Comparison between Mothers and Daughters

As the story below shows, when comparison plays out between mothers and daughters, it creates a legacy that keeps women small, stunted and locked in worthlessness for generations.

Recently, a friend shared how her daughter-in-law to be was a beautiful young woman inside and out, but her mother was a little wacky. The three women went together to the bridal dress fitting and when the young bride-to-be drew the curtain back, it was breathtaking to behold her beauty – the glow and delicateness of her; she was gorgeous. My friend noticed how the young woman’s eyes went straight to her mother. When her mother remained silent, the young woman asked “Well, what do you think?” and the mother answered, “If you like it then that’s all that matters”. Born of comparison and jealousy, this comment was designed to crush.

Have we not all done some version of this to another woman, and been on the receiving end of it ourselves?

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Self-Worth: Honouring the Beautiful Woman I Am

As women we are coming more to understand and appreciate just how beautiful we really are and that this beauty shines brightly from the inside out. All we need do is allow ourselves to be open and live what feels natural to us in our everyday lives; claiming and confirming our self-worth.

We can nurture our bodies and ourselves by honouring what feels right and accept the way our bodies physically feel and look; we weren’t made to be perfect after all!

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