Discovering I have Ovaries and a Cervix

I first contemplated the possibility that I could have a connection with my own ovaries and cervix after I heard Natalie Benhayon present, and say as women we did not have to try to feel our ovaries, as we were women and we all have them!

So I started exploring if I could feel my ovaries. Initially, I began with just having a sense of where my ovaries were physically, putting my palms on them and just paying attention to the area. I did this five or six times a day for a couple of weeks.

When I started this experiment I felt nothing, but over the two weeks I slowly became aware of a live sensation I felt in the area and it built into a sweet silky powerful rhythm I felt throughout my whole cervix. 

When attending a Sacred Movement meeting for women, it was suggested to feel the tension we may hold in our pelvic floor muscles and to let this go if possible. When I relaxed my pelvic floor muscles I felt a strong surge of energy going up and throughout my whole body. This surge of energy did not feel at all sexual but rather power-full and very sacred.

I am now experimenting on feeling the connection between my cervix area and my heart area.

This is blowing my understanding of sacredness out of the water.
The word does not seem to do justice to what I feel.

I feel alive and that I want to live the most of me in every given moment; I feel a deep appreciation of me and everyone; I feel at ease with everything that is happening around me; I feel grand.

One of the most amazing gifts I have become aware of is how I can look at anything that is coming up for myself without reacting, through simply connecting to the sacred sensation in my body first – by either focusing on the area of my cervix and feeling the warm tingling sensation or I put the palm of my hand over the area of my cervix (if I cannot feel the connection simply through bringing my awareness there). It is very simple.

I would not have realized the ease of this connection if it had not been for Natalie Benhayon sharing this possibility with a group of women at a Sacred Movement group.

By Toni Steenson, Goonellabah, Australia

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825 thoughts on “Discovering I have Ovaries and a Cervix

  1. I’ve been reminded recently how silky smooth and settling connecting to my ovaries is. Reminded as having forgotten I have them has resulted in a feeling of hardness in that area. It hasn’t taken much to fire this area back up.

  2. Thank you dear Toni for the reminder to connect to all parts of our body, women’s bodies are magical and all to often we do not connect to the divinity laying very much alive within.

  3. The sacredness of a woman is there within her body waiting for her to connect and feel the delicate power flow through every cell in the body.

  4. “One of the most amazing gifts I have become aware of is how I can look at anything that is coming up for myself without reacting, through simply connecting to the sacred sensation in my body first ”

    This is amazing Toni, this stuff needs to be taught early on in education.

  5. Interesting what you share here about the relationship with sacredness and not reacting Toni. In a similar way I get a feeling that when I am deeply connected with my body, there is a sense of greater confidence and presence.

  6. I love the word sacredness and even more the depth of being that it is a reflection of. The word points us to the experience, but the experience is something that has to be felt for oneself.

  7. I am also learning to feel the connection between the heart and the cervix. it is subtle but very powerful, my body becomes more alive and I can feel a connection that expands out to feeling a connection with everyone else. There is also a strong connection to me as a woman and I can feel how the delicateness and gentleness is so empowering. If only this was taught at school then young women would know exactly who they are and feel more empowered to make choices that support them through life.

  8. If we walked around with our fists clenched all day we’d certainly feel it. And how freeing it would be to open up the hands once again. The same is with the pelvic floor so much space opens up in the body.

  9. Sacredness is innately within us all and through healing our hurt and anything else that encumbers us in any way, shape or form will, with true intention, reunite us with our divine sacredness.

  10. It is great to hear you confirming how grand you feel now, ‘I feel alive and that I want to live the most of me in every given moment; I feel a deep appreciation of me and everyone; I feel at ease with everything that is happening around me; I feel grand.’

  11. It makes me wonder how self worth issues could be possible when the body does not have self worth issues about itself and in fact shows quite the opposite when we reconnect to it’s sacredness. It highlights the importance of reconnecting to our body as feeling any lack is only possible within our minds.

  12. A great description how your body supports the discovery of sacredness. There is less inherent support in the male body but sacredness is just as available, once understood.

  13. Sacredness is part of all women when we choose to live and connect to it again, connecting to our body is a loving start, ‘I am now experimenting on feeling the connection between my cervix area and my heart area.’

  14. To consider that we are sacred, that this is our natural way as women is something I’ve learned from listening to the presentations of Natalie Benhayon … it’s changed my life as I’ve been exploring what it is to move in way that is sacred and through Sacred Movement I’ve been able to have real experiences of how that feels in my body, and to see how this can be lived in life. It really is life changing.

  15. When we connect to our sacredness then we have no need of anxiousness and all the other behaviours that come along with that. Instead we can feel what is true for us to do next and have no need to wonder or procrastinate. Thank you for sharing Toni and I am enjoying the deepening relationship I have with my sacredness.

  16. By reading the title it strikes me how very little we actually know about or feel of our body. What a very practical way you show here to connect with our own body and get to know ourselves more intimately.

  17. It is true, I do not need to try and feel my ovaries. They are just there and I can sense them. At the moment they are speaking loud and clear with an ache especially in my left one reminding me to rest and to be much more with body and how it is feeling. I have not felt my ovaries so clearly as I am today developing and building a relationship with myself where I am learning to be in tune with what is happening especially those parts of my body such as my cervix and ovaries which I have ignored and dismissed in the past.

  18. “I feel alive and that I want to live the most of me in every given moment; I feel a deep appreciation of me and everyone; I feel at ease with everything that is happening around me; I feel grand.” – our natural way – thank you Toni.

  19. ” I feel alive and that I want to live the most of me in every given moment; I feel a deep appreciation of me and everyone; I feel at ease with everything that is happening around me; I feel grand. ”
    This is lovely Toni and Its amazing to understand that all women have this to live if they want thank you for sharing.

  20. It is one of our greatest human tragedies that a woman cannot feel the depth of sacredness that forever burns within her. It is up to every woman to learn how to rekindle this flame so that the world of shadow we live in, is illuminated once again by the warmth and beauty of who we truly are.

  21. When we feel our connection to the preciousness and sacredness in our ovaries and cervix this preciousness and sacredness flows through our every movement.

  22. Very recently I’ve been exploring being able to feel my pelvic floor. When I let go of the tension I feel a rush of panic and sheer terror flood my system that I close back up again. This has happened before many times as I explore opening up and dropping my guards as the Sacred Movement asks me to move in a different way. One that is more honouring of my sacredness rather than denying it. The more gentle I am with myself while the terror comes it the quicker it subsides and I can start feeling what is underneath it all – my sacredness.

  23. I just love the Sacred Movement groups to connect with the delicate power within, the sacredness, a quality lived from the loving connection we have with our body and in particular with our female organs. The groups are from Heaven.

  24. I was not aware of any feeling or sensation in these parts of my body previously, I just always overrode it, now through these modalities I have a much deeper connection to myself as a woman and this is very freeing.

  25. Your blog Toni is a beautiful reminder of how simply we can connect to our ovaries and cervix and discover the sacredness and power we all hold there.

  26. Yes connecting to our body and feeling the sacred quality inside it can support hugely by making choices for ourselves that are loving and caring instead of judgemental or harsh.

  27. How different our world would be if as young girls we were taught about the quality of sacredness within our own bodies and the importance of honouring this as we go through life.

  28. Thinking that we don’t know something or can’t do something like being a woman or feeling your ovaries presents a significant block to being able to do something innate for us. It was great how you shared the easy steps to getting to feel your cervix again after it was feeling so numb. I also started to ponder on the power of connecting with the cervix, if it can support you to not react and stay steady with yourself. What else is possible?

  29. It is amazing that as women we can go through life and can be so disconnected to these sacred parts of our body, I love that Natalie Benhayon is supporting women worldwide to re-discover sacredness and to move in this everyday.

  30. Reading your blog on the perfect moment. I just had a sacred movement class with Karin Becker with a group of men and women. I just was blown away. To be present in the area of our cervix and to move in a way that initiate back our sacredness, our light is amazing. It was true magic for all of us.

  31. I agree Toni it is an amazing gift to ourselves when we are inspired to deeply connect to our inner stillness and sacredness and allow it to be felt through the quality of our movements and the beauty we deeply feel within.

  32. To re-read your blog Toni and to feel what you mean is a great reminder for me to deepen in my connection within my sacred area of my body.

  33. What is actually possible if we bring more focus to this area of our body and our cycles? I’ve been investigating this for a few years and I feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s on offer.

  34. Toni I love the simplicity in how you started to connect with your ovaries and cervix and the benefits that brought to your life. Connecting deeper with ourselves feels like a very wise choice to make.

  35. “…we did not have to try to feel our ovaries, as we were women and we all have them!” What an obvious but very necessary reminder. Trying is about controlling, nothing to do with the surrender to the body and simply feel it. The power, freshness and honesty in Natalie Benhayon’s expression invites me to look at how many times in the day I’m in the trying and doing mode and how this feels like in my body. Sometimes pain in my upper back or contraction of my pelvic floor. The beauty in the way that she presents inspires me to observe myself with no judgemnt to return to a place of stillness within me that I forgot for so long.

  36. This vitality and commitment to life is wonderful to read about “I feel alive and that I want to live the most of me in every given moment;” This is what connecting within brings, an absolutely joy for and willingness to live life in full.

  37. Thank you Tony for your inspiring article. From what you share building a relationship with our ovaries just requires a little patience and commitment. I will be putting myself on a program to build my connection with my ovaries and from there build my connection with all my womanly parts.

  38. It is no wonder that many women, myself included, grow up completely disconnected to these parts of our body. The female anatomy is a divinely sacred part of us, yet our education system has only ever focused on the functional aspect and reproduction. Every young girl needs to know that the key to sacredness is in their body and their movements.

    1. Yes Vicky. That’s why The Girl to Woman festival is very needed.
      An event where young girls are deeply supported to connect and celebrate themselves for who they are. There they can see real women, another kind of role models, living in joy and with such a vitality that is not found in TV, magazines or Internet. This feels very inspiring and life changing.

  39. ” I can look at anything that is coming up for myself without reacting,” This is so important for once a person has reacted then they have lost themselves and for women their focus is taken away from their Divine sacredness and therefore that sacredness is not lived.

  40. Yes it is so true, if we weren’t blessed to have Natalie to bring our awareness to our ovaries and cervix and the importance of connecting to our sacredness, we would still be disconnected from those most precious parts of ourselves and never know where our true power comes from.

  41. ‘I feel grand’ – what a simple and powerful statement that sums up how we feel when we feel truly all of ourselves, and aren’t afraid to show it.

  42. I love how you have described feeling and deepening your connection to your sacredness Toni, through honouring this powerful part of ourselves to support and guide us we are able to observe the situations around us instead of reacting and contracting and lessening our true expression.

  43. I love the commitment you offered yourself to feel and deeply connect to your ovaries and then use that connection as a marker to avoid reactions… viewing everything through the sacredness you feel first. This is a remarkably beautiful way to move through life, with deep appreciation of you as your foundation and an unwillingness to let that waver.

  44. Connecting to our sacredness and moving from there is a very beautiful way to be. Thank you for your sharing Toni.

  45. From our sacredness, our behaviours and choices that are not inline with this are much easier to see, as they are clearly not who we are. Our sacredness is therefore a marker we all deeply know.

  46. It is interesting as women how we can go through life unaware of parts of our bodies or even of the function that they actually perform. There is still much about my body that I don’t know about and when you do learn something more about your body it can be quite fascinating then also when you add in a greater energetic understanding much more awareness opens up.

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