Let’s Face it: Accepting and Embracing our own True Beauty

For many years, practising as a Professional Make-up Artist and more recently advising and offering Inner Image Consultations, I’ve noticed that as women we’re still apologising for the way we look. Why do we resist accepting and embracing our own true beauty?

The most beautiful make-up of a woman is the love that she is.

Until we truly claim the woman within, we will continue to mask and hide our Divine Beauty underneath layers of protection that no amount of make-up can penetrate.

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Discovering the Joy of Wearing a Bra and Uncovering More of the Woman I Am

I am aged 33 and for most of my adult life I have not worn a bra. I didn’t really see the point as my breasts are quite small and bras were just something else I had to worry about in the morning, something else that cost money and were not as comfortable as not wearing a bra. I also liked the picture I had painted of being a braless woman – I was a bit of a hippy and a bit of a feminist. It was a label I liked the sound of.

The first bra I remember buying was during pregnancy. I was given a voucher for a maternity bra and thought why not? But the one I bought was pretty hideous and I never wore it. I then needed some bras once I was breast-feeding which were for no other reason than to hold in some pads as I leaked so much milk, it was a necessity.

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Learning to Love Myself and Trusting I am Enough

I am a beautiful woman!

Wow – that’s a bold statement to make about myself but make it I will. Let me explain.

When I say I am beautiful I don’t mean in the way society dictates. I don’t have a perfect figure, whatever that is, and I’m not a model.

I’m beautiful in the way I love myself.

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A Woman Turning 40: Celebrating the Beauty of the True Woman

I am a gorgeous, single woman with no children and have never been married. Last year I found myself turning 40.

A few years ago, I spent a lot of time worrying that time was running out – ‘time’ being biological time. It is common knowledge that a woman’s chance of conceiving naturally after 40 is much slimmer than a woman in her 20s or 30s. The idea of turning 40 was D-Day, I figured that 40 was the cut-off mark that would determine if I was destined to be a mother or not.

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