Esoteric Breast Massage

I felt really inspired to write a blog about Esoteric Breast Massage after hearing an Esoteric Women’s Health Practitioner give a presentation called “Mum & Me”.

An Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) was the first opportunity I had ever been presented with, where I was free to choose to claim my breasts back and feel within me how my breasts emanate energetically the true symbol of nurturing. The nurturing we give to ourselves and the nurturing we provide in all our relationships.

Our breasts are our nurturing centres, not only biologically but energetically as well. There is no other part of our body that symbolises this nurturing expression and the quality we bring to the world as women. These jam-packed powerhouses of energy have been used and abused for centuries, it’s no wonder breasts bring up so much stuff for everybody and it is no surprise there have been reactions going off left, right and centre from the media and from individuals a-like, about Esoteric Breast Massage that beggars belief. With such a massive reaction, I figure breasts must be pretty important, otherwise come on … Why is it such a big deal to others if you choose to have an Esoteric Breast Massage?

I was inspired to have an EBM from the moment I heard about them becoming available; however I instinctively knew not to tell anyone I was having sessions, as I didn’t want to have to deal with other people’s reactions. I did however also instinctively know this was the modality I had been waiting for; the modality where I could address some issues, as no other modality I had come across could. I didn’t know what issues, I just remember feeling relieved someone had the courage to bring to light the amazing gift our breasts bring to our expression as women and that our breasts are not merely something to sexually objectify and nurse our children with.

The Esoteric Breast Massage practitioners, that are all women, cannot be just any woman – she has to be a woman who has embodied within herself the truth of what it is to be self-nurturing. She holds herself and this modality with an incredible amount of integrity; I find it very inspiring, as I know this truth and the potential of this integrity to be in each and every woman.

Because the practitioners are dedicated to being and developing this quality in their own lives, I felt in each session I had that they were able to reflect this loving quality back to me and be with me without any imposition. They were able to deeply honour and respect me in a way that supported me to feel the tenderness I always felt I naturally should be held in. This incredible support gave me the opportunity to raise and release the moments when I did not feel this in my life – to let it go and to let more of the tenderness in.

It really is no surprise that early on in my Esoteric Breast Massage sessions I was offered the opportunity to feel when I didn’t receive this nurturing and tenderness from my mother. It was such a beautiful thing to experience because it wasn’t about making my mother wrong, it wasn’t about making me wrong, it was simply an opportunity to be honest with how I truly felt and let it go, lightening my heavy load and burden.

The Esoteric Breast Massage is certainly not about having perfect breasts or in any way a solution that would ward off any chances of getting breast cancer. I still have my regular health checks with my GP including the usual recommended breast screenings. What has opened up for me through EBM sessions is the possibility of there actually being room for me to take more loving care of myself in this hectic, performance driven and constantly demanding world we live in. As a result, I am now more likely to go to bed when I am tired, to stop rather than push on through, and to do one thing at a time rather than attempt to multi task. I now know and feel in my body the joy of the stillness that lies within me and I can have this any time I choose throughout my day.

The Esoteric Breast Massage has allowed me to reconnect with the natural divine sweetness and preciousness I always had within me and I am learning to deeply honour and cherish it every day.

I deeply appreciate Esoteric Breast Massage as it has allowed me to connect and feel that my breasts belong to me and my breasts belong with my whole, complete and gorgeous body. I now tend to my breasts in the same way as I would any other part of my body e.g. a foot massage or a facial.

Breast care is now part of my regular and ongoing self-care and health care routine …and …

I am feeling amazing!

by Suzanne Cox, Ocean Shores, Australia

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481 thoughts on “Esoteric Breast Massage

  1. I had an Esoteric Breast Massage at the weekend and as I lay there, my body relishing the gentle honouring touch of the practitioner the word ‘integrated’ came up and I could feel that as I felt my breasts being integrated into the rest of my body, so too could I feel me being integrated into the rest of Life. How amazingly powerful and beautiful is that? Truly sublime.

  2. I haven’t had a EBM for a couple of years, the last one was amazing, I could feel the clearing occurring and how willing my body was to let go of ways of being that did not serve me to be at ease in my body. The modality is most definitely supportive and offers a level of integrity from the practitioners that is incredible.

  3. The esoteric breast massage is a modality sent from heaven, which lovingly and beautifully supports women in their re-connection to their womanly bodies.

  4. There is no doubt that an Esoteric Breast Massage is ver supportive, I have connected with a tenderness within me that is deeply profound and from that I have begun to change how I am with myself.

  5. Wow, this is gorgeous to read and feel, ‘The Esoteric Breast Massage has allowed me to reconnect with the natural divine sweetness and preciousness I always had within me and I am learning to deeply honour and cherish it every day.’

  6. When we experience feeling our own tender and delicate qualities within us through the EBM modality, we learn to deeply surrender and reconnect to the stillness and true beauty we hold in our essence.

    1. True, it is a self empowerment of the women, through an inspiration and way of being, this modality is no done to a client so to speak passively, there is an equality and a choice on the clients part to reconnect with and surrender to themselves within.

  7. We arc up at things that are unknown and seem strange at first glance. Yet without opening up to understanding we just stay stuck in life’s quicksand. Doing the same thing again and again just perpetuates our misery. Is this truly what we want or are we ready to see?

  8. The very first time that I heard about Esoteric Breast Massage modality I reacted too. I said to myself that this was not for me as I would feel too exposed and umcomfortable during the treatment. However a good friend highly recommended me by sharing about the deep respect and integrity in that the female practicioners work. So I decided to give it a go. By just entering in the treatment room I could confirm how right my friend was and I could feel a loosening in my body. The experience during the session was very healing for me. I could feel how protective I was living, how hard as well but underneath all of that I could connect with such a tenderness that I never experienced before. This quality comes with me since then. I feel very looking forward to receive a new session very soon as in each one I can let go more stuff and connect deeper and deeper with the precious me.

  9. Being honest about how we feel – in every moment – ditches the pretence or the picture of thinking we ‘should be’ in a different place. from a place of honesty we can begin to truly heal. Listening to our body – and honouring its messages actually seems unusual in this day and age.

    1. I agree being honest about how we feel in every moment, and that honesty starts with self, is an important part of healing.

  10. “The Esoteric Breast Massage has allowed me to reconnect with the natural divine sweetness and preciousness I always had within me and I am learning to deeply honour and cherish it every day”

    We are born with this sweetness, this gorgeous quality of love – it never goes away – Esoteric Breast Massage helps us to rekindle that knowing that we are so much more then physical it reminds us of our own divinity.

  11. We live today in a hard and fast culture where getting through life is generally the focus, and nurturing and self-love are out the window and considered as ‘weak’, ‘soft’ or ‘over-sensitive’ and toughening up, fitting in, getting over it and getting on with it are in. Yet all along through our own bodies we as women hold the ability to nurture ourselves and the innate quality of sacredness that is our true undeniable power. Esoteric Women’s Health modalities such as EBM’s offer us as women the opportunity to embrace and reclaim for ourselves the power of self-nurturing and self-honoring, as such confirming the essence of who we are is already amazing, and is everything the world needs today.

  12. Being able to reconnect to our true preciousness and tender nature is possible through the deeply loving and honouring modality of the EBM, the quality of which allows the space to surrender to the stillness within our body.

  13. The Esoteric Breast Massage modality really supported me to lovingly reclaim my breasts as being part of my womanly body. Prior to receiving and experiencing these messages I had little or no connection with my breasts apart from when they were tender prior to my period.

  14. When something arises within my body it is there to be let go of as it does not belong in my body. It is not an opportunity to be judgemental, blame another or myself but an opportunity to heal. Taking moments like these, being responsible with no criticism towards myself are moments to deeply appreciate and once surrendered confirm the love within my body.

    1. That’s very beautiful Caroline. Embracing these moments of vulnerability can be very healing and restoring. This choice brings me back to appreciate the simplicity of how my body comunicates with me in each moment. It’s very clear and makes me feel amazing to listen to it.

  15. The EBM modality allows for a truly profound healing. I have been so supported to connect more deeply to my essence as a woman and to let go of much of the hardness I had taken on in my reaction to the world. The depths of stillness reached and the understanding of who I really am in those moments have been exquisite.

  16. “Where I was free to choose to claim my breasts back” – this sentence brought tears to my eyes. Standard practice is that women don’t own or claim or even have a connection with their breasts and for the most part they are unaware this is the case. Breasts are for our partners and our children – but for us – what does that mean? Establishing my connection with my breasts has been a beautiful and very loving process and a path I’ll continue on.

  17. What I so appreciate about the EBM and all the healing modalities offered by Universal Medicine is that there is no making you feel right or wrong, but just an opportunity to see how you’ve been treating your body, and with that clarity, start to make different choices, and change the subsequent effect on the body. The body will revert to its state of harmony, if we give it the space.

  18. An Esoteric Breast Massage offers the opportunity to deeply sense our delicate and tender breasts as an integral part of our body and in nurturing them we nurture our whole body.

  19. I too am extremely grateful for the Esoteric Breast Massage no only for the reclaiming of my breasts as part of my whole body, also for the quality in which I connect to with such a powerful healing that is involved leaving space for me to feel the strength and power from within.

  20. beautifull described Suzanne 🙂
    And also for me I realise that the Esoteric Breast Massages are a gift on my way back in connection with me and that in when I got my first EBM there was this knowing of existing and knowing that this will be there to support. Me to heal some deep hurts,
    I became so much aware about the way I was dishonoring myself with some deep ingrained behaviors.
    This modality is amazing and so are you.

  21. Having had several EBM sessions I have been able to reconnect to nurturing myself and deepening the care that I give myself. When I look back at how I used to treat myself I realise how much disregard I was in and also know that how I am now will seem uncaring compared with how I will be in a few years time.

  22. I love what you share here Suzanne, on the beauty of feeling your inner tenderness and being honest about what you are feeling in your body, not with any blame or feeling of wrong just to release and let go of what is not true and with that release the space to feel more of your true self.

  23. It’s not about blaming another or making something small and not worthy of giving it attention. More often than not when something arises I feel, it’s there to be felt, to let go of and not indulge in. The emotions seem real in that moment but certainly has never been who I truly am. Who I once thought I was is very different from where I am today and this unfolding continues and will continue expanding until my last breath.

  24. The EBM modality has offered me so much healing, I can’t describe in detail enough how profound reconnecting to these energy centres is for my overall well being.

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