What does your Cervix Say?

Have you ever wanted your best friend on tap 24/7? What if you had a direct open phone line with truth, with yourself, on tap? An innate wisdom and sacredness that knows which choices to make, how to move, how to eat, how to sleep, how to breathe, how to walk, how to dress. A wisdom that knows how to respond all of the time, in any given situation, even in new situations that spring up unexpectedly – and, it was absolutely free of charge? Wouldn’t that be remarkable?

Well ladies, you do, we all do!

The cervix is something all women have yet it is not an area of a woman’s body that is commonly talked about in our daily lives.

The cervix seems to be mysterious and mystical – not just to us as women but also to men too. On a practical level the cervix is the neck of our uterus. It is where the swabs are taken for our regular pap smears, which takes samples of cervical cells to check for abnormalities. Connecting to our ovaries, uterus, breasts, and cervix supports us to connect to the natural stillness we are as women which we miss while we are running around in the busy-ness of life. But when we don’t connect to our cervix, it is like the anchor is missing: a fundamental part of who we are as women is brushed aside.

In developing a relationship with our physical body and listening to its signs we can connect to all parts of our body: our toes, our fingers, our breasts, and our cervix. If we are tired, or have over eaten, or not taken care of ourselves, our body shows us, for example, with indigestion, or aches and pains.

As women, energetically our cervix is the place where we hold our sacredness.

The cervix resides deep within our physical body and, when we develop a relationship with it, it can show us everything, by us simply asking ‘what does my cervix say?’.

In consciously choosing to connect to the cervix we cannot ignore what is truly going on in our bodies and in our lives.

More so, we cannot deny the woman that we truly are, or deny what our body needs in that given moment. It is a beautiful compass that is our deepest best friend, and it always knows everything. Connecting to the cervix also brings a deeper acceptance of not only who we are, but where we are in our life.

There is no judgment, simply a deeper knowing and understanding – how beautiful is that?!

The connection with our cervix is also deeply practical – two real daily living examples here highlight the precision and beautiful daily guide the cervix is for women:

“I started polishing my nails again, and when I don’t connect to my cervix it is like the nail polish breaks off easily because I am not moving my hands delicately, yet when I connect to my cervix that really reflects that how I’m using my hands differently and the nail polish stays on longer”.

“There is a lot to change in my practical day to day living, where by asking ‘what does my cervix say?” it can lead the way. For example my cervix takes me shopping – it’s very precise in anything from groceries, to household items or clothes. Now I realise I need a new mattress, new duvet cover and new towels to honour me and my cervix is very precise in what will nurture me.”

In building a relationship with our cervix, and playfully living life and asking ‘what does my cervix say?” in any given situation, it is the best friend we can ever have. It is a beautiful conversation to start amongst ourselves as women. So, maybe the first question is:

What does your cervix say?

By Jane (UK) and Monika (The Netherlands)

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648 thoughts on “What does your Cervix Say?

  1. Getting to know ourselves as women from the inside out is a life long process and one to deepen with. Knowing this then is one thing, whilst the other aspect is putting it into lived practice, which is really what makes the difference overall.

  2. Our body communicates to us continuously about the way we live and the choices we make – be this through aches and pains or rashes and indigestion or sore breasts and hot flushes….we could go on and on…there is so much for us to learn by tuning in more to the body and all its communications.

  3. Interesting how the cervix seems like such a ‘foreign’ or unexplored area of the female body – how many of us are actually aware of the cervix let alone asking it what it is saying? And yet we pay instant attention if the skin on our face is out of balance with acne or a rash etc. or if our little finger is hurting….and yet the cervix in all its power to support us often remains insolicited. Then again we can change this at any point.

  4. “In building a relationship with our cervix, and playfully living life and asking ‘what does my cervix say?” in any given situation, it is the best friend we can ever have.” Fantastic reminder to never look outside of ourselves – we have everything we need within.

  5. Great reminder that every part of our body is communicating all off the time – it is in the shutting down of this dialogue that illness and disease occurs.

  6. “What does your cervix say?” What an amazing question to ask, I love this, what a great reminder of the simple wisdom within.

  7. It is not surprising that the cervix is deep in the core of our bodies, given its the fundamental part of us, and from where this anchor supports us to connect to the natural stillness we are as women .

  8. More and more I am finding my cervix can act like a compass, when I am off track, I focus on feeling my cervix and it acts as a profound anchor to once again ground me and connect me to my own body.

  9. To consider that the cervix is like the anchor that’s missing, makes so much sense why women today are so lost and constantly look outside ourselves to find affirmations, like using social media or women’s magazines. Connecting with our cervix brings us back to everything we need is already within us.

  10. The more I connect to my body and the stillness within the more I am able to feel the universe and the true power of love.

  11. As women we can lose ourselves as we work our way to the top, we can become hard and driven and maybe ‘successful’ but if we have lost sight of our body along the way by disconnecting to that is within we may seem successful on the outside but in truth we will be empty within.
    Success is never worth it at the expense of losing connection to the body.

  12. It was a glorious moment when I first felt and connected to my cervix. I felt womanly and very connected to myself as a woman as the connection ignited not only the female parts of my body but the whole of my body. Making that choice to connect to parts of our body is so vital in our every day busy lives supporting us to hold steady the connection to ourselves.

  13. We use the internet like an ever present dictionary for looking up what to do – when all along our body knows the truth. All we are to do is let go of having the right answer and surrender and all the information we need is right there.

  14. Very cool to read about the relationship with nail polish and the cervix – how we get instant feedback based on our connection. Our bodies are very powerful if we listen to them.

  15. For so many it would be easy to dismiss what you have sweetly shared here. I know how incredibly supportive connecting to our bodies and how we feel can be to every aspect of our lives. To live not knowing that within us lies the most incredible wisdom and magic is to live life fast asleep, which is an absolute tragedy.

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