloomy day.

  11. I had an EBM recently and there was no stone unturned in the quality of the room or the practitioner, the session was very supportive and allowed me to surrender more deeply and to appreciate my own beauty and tenderness. The EBM modality is a true blessing for all women.

    1. EBMs with the integrity that they are offered in allow women the opportunity to surrender the many layers of protection that they have built up and be an inspiration to other women about what is possible when we start to claim ourselves as the gorgeous women we are.

  12. Yes agreed Ariana and the power that is naturally walked with our connection to our tenderness is very inspiring to feel, addressing and correcting every ideal and belief that being tender is a weakness.

  13. The power of our love when we live moved by our connection to it, is an unstoppable force that offers only inspiration for others to look to how they also can live in connection to the superlative force love that is ever-present within.

  14. In the letting go of the protection and bracing of the body against the buffeting of the world there is a great sense of fragility and vulnerability which I can rest in and to go forth with.

  15. The deep care and nurturing in the way the EBM practitioners prepare the clients is super loving . The gentle touch, warm cloth to cover your breasts, a warm towel, the warm room all supports with the surrendering for a powerful session.

  16. To be able to feel how precious and tender we are in a world, where most of us go around in protection is such a gift. And over time the feeling to allow that out and let people see that its ok to feel precious grows.

    1. It is very valuable and healing to allow ourselves to feel our preciousness and delicateness, and discard the protection.

  17. What a transformation it is when we let go of our self-critical ways and genuinely feel the absolute beauty that we are within as women. Claiming this to be our truth and walking out for all to see and not ashamed to be seen. How powerful is that.

  18. “As I lay on the table feeling the gentleness with how I was being prepared for my session, tears came to my eyes, a deep sense of loss and longing came over me and with the warmth of the oil and the delicate tender touch, I could deeply surrender.” The experience of the EBM is deeply healing and reading this I can feel how much it also offers an inspiration to bring this deeply nurturing quality into my own everyday life.

  19. How beautiful that you have chosen to bring this into your life, ‘My connection to this practitioner was deeply felt and I knew that I would be treated with a tender delicate love, one that my body longed for’.

  20. The Esoteric Breast Massage is an precious modality that truly does support women to connect to their own precious sacredness within. I am continually blown away, each session that I have to the depth of what is available to us. I can’t imagine my life with out having EBM’s.

  21. I agree I couldn’t resist the melting away of the hardness when having the warm cream and the absolute delicate touch on my chest. It had been a process of letting the layers of protection fall away like yours and feeling more and more precious and open as it unfolds. I can feel how it is a forever deepening unfoldment.

  22. This is a truly gorgeous blog from a truly gorgeous woman. I love what you have shared here Jill and it has inspired me to book in for my next breast massage.

  23. What deep care and tenderness can do for us is amazing we can literally light ourselves up from the inside out.

  24. When I first heard about Esoteric Breast Massage, I felt anxious and nervous but as I found out later when I started to have some EBM sessions it wasn’t because of the thought of having my breasts massaged but what was held inside them energetically to clear. When we can sense a modality such as the Esoteric Breast Massage from an energetic point of view, the support and love and everything we need is on offer. It is a truly magical modality that can support every woman and as the woman reclaims herself she then can go out into the world and support everyone around her.

  25. With breast cancer and ovarian cancer now being at an all time high and with no signs of this dissipating the world quite frankly needs to know the healing benefits of this amazing modality.

    1. Sam the benefits to women from the Esoteric Breast Massage modality are there for women everywhere to connect to in the way those who give and those who receive the modality hold themselves and live in the world. It’s unmistakable how beautiful women who receive the EBM feel in themselves. We learn to hold ourselves preciously and nurture ourselves, and it all unfolds from within.

  26. What a beautiful reflection and inspiration you are walking out the front door being all of the glorious and precious woman that you are. The EBM is a remarkable modality for feeling and connecting deeper to our innate natural qualities as a woman.

  27. The world needs as many women as possible to step out through their front doors knowing how precious and tender and amazing they are – thank God for these modalities that help us unravel and unfold who we naturally are so we can begin to step forward unimpeded.

  28. “A Woman Stepping Out – my Journey with the Esoteric Breast Massage” – as a woman re-connecting to this part of my body through the Esoteric Breast Massage [EBM] over the past few years, i became aware of how much i lived my life in “parts” or “dissociated” — when you connect the part it becomes and feels part of a whole or a wholeness, and this is the way i would describe the profoundness and realisation that develops over a course of having EBM healing sessions. A woman’s full re-connection to her body allows for re-connection in life.

  29. Step by step, the way to go, each petal opening to the exquisiteness within, blossoming in life. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  30. What a most beautiful experience Jill, and so delicately expressed, and with such honesty. It is a confirmation of how our breasts can carry so much burden of the way we have lived our lives and all that influences us, yet we can be released from that and healed by becoming aware of our own tenderness and fragility, and how powerful owning that can be.

  31. A very delicate and beautiful sharing Jill. Through Esoteric Breast Massage we have the space to deeply connect to our essence as women. So often women are the nurturers of others in life, though in many instances at the expense of themselves.

  32. The deeply caring, nurturing and honouring space offered by Esoteric Breast Massage itself offers a level of cherishing that most of us have felt for a long time if ever in this life. This itself is beautifully healing, and then the support to start to deepen our level of acceptance of ourselves and to bring that level of honouring and cherishing into our own lives takes it to a whole new glorious level.

  33. Our delicate ness and fragility that is honoured and felt in the esoteric breast massage within us is to be divinely treasured as is the modality its self and all it offers women from the highest integrity and naturalness out there in the world.

  34. The Esoteric Breast Massage is a modality that will be widely used in the future as more will come to know the amazing wonderful healing benefits it offers.

    1. Yes, once you have experienced the EBM you know how gorgeous and divine it feels, it helps melt away the protection and hardness and allow the precious delicate woman to emerge, which in itself is so healing.

  35. ‘Stepping out into the thoroughfare of life’ honouring our sassiness and the ripple effect we have is something to enjoy, value and be up for practising alongside each other.

  36. What you describe about a fragility and delicateness concerning how you felt after the sessions is something to ponder. We live our lives so tough and hard, trying to protect ourselves from all sorts of perceived hurts and yet can we be powerful and delicate through reconnection? I would say yes, and this is something that is growing within us.

  37. This is so lovely to read ‘and a bringing together of all that I had been experiencing in the clearing and healing of that which did not belong to the true me.’ and highlights just how much stuff (ideals, beliefs, behaviours, patterns) we pick up or take on when growing up that is not truly us.

  38. Knowing that we are deeply precious and beautiful does not help, we have to experience it, feel it, and sessions like this support us in creating the first markers, and then in confirming these feelings, and embody it in full.

    1. So true Willem. We can hear that we are amazing and precious, we can tell ourselves and do affirmations that we are beautiful and invaluable, we can intellectually know that we matter beyond words, yet without actually feeling the exquisiteness of this in our body, it remains as words and concepts that will need to constantly repeated and recreated. Universal Modalities such as the Esoteric Breast Massage are a great support in reconnecting to and confirming this all from within, and starting to express once again in such fullness .

  39. The esoteric breast massage is an amazing gift to all women to allow ourselves to be the love and sacredness we are and to connect to this feeling and unravelling all we have taken on and ignored to get through life to being the amazingness and love we are and living this in our fullness and glory.

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