A New Relationship – Am I Wilting or am I Blossoming

Last year I entered into a new relationship and settled for less than love. I knew deep down that I am worthy of love and deserve to be adored, but I chose to settle for less, because there is still a part of me that wants to be with a man, not on my own.

I feel that as women, we have been overriding our own clear signals and needing / relying on someone else’s approval for decades. We have often settled for less in a new relationship, not truly seeing we are worthy of love or claiming that we deserve to be adored for the beautiful woman that we are. This is no fault on anyone else, but our own choice for settling for less and for not loving ourselves enough to know our own worth.

To settle for less, I had to override what I knew to be true to me. I did not listen to what my body was saying, all the subtle and the very loud messages. Examples of these messages were feelings of tension at seeing this man, or a sense that something just wasn’t right. At times my whole body would feel very tense or I would not be able to be still. These messages come in many different ways and I am sure would be different for each of us.

In making this and similar choices against our deeper knowing, we have to leave ourselves more and more so we would not have to feel the result of our choices in our body.

The way we choose to live, speak, express, eat, sleep and be each day has a huge effect on us and the reflection we offer to others.

So why do we override those very intelligible signals within our body that are super loud and clear when something does not feel right?

Do we need someone else’s approval or permission?

Who are we waiting for?

Is it not well overdue that we make a different choice, and let all women know too, that they are worth love and adoration, that abuse is not normal and playing games is no longer acceptable? If each one of us keeps allowing it, what are we showing our daughters? If on the other hand we start making different choices, we can inspire others that they too are worthy of love and so much more.

This relationship that I write about did not last long. One day I looked into the mirror and noticed that I was wilting, like a flower whose petals were drooping. I knew that that reflection was not me, therefore something needed to change.

  • It is with the support and learning from Esoteric Women’s Health that I have been able to learn to love myself more and trust those inner feelings.
  • It is with the Sacred Movement modality that I have been able to connect more and more to the sacredness of the woman I am.
  • And it is with the support of the My Cycles app Period and Full Moon Diary that I have become more aware of how everything starts to repeat itself, and that we keep coming back to the same place until we are ready to change and make a different choice.

The responsibility to change the cycle is up to each of us and this then provides the loving foundation for our new relationship with ourselves that is not dependent on approval or permission from another.

We are our own science projects
When we look into the mirror
We can see if We are wilting or if We are blossoming
And all of this comes down to the every single choice we make.

By Rosie Bason, Goonellabah, Australia

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1,104 thoughts on “A New Relationship – Am I Wilting or am I Blossoming

  1. Recently I got sucked into trying to go on dates and get back into a relationship. I wasn’t feeling any of the people I met. Eventually I got sick of hearing myself talk about dating and packed it in. My body is a great teacher of showing me that life isn’t of any quality if there’s struggle to achieve something.

  2. Settling for less is a very common choice when we have given up on ourselves and feel unworthy of love disconnected from our awareness and our inner knowing that communicates the wisdom of our body and the truth of our feelings. When we commit to building a loving relationship with ourselves first we are naturally able to value and embrace our true worth and make choices that are deeply respectful and honouring of our body.

  3. Yes, our choices are much bigger than relationships alone, we can be wilting or blossoming from every single daily choice we make. I appreciated what you shared about the Our Cycles app and the awareness it offers about choices, about “how everything starts to repeat itself, and that we keep coming back to the same place until we are ready to change and make a different choice.” This for me is really highlighted in the app when I note my physical symptoms and emotional state, and in a positive sense also with the feelings area of the app. We are constantly coming around to the same points over and over with each day, and knowing this we have a chance to change our lives and bring more love to ourselves.

  4. I can relate so strongly to this blog and after breaking from my most recent relationship with a partner I got to see how I can ignore such loud messages from the body for the sake of an ideal or belief that I have to be with another and that it needs to work (i.e. we stay together no matter what).

  5. We are worthy of true love and care and when we are inspired to turn inwards and connect to our essence we learn to value ourselves through listening to and honouring our body to make choices that establish a true foundation of love as our standard, not settling for less than the true quality we feel within our essence.

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