My Breasts, My Breasts

I have two of them and never would I have ever expected to be sharing the story of my breasts with the world, let alone celebrating the depth of beauty and Love they emanate and that I now live.

My True relationship with my Breasts began 9 years ago with my first Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM). At the time I was breastfeeding a baby and moving on from an abusive relationship. It could now be said that I was moving on from a long-standing, far more abusive relationship with myself.

I’d never realised how deeply ingrained self-abuse was, how insidious and foul – a stench that plagued me for as long as I remember and yet was a safe, known companion and the red marker pen which I branded myself with as ‘wrong’. 

Early days of EBM

My initial EBM experiences were confronting yet changed my life forever, revealing to me that my body was in shutdown and I was completely disconnected from my breasts, in that they felt separate to me, something I had and carried around with me and were ‘just there’.

It became clear to me that I had hated my breasts from the moment I developed them and was never too keen on growing breasts in the first place. 

As a young, developing girl and then teenager, breasts drew all manner of unwanted male attention my way in the form of blatant, denigrating, humiliating abuse. A usual daily occurrence in the country town I grew up in was for guys to drive by in their cars, yelling out ‘show us your t*ts’ and the like.

It was clear that becoming a woman went hand in hand with being sexualised and reduced to being a set of breasts. This was a death sentence as far as I was concerned. 

I began to wear very unsexy clothing – big t-shirts and so forth to attempt to hide my breasts but this didn’t work too successfully being a DD breast size and being unable to hide the fact I was a woman. In my early teens, I was cornered in a bathroom by a male who grabbed my breasts. I felt disgusting, violated, in shock and humiliated by this experience and I didn’t speak of it again until it came out during an EBM session.

From that day forward, I effectively ‘cut my breasts loose’ to separate myself from the abusive incident and my breasts, which I felt carried an imprint of it.

Throughout ongoing EBM sessions, I became more and more aware of how desensitised I had become to the abuse of sexualising women that I felt bombarded by at school, in the community and from all manner of magazine covers and articles.

My response to the sexualisation and objectification of women was essentially to shrink, hide and disappear (none of it successful) and when the unwanted abuse didn’t abate I developed a deep hatred of having breasts and being a woman, forming many judgements that there was ‘something wrong with me’ and that my breasts were ‘too big’. 

As a teenager I came across Dolly magazine which was cover to cover full of tips on how we should be as teenagers and women. I began to mould myself on what I would read, further giving up on myself as a woman and accepting the ‘inevitable’ sexualisation of my body.

Late teenager years and early twenties 

I was still disconnected from my breasts but worked out that I could use them to my advantage and to compete with other women in order to get a man.

This was promoted from every direction – for women to compete and better themselves, be good at ‘flaunting’ and sexually desirable, with the effect that a woman’s breasts were considered her ‘assets’ if not accessories. 

I played myself into many roles of what a woman was supposed to be and the whole while felt a repulsion towards myself for being a ‘fake’, untrue and sick to the stomach for not honouring the real ‘me’. 

Becoming a mother at 22 years was a shock from a breast point of view. I had never considered the practicality of how pregnancy or childbirth may change my breasts and my relationship with them. My changing breasts over this period served to deepen my resentment of them. After giving birth, my breasts doubled if not tripled in size when the milk came in, which besides being painful at the time was the most horrific experience ever as a long-standing breast hater and given my lack of acceptance for my breast size as it was. I was relieved when my breasts returned to their former size and even more deeply relieved when I stopped breastfeeding.

All of these realisations, memories and the awareness of abuse had been locked away in my body, buried beneath layers and layers of protection. With each EBM session, the toxic energy of the abuse surfaced for me to feel and to finally let go of.

Although my breasts returned to their former size following childbirth, I was devastated to discover their shape and tone had changed, stretchmarks had appeared and I felt like I had someone else’s breasts attached to my body. I more strongly dissociated from them and tried to forget they existed.

During my 20s I was obsessed with fitness and perfecting my body, which had taken my breasts’ place as my whole body ‘asset’. I was forever striving to be a ‘picture-perfect woman’ – as long as no one saw my breasts.

I was at the same time performing the roles of being a ‘perfect’ mother, a ‘single mother’, a ‘yummy mummy’, a ‘corporate woman’ ‘outdoing the men’. I worked out that being ‘beautiful’ meant that men wanted to be friends with me (they could look but not touch) and I felt protected from the jealousy of the women around me. Life became more and more controlled and within all of this, my breasts played their part at times, but never did I connect with them, nurture them or even look at them. The truth is that I still detested my breasts and felt a deep unease within me of how I was living.

My Early 30s …

A brief but very abusive relationship resulted in a further disconnection from my breasts and my entire body. I breastfed two more babies close in age and by then my breasts felt drained and essentially like workhorses or slaves to my children as milk machines.

It was during this period I was first introduced to the EBM and I committed to having regular EBM sessions.

This was a very honouring experience with female practitioners performing the massage. Initially this for me was very challenging, having had a deep distrust of women. I felt nothing in my breast area. I wanted to feel something, but I couldn’t.

It took me a long time to be able to connect to my breasts at all and to work through letting go of the layers and layers of abuse.

After a period of regular EBMs I noticed that breastfeeding had changed and was becoming a more pleasant experience. My babies were more content and appeared to be getting a benefit from my breast milk. As I was slowly developing self-love, the quality of my milk had changed.

I hadn’t realised until I experienced the EBM treatments how incidents of abuse, and the self-loathing I carried throughout my life, could be stored energetically in my breasts and therefore would be present in my breast milk.

Coinciding with a program of EBMs with a deeply inspiring practitioner, I supported myself with regular Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions, Esoteric Lung Massages, and I attended Esoteric Women’s Health Presentation’s with Natalie Benhayon. These presentations completely changed my understanding of women and introduced me to the possibility of the woman I truly am.

For the first time in my life, I gave myself permission to open up to other women and to begin to establish trust in place of comparing and competing. I came to understand that there is no perfection and that all women have likewise experienced jealousy, comparison, self-loathing, lack of self-worth, competition, and the objectification and sexualisation of women to varying degrees.

As a direct result of Esoteric Women’s Health presentations and the EBM, I began to understand myself as a woman and became more aware of my breasts. I developed the impulse to love myself more, to pay attention to my breasts and my body. This saw me purchasing some new bras that felt good to wear, and dedicating a ceremony at home to care for and store my bras and lingerie.

Whilst I was taking one incremental step at a time in making some great changes, I was staunchly holding back from developing a true love affair with my breasts. 

Mid-way with the EBMs 

My dedication to having consistent EBMs and healing the many layers of abuse had such a great impact on my life. I felt lighter, more connected to myself and had a depth of understanding of what being a true woman was all about, in place of the false pictures I had formerly aspired to. It felt amazing to be able to feel content in myself, to be accepting of having breasts and enjoying what it meant to be a woman – this was a true miracle that I had never believed would be possible.

My breasts felt lighter and I no longer felt bogged down by the abuse I had carried with me before. For a few years, I stopped having EBMs though I continued to have regular Sacred Esoteric Healing, Chakra Puncture and Esoteric Lung Massage.

Throughout this period, I felt inspired by Natalie Benhayon, Miranda Benhayon and other women around me that I could see were living and deepening as true women and I realised that I had capped myself by my limited self-worth, for I had not considered how deeply I could go with the EBMs and the further depths of ‘Deborah’ I could explore. I already felt so much better, had experienced a complete miracle and turn around in my life and finally felt content within my own skin – I didn’t have the thought of ‘what else could be possible?’ for how could life be even better than this when this was already the best I had ever experienced?

I began to attend Sacred Movement classes, which enabled me to connect to a deep wisdom and knowing within me of my sacredness as a woman, that felt like an ancient blueprint of a way of living that was familiar to me, like an old glove. This was deeply supportive of me feeling in my body a marker of sacredness and fragility. I felt impulsed to resume regular EBM sessions and discovered that I was more willing and open to go deeper and deeper.

Through further EBM sessions I was able to feel the many roles I had adopted and knew myself by, at the expense of who I truly am – my essence. In particular I could feel the protection and holding within my breasts to prevent anyone from seeing my vulnerability and allowing more of the true ‘Deborah’ out.

Recent years – Letting go of mothering and protection

The healing offered by EBMs has always depended on me and how much I was willing to explore, let go of and embrace. In supporting me to reconnect to my true essence and accept being a woman, the EBM provided me with a true marker of ‘me’ that has gradually permeated my life. 

It took time to let my beauty and delicateness out and to grow in appreciation of myself. I had come a long way from not being able to look me in the eye and say “I love you Deborah” 9 years ago, to many moments of loving myself and appreciating myself …Yet I knew this was only the beginning.

My self-appreciation and acceptance grew and deepened to the point of no longer accepting any form of abuse in my life. Self-abuse took longer to move on from, having been a chosen behaviour for so long with sabotaging patterns and the tendency to see myself as the former (false) images of ‘me’. 

Living and embracing the woman I am in full has transformed my relationships with all others, and enabled me to be a ‘true mother’ and role model to my children. There is a depth of openness, connection and intimacy with myself and others which grows daily. The EBM has had a forever-lasting loving impact on my entire life, in a spherical way – bringing the totality of me to life as a woman, a mother, a neighbour, within the workplace, with family, friends and within the community.

EBM Today – Total Surrender

My relationship with myself is an ongoing one. The more I appreciate and confirm my true essence and allow this to be my lived expression each day, the deeper I am able to connect to ‘Deborah’ and surrender to the love that I have forever been. This isn’t a pie in the sky affirmation or a level of attainment to reach, but simply an unfolding process, which has required a loving commitment to myself of making one loving choice after another – an opening of each delicate petal at a time, allowing more of myself to come forth and express.

Expressing my essence has enabled a deep acceptance of myself and settlement within my body that I had not experienced prior to the support of the EBM and the Esoteric Healing Modalities. Previously, I had experienced a constant feeling within of angst, deep anxiety and negative, harsh assessments of myself. It is a true miracle that not only do I not have these negative thoughts come into my head – which were once the predominant quality of thoughts running my mind – but they simply do not exist.

None of the patterns of behaviour I have lived in the past, the mechanisms I adopted to cope with life such as the false roles I played throughout life of ‘good girl’, ‘bad girl’, ‘mother’, ‘princess’, ‘ice-maiden’, ‘rebellious teenager’, ‘student’, ‘drop out’, ‘victim’, ‘corporate woman’, ‘chameleon’ (to name but a few) and the harsh way I saw myself, compared myself to others, held myself and spoke of myself were never me to begin with, and the energy of that way of living is totally non-existent in my body today.

I am nurturing myself more deeply each day and cherishing an intimate relationship with myself – all of me. I have returned to being a whole woman and this joy fills every part of me. I adore and appreciate my breasts, which emanate love and a nurturing quality. My body has completely transformed from being a ‘template’ of something to aspire to, to the living temple it is.

In my experience, EBM provides an opportunity for re-connection to our true essence and therein to honour our divine brilliance, wisdom and strength as women, and assists us to remove any tarnish whilst inspiring us to live the full potential of our true, sacred expression. Our essence isn’t something we bring in from the outside or will find in a magazine, but a quality that we each know, that has been with us since the beginning of time and a true quality of Love that naturally deepens and expands the more we surrender, honour and allow our essence to come out.

I share my experience in deep appreciation of all that the Esoteric Breast Massage and Sacred Esoteric Healing Modalities offer and are. Never would I have believed it possible to heal long-standing lack of self-worth, self-abuse, self-loathing and ingrained false behaviours and to be now living as a true woman, in the honour, deep knowing and settlement of who I am.

By Deborah 

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One woman’s experience on developing a true relationship with her breasts.

525 thoughts on “My Breasts, My Breasts

  1. I recently had an EBM massage and I felt so relaxed with the practitioner I fell into a deep level of surrender. The integrity of the practitioners are that great that always I feel held in the deepest of respect.

  2. “It was clear that becoming a woman went hand in hand with being sexualised” Super sad that is our current way.

  3. As women when we carry around self-loathing, it will always manifest itself in critique of the body whatever part of the body we choose to reject. In my case it was my breasts also, but in reconnecting to myself and in having let go of that loathing learning to love myself more deeply, I find there is not one part of my body that I dislike anymore and this is from a woman who is ageing – well past the technical middle age bracket!

  4. Having EBM has really supported me to let go of the many traumas I have held. The esoteric modalities are spectacular and time will indeed show how truly healing they are.

  5. When we let go of the competion and comparison within one and other a whole new world opens up, one that is filled with love rather then jealously.

  6. Letting go of abusive patterns of behaviour has transformed my relationship with my breasts whilst my relationships with others have deepened as a result of this ongoing unfoldment and acceptance of the beauty of being a woman in the world today. In this journey I have been hugely supported by having EBMs and choosing to honour myself and my body in seemingly small but profound ways and refusing to listen to the negative tapes in my head that told me that I was less because of x, y or z has meant that today I appreciate myself and love my breasts and the connection that I have with them.

  7. There is a power in our breasts, developing a stronger relationship with these two beautiful female parts of the body is empowering and enriching. To feel our breasts and know exactly what is going on underneath the skin is a sensation which nothing on the outside can top, it is a shame that we are not open and honest about our relationship with our breasts, that women do not openly talk about the fact that there is something more to their breasts than the physical flesh. WIth the cutting of these conversations, we are cutting off our awareness to a bigger picture, a deeper understanding and a grander way of living life.

  8. A very beautiful and inspiring sharing and journey with your breasts and yourself into one of deep love and appreciation for your self your body and all women. The benefits of Esoteric breast massage and Esoteric healing modalities are clear and absolute to claiming ourselves in our lives that is possible for us all.

  9. It is very beautiful when our relationships change from being abusive to loving all because of our commitment to ourselves to heal. We as women only choose to be sexualised because of the lack of love for ourselves; begin to love ourselves for the beautiful and gorgeous women that we are and the abuse in any shape, way or form becomes a thing of the past.

      1. Yes, so whenever we feel discomfort at seeing another woman abuse herself, instead of reacting could it be a message for us to deepen the love for ourselves to be an inspiration? Our lives then become purpose and meaningful.

  10. “I hadn’t realised until I experienced the EBM treatments how incidents of abuse, and the self-loathing I carried throughout my life, could be stored energetically in my breasts and therefore would be present in my breast milk.” This is one of those things you read and the light bulb goes on ….. of course it makes so much sense – the abuse lodged in our bodies will affect all we meet if not dealt with.

  11. The depth and beauty felt when a connection with our breasts is developed is other-worldly. It is so touching that it can bring a woman to tears, simply because it’s available to us all, yet we live in complete disconnection to it for the bigger part of our lives.

  12. It’s beautiful how you share that it’s been and is an unfolding process – an opening and allowing of more of who you are in essence to be expressed and come to the fore in your daily life, for the benefit of how you are in all areas of life, for everyone around you too.

  13. The story of feeling disconnected from our breasts, like they are not attached to our body is such a common one from women who receive an Esoteric Breast Massage. I had exactly the same experience with my first EBM, feeling, like my breasts lay on top of a metal sheet across my chest. With all the unwanted attention we get towards our breasts, especially as teenagers, it is no wonder we don’t want to have anything to do with them. Yet reclaiming them as an essential part of the whole body has been a magic experience. Instead of us rejecting our breasts, why don’t we reject the energy and behaviour that comes at them.

  14. “being unable to hide the fact I was a woman.” Regular EBM healing sessions are a beautiful and tender way to reclaim your power and preciousness as a woman.

  15. This is gorgeous to read, appreciation is always such an important aspect, ‘The more I appreciate and confirm my true essence and allow this to be my lived expression each day, the deeper I am able to connect to ‘Deborah’ and surrender to the love that I have forever been.’

  16. Every time I read this blog I am inspired, inspired to deepen the relationship to honour and adore myself as a woman especially in my relationship with my breasts. A deeply gorgeous blog Deborah – thank you for sharing.

  17. This sharing shows how as women we can see our bodies as objects. Like you, I have seen my breasts as things that are there for other people – to raise a baby or pleasure men – rather than a sacred part of me. I have not until recently had a strong relationship with my breasts, and even now I am slowly re-connecting to them and seeing them as nurturing centres and part of my body.

  18. I can very much relate to deepening and then wanting to seek some form of relief or comfort by taking a ‘break’ instead of appreciating and confirming then asking ‘what is next?’ There is always more no matter where we are at.

  19. “My relationship with myself is an ongoing one. ” For me too and the more I build my relationship with myself the more I appreciate my body and don’t look at it with the criticism I used to do. I can now see criticism as being self abusive and gets in the way of deepening the love not only for myself but for everyone.

    1. I have recently become aware of another level of abuse and how destructive and condemning criticising oneself actually is. No man or women deserves to abuse themselves in this way. We are love, we are from love, love is naturally who we are and I can feel more deeply the responsibility I have towards myself to live love and the impact this has on everyone and everything.

  20. What an important realisation and understanding you came to through having EBMs, ‘I hadn’t realised until I experienced the EBM treatments how incidents of abuse, and the self-loathing I carried throughout my life, could be stored energetically in my breasts and therefore would be present in my breast milk.’

  21. There is a very physical impact of the words we used and it is time we took responsibility for our words and it really gets my blood boiling when I see how words can crush us and how irresponsible we all are with them.

    1. Yes absolutely, we all, myself included, need to be more responsible with words, ‘ I see how words can crush us and how irresponsible we all are with them.’

  22. What if as women we are not easily accessible to EBMs or sacred movement or other Sacred Esoteric modalities? We have to know that sacredness and Esoteric is what we innately come with, and these qualities are always there to support us when they are being re-connected to. This is a process of being deeply caring, loving and taking responsibility for ourselves, claiming back the naturalness in life. It is a process of return that we are all a part of, guided by our body’s wisdom.

  23. Such a gorgeous and very honest sharing Deborah, your picture is just beautiful showing how deeply loving and caring you are of yourself as a woman.

  24. “As I was slowly developing self-love, the quality of my milk had changed.” This is a very beautiful observation.

  25. There is so much more to Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) than the massaging of breasts. Esoteric breast massage gives women an opportunity to support each other to surrender to our innate sacredness and fragility, working together without comparison or judgement. Truly beautiful.

  26. The returning to be a woman is a process. It is this process that is touching and supportive to others. We never ever reach a destination or become fully a true woman for that is not possible in an instant but we take each step with deep appreciation.

  27. Beautifully expressed Deborah, this process of deepening self care and self love and honouring our body is an unfolding process. Building love in our body is a process of loving choices where we honour what we have felt to be true.

  28. It has been a remarkable process with having the Esoteric Breast Massage and feeling how much our breast have an insight to the absolute sacredness that we are as women. With the technique you simple melt and allow yourself to feel the quality that hold and represent.

    1. So true Natalie, it is a modality that offers us an opportunity to surrender and actually feel ourselves. To consider we hate our breasts and what they represent in the world is desperately sad.

  29. “It took me a long time to be able to connect to my breasts at all and to work through letting go of the layers and layers of abuse.” This kind of experience you share brings a tear to my eye, one because it is so very sad that so many women have no idea of the immense love that they are and the pure nurturing essence that is held in the breasts and two a tear of joy because it is women like you who are brave enough to challenge the norm and in doing so reconnect to something exquisitely beautiful.

  30. Being able to have a relationship with my breasts that is deeply honouring and respectful, listening to what they are communicating and then making changes that supports those to shift and clear. I absolutely adore the EBM as it deeply and very lovingly supports me to connect to the sacredness of my body and being. Here there are no issues just a quality that is exquisite pulsing within and emanating out.

  31. On your pictures you see how much more softened you became.
    All we live is reflected in the way feel in our body.
    You can feel the transparency of your body. there is no hardness.
    Most of us tried to protect ourselves with hardness and when we let go we find out it
    Was never succesfull and never needed as the light and love we are is our only true protection.

  32. This is very I deep sharing and I very much appreciate the time you have taken to do this, it is so important we share what is possible because it is so rare to find true healing. Like what you share here.

  33. I share a similar experience in that post breastfeeding, my breasts have changed shape. it has taken me a few months to bring back the love to them, to see them from another perspective (not one of judgement) and to truly care for and appreciate my breasts for the beautiful part of my body they are.

  34. This is female self-empowerment….the self is powerful through the choice to care, to heal, to be responsible….”The healing offered by EBMs has always depended on me and how much I was willing to explore, let go of and embrace. In supporting me to reconnect to my true essence and accept being a woman, the EBM provided me with a true marker of ‘me’ that has gradually permeated my life.” This commitment to our own self healing is the only way back to the depth of love, presence an power we all have within us waiting to shine.

  35. The difference in your eyes and your whole body in your pictures is undeniable. I agree that your story is familiar for way too many women, the attention we got as children for having breasts, the sexualising of our young bodies rather than having space to embrace the feminine. But in truth, we were the ones that reacted to what was sent our way, no-one made us do anything, which is testament to the fact that your choices also brought you to the woman who stands in front of the camera and lives your life now. Thank you for sharing, it has been really valuable for me – and I suspect I am one of many.

  36. I am forever developing my relationships with my breasts, it is great to know that they are now mine and they do not get used like I once used them to gain approval from men that did not value me anyway. I have had many different phases, as you have Debra, breast feeding was a challenging one for me with Mastitis presenting regularly but, that is the obvious one and I was actually seeking support because of the hardship, which made me more open. The challenges continue to come, in more subtle ways, observing how my children views change towards my breasts as they age and as they are more affected by the world. How fun and easy I am with fielding all the different views, comments and questions is tribute to my relationship with Esoteric Women’s Health, always remembering that my breasts are precious and amazing part of me, that do much more than meets the eye but holding a lightness in how I deliver this.

  37. There is this tension that I am becoming more aware fo between, letting myself be, in a surrender to what is within and the push to do, it is subtle but it is really yucky to feel how hard I can go on I push. And this is not about not doing anything, it is about the quality that I do it from, is it from my essence or my ideas pf what I am. They are very different.

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