In Saying No, I Said Yes to Love

Is saying “Yes” the only way to accepting another person in love?

Recently I met a man. It is pure joy every time we meet. We have a lot in common and our conversations are always deepening each other, and yet I said “No” to this relationship.

I did not say “No” to this man, only to the picture of how a relationship is supposed to look, such as the whirlwind, the intensity, the sweeping someone off their feet, as all of that felt imposing, even though it is supposed to be what love looks like.

In the human point of view, this takes a bit of getting used to, as I deeply care for him and appreciated his care for me. But what would love do in such a situation?

Love would only be loving, so I deepened first and foremost even more of the love and care I have for myself.  

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Trusting Yourself in Dating and Life

It’s come to my attention in recent months through conversation, that something holding many beautiful women back from venturing into the dating world is a perceived lack of trust… in men. What has been more fascinating however, and transformative for each of these women to realise, is that the very thing they use as an excuse (as it turns out) not to trust another, IS EXACTLY the thing they can TRUST IN!

Let me explain…

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Connection with My Baby – Begins with Me

There is a lot of talk and discussion around feeling connected with our children during pregnancy while in utero, once they are born and for the many years of life ahead to come… What I’ve noticed of particular interest is how for many, we can feel disconnected from them and also hold many pictures of what connecting with them actually looks and feels like – for a woman and equally so for a man.

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