Let’s Face it: Accepting and Embracing our own True Beauty

For many years, practising as a Professional Make-up Artist and more recently advising and offering Inner Image Consultations, I’ve noticed that as women we’re still apologising for the way we look. Why do we resist accepting and embracing our own true beauty?

The most beautiful make-up of a woman is the love that she is.

Until we truly claim the woman within, we will continue to mask and hide our Divine Beauty underneath layers of protection that no amount of make-up can penetrate.

For close to 30 years I have sat with women being ‘made-up’ for anything from a fashion photo shoot to a debutante. In that time I have never seen two faces the same and I have loved every one of them. Not just for the way they look, but for the person living inside.

When women first sit down for a treatment they will often apologise for how they look. The younger women masked in make-up, sit in anxiety that I may reveal their flaws. The older women tired and unseen, sit in fear that they will be exposed for not being true to themselves and giving up. Both fear being judged.

I want to speak to them and say that when I see your face…

I see the sum total of all your daily choices both loving and otherwise. I see your exquisite beauty either claimed or unclaimed emanating out from your eyes. The map of your past is etched in your features and across your face. This is either a map of disconnection, disregard or a celebration of your life lived. Sometimes even a mixture of all. No amount of hiding can ever mask the energy that emanates from you. The beauty within is absolute but often not yet claimed.

Your eyes are extraordinary. Like windows letting the light out they have been many things including disconnected, dull, sad, angry, anxious, and the list goes on but the fact remains: they are a truthful account of how you have been connected or disconnected from your own inner beauty.

I appreciate the Angel that lives inside every face and the difference in all our faces just confirms the sameness within us all.

Like pieces of the Divine puzzle… we all have a place to make the whole.

We work together to rejoice in our beauty long before any make-up brush is even seen.

The face we have, whether it is plain or pretty, unusual or exotic, classic or quirky is precious and to be celebrated for its purpose.

Yes, the way you look does have a purpose. That purpose is to bring your unique expression to the world.

When we all look different we can all celebrate the wonder of being in human existence. We hold a reflection for each other, which gives us all an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve together.

We take a moment together and the love that we connect to melts away all the insecurities. Then the magic of the treatment begins.

With not one apology accepted, together we unravel all the old ways and the woman sitting there before me begins to step into the truly precious woman that she is. I am blessed and in awe of her eyes that reconnect and sparkle with true joy.

Whether it’s playing with make-up or an energetic facial release, her face begins to let go of the strain and tension and her features seem to soften and align with the stillness within. As we connect, the barriers are dropped and we feel no protection or hardness between us. This is true sisterhood. Then the treatment can be lovingly applied and joyfully felt. It is expressed as an honouring of the woman and not as a corrective procedure. Balance has been restored.

All the make-up, lotions and potions in the world will never heal a woman who is disconnected from herself. But once claimed, and with her internal spark re-ignited, a woman in a great lipstick could melt a glacier.

We are all beautiful when we smile from a deep sense of self-worth and self-acceptance, claiming the person that we are. This includes all men, women and children.

Apologising for how we look is not only absurd, it is a highly manipulative game we play with ourselves that keeps us small and insignificant.

The game is up. We have been conned into believing that being naturally beautiful in our unique ways, regardless of our past choices is somehow unworthy of love. This is incorrect because we ARE love and nothing can ever take that away from us. So why do we not accept and embrace our own true beauty?

Let’s face it.

That beauty is the love that we are.

By Kathryn Fortuna, Inner Image Consultant, Melbourne. Australia

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949 thoughts on “Let’s Face it: Accepting and Embracing our own True Beauty

  1. One of my children asked me why I put make-up on and my reply was to ‘celebrate myself’ and they looked a bit puzzled and confirmed that I didn’t need make-up to do this. It was interesting to hear their perspective, and what they expressed was that they know innately that we are already beautiful no matter what we wear. I felt this was very beautiful and confirming.

  2. The unfolding of love for self is an ongoing path so the fear of being judged you could say is always going to be there if we allow it. Judging destroys, it is a force that only has its way when we choose to not being loving with ourselves.

  3. On the days we don’t like our faces it is mostly because we get reflected in our face how we was living. As all is energy. for example we was doing things in hardness to our body to full fill our tasks or we was angry, all this is seen in the face. The jaw is hardening, the skin looks less shiny and soft.
    So it is good to look to ourselves in the mirror and read how we are truly doing. How we treat our precious self?

  4. Putting make up on in connection to my beauty within is completely different to putting make up on to make myself presentable for the day ahead. Connection first and foremost and then our perspective on life is completely different, its a choice and it is a continual one which has the potential of going so deep beyond our imagination if we simply surrender to it.

    1. I can apply this to clothes too and your comment is a beautiful reminder for me to do this more and more, connection first before I do anything.

  5. “The most beautiful make-up of a woman is the love that she is” This says it all. The love within is there to be felt and seen when it shines through the eyes.

  6. “The most beautiful make-up of a woman is the love that she is” – yes the love she is both in terms of the ‘make-up’ being an ingredient that founds her beauty as a woman as well ‘make-up’ through any product she may apply to her face that accentuates and confirms her look of self-love.

  7. It is and has been a fascinating process of letting go how we think we look and focusing on our external looks and beauty and returning to the quality within and feeling this as our beauty. Two very different beauties to be experienced.

  8. “The most beautiful make-up of a woman is the love that she is” – yes and equally the woman who applies her make-up to her face in quality of love she has for herself always strikes a naturally exquisite look too. The look of love.

  9. It’s true, beauty, true beauty comes from the inside from how we feel inside ourselves. Are we self-critical or self-loving and accepting? Both feel so different in our body and are also seen on the outside.

  10. So true, I have seen it time again how beauty enmanates from someone, especially babies they can sometimes actually shine light seemingly with an actual glow. As do those who are pregnant or in love. Our inner connection and vibrancy is there for all to see.

  11. It has been a process of embracing my beauty and features of my face and body, one that has been infiltrated by comparison. So it has been a steady journey of calling out and being honest about my comparison which has been possible by building and connecting my relationship with my inner essence. From here when I truly surrender I can enjoy and feel my beauty. When I catch myself in the mirror I sometimes have to do a double take!

  12. No amount of make-up, expensive clothes or material possessions can mask how we feel about ourselves, it is all communicated in energy and energy travels, it penetrates through objects and matter. So, it is important to check what energy are we communicating to the world.

  13. Why do we fear to be judged? Why do we allow these judgements to affect us, it is indeed a game we play, we all know inside we are perfect the way we are, so why hide or compare and judge the way we look and impose ideals and believes on one another. True beauty is in us all, lets shine together and allow our joy of being beautiful come out.

    1. We fear judgement because we first judge ourselves. When we fully accept and appreciate where are in our evolution, who we are and how we hold ourselves, it is then difficult to allow in judgement.

  14. To judge someone on their physical appearance is so shallow, yet this is societies ‘norm’

    The deeper one surrenders to their own uniqueness the deeper their see their own and others true beauty

    No matter what age, shape or size when one is connected to their soul – beauty cannot but radiate out.

  15. From reading your words I can see that when ever a woman will sit down in front of you to have her make up done, she will instantly feel your beauty, your tender gentle quality and your grace. And as this is both confronting and very beholding, i can imagine that a woman might feel very bare as she is being held in your gaze, and with this bareness also very accepting of who she is.

  16. So many of us struggle to look in the mirror and see beauty, see the sparkle in our eyes and recognise that that is the depth of beauty which is needed in the world. Not the photoshopped, exhausted models which we see on the front cover of magazines.

  17. When makeup is worn to celebrate our beauty it looks and feels amazing, sparkling and vibrant but if we use makeup to mask ourselves and hide it gives the message to the world to ‘keep out’ and don’t come too close.

  18. I can absolutely say that the best face lift I have every experienced is through the modalities of Universal Medicine. The Energetic Facial Release is divine to receive and it can literally shed years of you. The has been times when I have had treatments and I have let go of what ever belief, hurts, tension or emotions that I was storing in my body and I look completely different when I see myself in the mirror. What I am also connecting to is the beauty that is naturally within me and this is truly what beauty is about.

    1. Life is stunning and we are a piece of Life. If we didn’t interfere constantly with the natural order and flow of us within Life then we would be dazzled by our own reflection but as a result of our constant meddling more often than not we look in the mirror and are disappointed in the rather gloomy one dimensional face that’s staring back at us.

  19. When applying make-up in honour of our beauty, we shine and you cannot hide that. But when we use it to mask our imperfections it actually brings up exactly that, they’re not hidden but brought to the surface as that is what we are focussing on.

  20. I love what you share here Kathryn, the way you support and inspire women to embrace their unique qualities is so needed in a world where women are constantly being affected by what the media, magazines etc are saying a women should look like. Thank goodness we have true role models like Natalie Benhayon reminding us to return to our divinity and Sacredness and live this truth as a ‘normal’ in the world.

  21. I read in a magazine that women of a certain age should not wear sparkly eye makeup because of some fashion rule about making them look older; sure it may bring out the wrinkles more but why should that be a bad thing. On the days when I feel like wearing gold sparkly eye makeup, I just go for it and I feel fabulous.

    1. Gorgeous Julie we have no need to be dictated to by magazines when we connect to our true beauty and let it radiate out.

  22. When we turn towards our innermost and connect to our essence we are able to embrace and value ourselves and the natural beauty of our true nature, forgotten through looking outside and disconnecting from the inner knowing of who we are so that we accept far lesser and end up continuously measuring ourselves against a false or outer beauty that does not hold the depth of love we naturally are within our essence.

  23. Our beauty is are love and we are all love and all beautiful and the claiming and embodying of that love says everything and when cherished for who we are lights up the world. A real reflection that can be felt with the beauty of humanity for us all to feel .

  24. Yes, we are love, time focus all to embrace that in full, ‘because we ARE love and nothing can ever take that away from us.’

  25. “We hold a reflection for each other, which gives us all an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve together.” – Beautifully said – we each have a quality of expression that can truly light the way for each other.

  26. Thank you Kathryn, for what you share is the truth. Playing less is a game of poison one that harms instead of being our glory – which is healing.
    That make up would make you a better woman is crap.. Hence it is for us to look a little deeper and honestly..Quoting you: ”All the make-up, lotions and potions in the world will never heal a woman who is disconnected from herself.”

  27. Love shines out from our eyes and emanates from our bodies and our movements when we are still enough inside to let it.

    1. Hear, hear Natalliya, true beauty is in the way we move our body and the energy that we emanate from within that is of the essence of love.

      1. We can use products that say that they will add a ‘glow’ to our complexion but if we ourselves are not glowing then the product is going to sit on top of our faces like an appendage.

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