Sacredness – The Truth Available to all Women

For many years I lived with depression, feeling totally hopeless and at the world’s mercy. But more recently, through attending Universal Medicine presentations and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom I have come to rediscover that all I require is already living within me and the more I connect to and live from this space the more beautiful life becomes for me. I now love living, and working, where as I used to dread each day upon waking.

I have recently become aware of the feeling of sacredness that all women hold within. I am amazed that we live most, if not all our life, unaware that we carry such power and authority within. I feel like we have chosen to be led astray from knowing what is there to connect to and build a deepening relationship with, yet this is the very base of who we are as girls and women.  Continue reading “Sacredness – The Truth Available to all Women”

Finding the Gift in Menopause

Exploring how women in the past and in other cultures have approached menopause was fascinating to me, and I used it as a guide to open up and deepen my own experience.

Part of continuing to expand my understanding of menopause meant, for me, finding simple ways to keep it real and maintain lightness. I tend to learn more when I don’t get hooked into an intensity of trying to absorb knowledge and information. It has to make sense in my body so I can experience the feeling and mark that as a learning point to use as my guide to evolving. One of the examples of this was my choice associated with experiencing the hot flushes.

I decided to rename “hot flushes” as “my meeting with the Elders”.

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What does your Cervix Say?

Have you ever wanted your best friend on tap 24/7? What if you had a direct open phone line with truth, with yourself, on tap? An innate wisdom and sacredness that knows which choices to make, how to move, how to eat, how to sleep, how to breathe, how to walk, how to dress. A wisdom that knows how to respond all of the time, in any given situation, even in new situations that spring up unexpectedly – and, it was absolutely free of charge? Wouldn’t that be remarkable?

Well ladies, you do, we all do!

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