The Natural Yearning and Impulse to Express our Beauty

Why does it feel like we have to attain beauty and we are not beautiful until it has been gained or purchased?

Why isn’t anyone telling us that we are already truly beautiful and amazing?

Why are we not supported to seek forms of expression that confirm our beauty?

I have started to observe a pattern of how we have been side tracked to express our beauty via the misrepresentations of outside influences. Magazines, music, pop stars, movie characters and story lines, movie stars and self-help programmes all influence and suggest how to dress, wear make-up, what to say, how to say it, our attitudes – even our postures and gestural movements.

I can see how easy it is to follow these paths because they partly satiate the natural desire and yearning we innately feel to express our beauty to the world; express the uniqueness of who we truly are. However, these expressions when influenced in this way are short-lived and are usually followed by a hollow, empty feeling, leaving us to chase the next model, emulation or style instruction in the hope it will fulfil the emptiness and yearning.

I’ve observed that there is an innate yearning to express our own exquisite beauty, a yearning that is naturally there from very young and which refuses to go away.

As a result of feeling this yearning we continually seek ways to express this beauty that is actually lying dormant waiting to be connected with. However, as we have matured into women it is often the case that we have connected instead to the misleading outside representations, leaving the yearning for the true expression of beauty unsatiated.

This pursuit to feel our beauty via a continual outward search for its expression, leads to perpetual feelings of letdowns, emptiness and lack of fulfilment, because the experiences never connect us to expressing our true beauty. These feelings can lead to low self-esteem and believing we are not good enough.

How fortunate and lucrative it is for media industries who continue to offer and sell beauty solutions to women in their pursuit of searching to express their beauty; all of which only relieves the yearning and leaves a woman feeling unsatisfied and in search of the next solution. This ongoing cycle leads to massive consumption of products and fix-it solutions, all being fed to women like a pimp or a drug dealer.

What would be more truthful would be to sell and purchase products as a means to CONFIRM a woman’s beauty, to outwardly express her inner exquisiteness. Products that nurture an already knowing and awareness – that beauty is a woman’s unique essence.

Instead, as it stands, society is all-pervasive in its many ways of selling women the idea that beauty is derived from obtaining things from the outside, which amounts to nothing more than the biggest selling scam ever to hit the earth!

How wonderful to instead come to a realisation that; rather than CHASING society’s ideals of beauty, we simply engage with products and services to EXPRESS our already known beauty which is lying inside, waiting to be connected with.

Let us instead reconnect to the true essence of beauty, to our acceptance of our own unique inner beauty. And let us know to our core that when it is THIS that is expressed it is the most awe-inspiring, truly sexy wow-factor that has ever hit the earth –

Like walking our own cat-walk each and every moment in each and every day.

By Gina Dunlop, Australia

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607 thoughts on “The Natural Yearning and Impulse to Express our Beauty

  1. It’s not the product but our connection to our essence that makes us feel beautiful or not. I can wear the same thing on different occasions and it’s my connection that determines if I feel frumpy or fabulous.

  2. I love to return to reading this to confirm the natural sassiness we all have and pursue our beauty with the inward search for its expression for confirmation from within. This true essence is in the twinkle in the eye, the sexiness of our movements, and the fun and joy in our expression.

  3. It doesn’t matter how much money we spend on trying to make ourselves beautiful if we are not connected to our essence and inner beauty and live knowing who we are, then we will constantly search for that outer beauty that never fills the emptiness of not ever being enough

  4. It’s in us, that inner sass, and knowing of the beauty we are, and it’s for us to connect to it and find those things out there which confirm it … that’s very different from searching out there for something to complete us.

  5. When we learn from young to look outside ourselves rather than to connect inwards and feel our essence we constantly measure the way we are against an image or ideal of beauty that keeps us unsatisfied and seeking more and unable to claim the outward expression of our true inner beauty.

  6. Walking on a catwalk – and feeling beautiful – each and every day. And than we trust that the models that are walking the catwalk feel beautiful, which is also rarely the case. I can more deeply see why The Way of Livingness is so popular amongst women: at last they see that beauty they always wanted to feel was there all along laying within them selves.

  7. The more I re-connect to my own beauty the more I enjoy expressing this in so many different ways and having fun with it rather than feeling I have to fulfil anyone else’s expectations. It is so important to spread this message that we do not have to conform to images of how we should look etc but only to express in the way that feels true to us.

  8. Walking our own catwalk everyday.. yes!! How amazing would this feel if, instead of measuring ourselves up to where we want to or think we should be, we just accepted exactly where we’re at now, accepted ourselves in full, and just went for it? When I think about what it actually is that stops me, stops us all from doing this – claiming who we are in full – the excuses don’t really have any weight behind them, yet we make it out like they do, and continue to look outside to justify ourselves, who we are and what we do. Until such a time that we’ve got so well practised at trusting and feeling who we are from the inside, by just allowing ourselves to connect to it, that we just know that nothing from the outside can compensate for that inner sass.

  9. Yes, it would be amazing to have products that support out inner knowing of our amazingness, ‘What would be more truthful would be to sell and purchase products as a means to CONFIRM a woman’s beauty, to outwardly express her inner exquisiteness. Products that nurture an already knowing and awareness – that beauty is a woman’s unique essence.’

  10. The wisdom of this article could wipe out a big part of the fashion/cosmetics industry. Not entirely though, because women would now buy clothes, buy beauty products to confirm their beauty.

    1. True it is not about wiping it out, so there is nothing to loose for the industry, it is just changing the campaigns to confirm the beauty of women instead of making them feel they are lacking something so they will buy. Yet for this to happen there is a massive shift needed in the customers but also in the sellers as it is about how we all live in the end that will make true change happening.

  11. I love how you make the difference between chasing beauty and expressing beauty. We are innately beautiful so it is not about chasing it in the way we mostly do in society and by that making it into something we have to gain. Instead it is about expressing the innate beauty that is there in every women and this does not cost anything.

  12. There is a big difference between trying to look beautiful and feeling it in every cell, so that you naturally want to dress and nurture yourself in a way that celebrates your beauty. I am finding this out in my middle ages and know that I can do this regardless of what the media or beauty industry tries to tell me.

  13. Whilst we constrain our beauty to our looks or clothes we tie up our divinity and multi-dimentionality to a post. The walk we take without these things might be short or long but whatever the route, we cant help but return eventually to see the true beauty that’s in you and me.

  14. ‘Like walking our own cat-walk each and every moment in each and every day.’ I love this Gina and from time to time I feel this way when i walk and open my chest elongate my posture and feel how I walk the joy of being me and confirm my sacredness while my hips are moving from side to side. Why not being aware of this quality all of the time?

  15. “Like walking our own cat-walk each and every moment in each and every day.” Wow! If we were to focus on this and allow ourselves to live it and enjoy it instead of looking outside of ourselves for confirmation, life would be seriously amazing!

  16. It’s very exquisite to see a woman who embraces and accept her own beauty and unique expression. There is a solid presence in her movements, a joyful sparkle in her gaze, an aliveness in her skin that is truly sexy and full of beauty. It is beyond the age, shape and looks, it is infinite and out of this world.

  17. The most nurturing and enriching beauty treatment that I’ve ever purchased in my life is enrolling as a student of the Livingness in Universal Medicine. I’ve always wanted to be like everyone else, there was this yearning of expressing myself but from the idea that I was not good enough. Today by applying in my daily life the amazing techniques like Gentle Breath meditation, Esoteric Yoga, Sacred Movement….I can feel my body more alive and gentle than ever before. I feel my beauty in the way I move and live. Everyday is truly joyful, a new opportunity to connect with the natural and timeless beauty within me.

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