Feeling Amazing – it’s our Choice!

I recently participated in a 6 week Esoteric Yoga Program for Women at a significant point in my life – towards the end of my last pregnancy. I was blown away by all that the program unveiled for me, and the offer to go deeper to appreciate the amazingly powerful woman that I am. I noticed as I progressed through the program I was connecting more with an inner stillness.

This supported me to be more lovingly attentive and remain steady through each day and as situations came up.

The following is just one example of a situation that came up while on the program and what was revealed to me about making a choice to feel amazing.  

I decided that I needed some new clothes. I had plenty of ‘big’ clothes in my wardrobe, but when I put them on, I felt like I was covering up, hiding me. Most of my clothes were what I called ‘around the house’ clothes. Which was fine when I was around the house, but when I stepped outside,

I just didn’t feel like I was reflecting what I felt on the inside.

So I planned to meet up with my sister-in-law and find some clothes that I could feel comfortable in, but also that I could still express the fun sexy me I was feeling.

On this particular day I was feeling amazing and how I looked really reflected this. I had taken my time to do my hair and apply my makeup. I do this most mornings, but this particular morning I noticed the extra care I took, and I held this as I moved into my day.

Nicole Rickets, Being Amazing.

During the course of my morning I met up with two women. One of the women was very open and chatted with me about my day ahead while I noticed the other woman appeared to be uncomfortable with my presence. I even noticed a reaction from her when I mentioned that “I need new clothes because my belly is getting too big”. She looked me up and down and rolled her eyes.

As I walked out, I could feel right there and then that I had two choices… I could allow all the thoughts flooding in to try to convince me that I had done something wrong, including: “Was I showing off?”, “Was I too overdressed to just go shopping?”, and “Why doesn’t she like me this morning?” There was also that familiar guilty feeling of “Is it ok to spend the whole day doing something for me?”

The options were all there before me. I could listen to these thoughts, or, I could return back to the beautiful connection I had felt just moments prior. I stopped walking, readjusted my posture – which had slightly sunk – smiled and said, “No! this is just jealousy, and I need to see this as a confirmation of how I am feeling amazing, AND that I am actually letting this out for people to see!”

It was a great experience to have caught myself right in this moment of choice – as it happened.

In the past I would have let those thoughts and doubts continue on in my head and put a serious dampener on my day. We are so sensitive to what is going on around us all the time. Just one sideways glance, a frown, an eye roll, a smirk or a little giggle, and we notice this big time. Right in that moment, we know exactly what that little sign or gesture means. It’s what we chose to do with that feeling next that determines how we respond in the following minute, day, week or even years.

Do we honour how amazing we truly are, or allow what’s going on for someone else to determine how we feel about ourselves?

It’s that simple. After having this experience, I have now realised with the support of the Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women, that I have chosen the latter for a big chunk of my life. The program has been a huge support for me in appreciating myself and the beautiful relationship I can have with my body. I’ve realised how much I have measured, catered to, and readjusted myself to make sure that everyone else around is feeling ok with me – at the expense of allowing myself to just be the amazing woman I am.

I now know I can choose to feel amazing, no matter what.

By Nicole Ricketts, Childcare Worker, NSW, Australia

For further Inspiration …

What if we learned to live in a way that knows we are amazing just for being us?!

What is Esoteric Yoga – the Yoga of Stillness?

Do you allow yourself to be fully you, to express yourself with no holds barred?  What if you did?

725 thoughts on “Feeling Amazing – it’s our Choice!

  1. “Feeling Amazing – it’s our Choice!” the more I fully understand and embrace these words, the more my life gets more richer, more loving, more interesting and more divine.

  2. ‘No! this is just jealousy, and I need to see this as a confirmation of how I am feeling amazing, AND that I am actually letting this out for people to see!” So often we diminish ourselves in the face of jealousy and play it smaller just so as to not attract that reaction and attack. However, in doing so we do not offer another an opportunity to feel the choices they are not making for themselves and keep them confirmed in their own contraction. Letting our amazing out and being at home with it is the best medicine, not just for ourselves but for all those who are not choosing it too!

  3. Society disempowers us and we swallow it up, we actually allow it, we allow ourselves to feel useless, not worthy etc etc…. taking back our own power and saying yes we deserve to feel amazing is the first step to well,… feeling amazing.

  4. Society carries on presenting not to be aware we are masters of our own lack of self worth, no one else causes it.

  5. Jealousy focused at another is super harmful, we are not brought up to know how sinister this emotion is. As societies around the world we are not brought up to truly love and appreciate ourselves and love and appreciate, accept the rest of humanity.

  6. We have a choice to feel amazing and reflect that to others whilst letting go of whether they chose to meet us in our amazingness or react.

  7. It always amazes me that someone doesn’t have to say anything in words to have us tumbling down the slope of insecurity, it can happen with “one sideways glance, a frown, an eye roll, a smirk or a little giggle”; and it can hurt just the same. But as you have demonstrated, in that moment there is always a choice; continue that out of control slide, or to say no, I am feeling rather amazing right now and nothing anybody can say or silently express, can wobble me, for that’s how amazing I feel.

  8. “I now know I can choose to feel amazing, no matter what.” Full-stop!! this is great and really super great to remember when we are having a wobble- its our choice and we can always choose love!

  9. A lot of us fight feeling amazing because we want to keep the status quo, and not stand out. Holding back our amazingness should come with a health warning!

  10. It is largely through Esoteric Yoga that I have understood myself as a woman and allowed myself to really enjoy my female body because of and through the quality I have re-connected to and which this Yoga develops – stillness. Living with stillness and getting to feel the differing depths of this quality allows me to understand the differing depths I can go to as a woman and the beauty of this.

  11. Your so right we are super sensitive to the slightest energy coming at us, we can embrace this sensitivity as a real super power instead we absorb it and go into all sorts of behaviours from the reactions.

  12. It can be ever so subtle when another reacts to us feeling amazing and content. They even may appear to be friendly and forth coming on the surface but underlying there is a tension. The more I pay attention to myself and what I need that supports me and my body the more awareness I have and this is not something to dismiss or ignore thinking the subtleties are petty or insignificant but something to deeply appreciate and honour within myself.

  13. When we appreciate, confirm and honour our amazingness, the beauty of this is, that more of our amazingness magically appears for us to embrace.

  14. How we eat really supports us to feel amazing, lately I have been taking some B vitamins which I know are supporting my body to feel amazing – when we honour what our body truly needs and wants we are far likely to be able to hold a feeling of awesomeness.

    The foundation for awesomeness could therefor be – eat healthy – sleep well and make sure you are well hydrated.

  15. The choice to react or hold steady is one that we probably make hundreds of times a day: sometimes it’s an obvious one, like saying no to the thoughts of having done something wrong, but most of the time it feels like we do this through how we move: are we moving in a way where we feel connected to ourselves and our bodies, registering what we’re feeling, and the impact of our choices on our body?

    The more we hold steady when the obvious choices are there to be made, the more other, less obvious choices come to the surface and actually start to feel like choices rather than things that just happen to us, or things we do automatically.

  16. The wiser I become the more I realise that it is simplicity that makes the world tick, – we are all simply amazing – if we think anything less then this is complication.

  17. It is always our choice, ‘I now know I can choose to feel amazing, no matter what’, with a knowing that we are amazing.

  18. It so is our choice and the crazy thing is if we make choices that make us feel less then lovely we tend to blame others and not take responsibility that way we never get to truly change we just keep going round in circles.

  19. I love this title as it rings very true to me Nicole, feeling amazing or feeling miserable is simply a choice, I know which one I would rather choose.

  20. Nicole your photo confirms the innermost beauty and amazingness radiating and emanating from your eyes and the way your body is held. Great choice to choose your amazingness rather than cower down and contract to the jealousy of another.
    “I stopped walking, readjusted my posture – which had slightly sunk – smiled and said, “No! this is just jealousy, and I need to see this as a confirmation of how I am feeling amazing, AND that I am actually letting this out for people to see!”

  21. I love coming back to this blog and its powerful wisdom – we can choose in any moment to connect to the wonder, and the amazingness that we are.

  22. Feeling amazing is a choice and it is one we can avoid if feeling amazing makes us stand out or feel uncomfortable. We will all too often choose invisibility and irresponsibility over being the amazing beings we are.

  23. Great Nicole, just show that amazing you! Very powerful that you observed the jealousy coming to you and turned it around as a confirmation how great you were doing.

  24. I think we tend to prefer the victim approach to life – because it gives us a way out. If we accept that it’s our choice to be amazing, then we also have to accept it’s our choice to not be amazing – and that ultimately we are always our own navigator in life – an important responsibility we must all ultimately undertake.

  25. This is a great question to reflect on, ‘Do we honour how amazing we truly are, or allow what’s going on for someone else to determine how we feel about ourselves?’

  26. I like the part here about how you took extra time to do you clothing and make up on the day of shopping with your sister-in-law and how this made you feel amazing and I wonder if this is something that can be done everyday, if it were possible to not necessarily take extra time because of course that is not always possible, but to cherish the time spent on getting ready for the day, so that there is an amazingness to how we feel. I would certainly like to try this and find out, because who wouldn’t want to feel amazing everyday!

  27. There is always a moment in every situation where we have a choice either to react or hold ourselves lovingly and observe, even though at times reactions can come so fast that it appears that we had no choice.

  28. How empowering is it to accept in our bodies that feeling amazing is a choice, it gives us strength to stop depression, puts self-worth issues in the bin and best of all, brings us closer to people in our lives.

  29. “Do we honour how amazing we truly are, or allow what’s going on for someone else to determine how we feel about ourselves?” A great question Nicole. The more aware I become that I allow others to influence me the more I can choose to stay with me – and my body – and feel amazing.

  30. It’s a great point to be aware of and clock for ourselves of how we feel in our body when we are getting dressed for example, for if we are met with resistance, reaction of jealousy, we can always come back to that marker and know what is true in an instant and read what is in fact taking place. Our relationship with our bodies offer us so much guidance and support all the time, as such it is a wise move to develop a loving and honouring relationship with them.

  31. “Do we honour how amazing we truly are, or allow what’s going on for someone else to determine how we feel about ourselves?” When we are influenced by and absorb the reactions of others we lose connection to the inner wisdom of who we are.

    1. Wise words Mary. This should be a slogan on t-shirts! ‘When we are influenced by and absorb the reactions of others we lose connection to the inner wisdom of who we are.’ It might give us a gentle reminder to come back to ourselves and that there is more to us than we currently allow ✨ In fact I might get this printed on a t-shirt!

  32. We cannot expect other people to always treat us the way we feel we deserve but we can choose to always hold ourselves in love. Why let outer toxic things outside in? Thank you Nicole.

    1. So true Joseph – staying true to our connection to our love is a steadiness that always reflects the power of love that everyone deserves to feel and see, regardless of what is going on for others or around us.

  33. I am 5 months pregnant with my second child and my belly is just starting to show. I am away at the moment and have been having thoughts of ‘will people think I’m fat’ – it is crazy that this even comes into it – and yesterday as I walked along, I changed my walk to celebrate where my body was at and not hide it – and it felt very different. How people react to that is their stuff and it is about letting that be. Not reacting. It is an ongoing journey for me – especially with other women – but in this I have a responsibility to not play less and to appreciate where others are at.

  34. This is such a huge thing for most woman, those who have been accustomed to morphing into whatever was deemed necessary to make everyone comfortable. Men are not always as accommodating and when I was younger I was always amazed at just how easily a man could stay with what he was doing when I would drop everything to accommodate anyone who entered my sphere. But even though I found this inspiring I struggled to do it myself as I was too caught up in being liked. Now when I feel myself slipping into this I have to ask myself why and what is it that I am after and or avoiding feeling.

  35. ” It was a great experience to have caught myself right in this moment of choice – as it happened.”
    This is so wonderful to have caught yourself calibrating to what most of the world wants. It most have been so wonderfull for your sister-in-law to go shopping with you.

  36. It is so easy to get caught out and hide our light when with others, either because of comparison or jealousy. But holding ourselves when we feel amazing is a beautiful reflection for others as well as ourselves.

  37. We are constantly making choices and I am discovering just how the seemingly smallest of choices has an impact on our bodies. Most of us seemed to be controlled by our thoughts and they can then dominate how we see or view life. I now understand that the thoughts I have are actually not mine I source them from a pool of energy that is passing through me at all times. This makes sense to me because often I will have a thought and I wonder where the heck it has come from. I also now understand that these thoughts take me away from my body and actually have led me on a merry dance such as getting involved in relationships which I knew on one level where completely disrespectful to me but going ahead with them anyway. If I had made the choice to listen to my body, I would not have got involved at all.

  38. What if reactions are actually great? What if what the most we avoid is really needed to expose what is not true in us and to bring back the amazing beings we are?

  39. I can relate very much about this trying to adjust my expression to what others want to see or listen from me in order to not trigger any reaction from them. From some time to now I’m being more aware about the effects of this choice in my body which when I’m in a withdrawn energy feels very contracted and tight. I feel also very appreciative with myself for making the choice of being aware of this as it is the first step to let go any pattern in my expression that prevents of being the most natural and amazing me. Thank you Nicole for sharing such a relatable experiencie.

  40. Its crazy how many restrictions we can put on ourselves so that we don’t allow our amazingness through when like you say Nicole it is but a choice.

    Breaking through any consciousness that says we anything less then amazing needs to be done in order for us to feel the real love of who we are.

  41. I have found pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity for women to re-discover their body, how to nurture it and feel the stillness within them. This was certainly the case for me as I loved feeling the movements of the baby within me and the constant changes in my body. I also became a lot more caring and uncompromising with my body. To know that we have the chance to become still and connected is a great platform to continue this after the baby is born.

  42. Its becoming clearer to me everyday that I choose to feel amazing or not, it really is a choice. To know this simple fact is life changing and super super empowering.

    1. I agree Sam. There is a huge difference between playing small and thinking this happens because I’m wrong to knowing that everytime that I’m feeling less is a choice. A life changing realization indeed.

  43. I was a slave to my thoughts, I would be in upheaval swayed and emotional from them, not mastering them, observing them or realising that I could choose the quality of my thoughts, but I know different know and I can and it is freeing, liberating and healing to make this part fo life, to practice the mastery of thoughts, through body connection and responsibility.

  44. I am doing the male equivalent at the moment – looking at getting a new car. It seems a quite similar process :).

  45. When we are feeling amazing and on it, we want the world to celebrate with us, when others refuse to see our magnificence it can leave us feeling confused and deflated, better to always stay strong it that glory then to give it away to make up for someones lack.

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