Woman Returning

Earlier this year I attended a workshop titled ‘Relationship with Self’, part of a new series presented by Natalie Benhayon, and Esoteric Women’s Health. The idea around these presentations is that as women today, we are not living the fullness of who we are, lacking that deep connection and knowing of ourselves as women which is impacting many areas of our lives.

At this particular presentation Natalie Benhayon was presenting alongside Miranda Benhayon and together the two women were speaking about intimacy, and in particular intimacy amongst women. They shared how as women this is actually a very natural part of us, yet in many instances it seems we are holding ourselves back from sharing this natural intimacy with one another.

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Menopause: a Deeper Connection to Myself as a Woman

My journey into menopause began as I started noticing and feeling certain changes in my physical body: my shape rounded slightly around my hips and lower abdomen, and there came a series of what felt like a volcanic heat erupting in my body, particularly from the chest upwards. These sweats would come and go quite quickly in duration but vary in their intensity as well as their frequency. At times the heat felt prickly and all consuming, and at other moments it was a feeling of letting go, with a quality of freedom. There were intermittent feelings of frustration, with a yearning to understand more of what was going on inside me. I found I experienced varying degrees of feeling light and heavy within my body throughout the months, and the cycles of no bleeding became longer and longer until a year had passed with no period.

What I am describing here are only some of the physical changes I began noticing. But there is more to menopause than just the physical symptoms.

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A Woman Getting Older and being Fabulous

Ever since I was a child, the world always presented a really consistent view of ageing as being something I most definitely should not consider looking forward to. Old age has certainly been given bad press by everyone. There’s the adage ‘old age does not come alone’; that, along with all the many derogatory jokes about getting old, made it quite clear that ageing was not to be valued at all.

As a child if I looked at the men and women in my life who were older and they did not present an inspiring view of being older. I recall seeing old women who always seemed very ancient to me, having very wrinkly skin, dressing in drab dark colours and with their hair always grey, worn in unflattering styles. I could not imagine them ever having been young, happy or carefree.

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