Esoteric Breast Massage

I felt really inspired to write a blog about Esoteric Breast Massage after hearing an Esoteric Women’s Health Practitioner give a presentation called “Mum & Me”.

An Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) was the first opportunity I had ever been presented with, where I was free to choose to claim my breasts back and feel within me how my breasts emanate energetically the true symbol of nurturing. The nurturing we give to ourselves and the nurturing we provide in all our relationships.

Our breasts are our nurturing centres, not only biologically but energetically as well. There is no other part of our body that symbolises this nurturing expression and the quality we bring to the world as women. These jam-packed powerhouses of energy have been used and abused for centuries, it’s no wonder breasts bring up so much stuff for everybody and it is no surprise there have been reactions going off left, right and centre from the media and from individuals a-like, about Esoteric Breast Massage that beggars belief. With such a massive reaction, I figure breasts must be pretty important, otherwise come on … Why is it such a big deal to others if you choose to have an Esoteric Breast Massage? Continue reading “Esoteric Breast Massage”

My Relationship with my Mother

My Relationship with my Mother
My  favourite photo of my Mum and I…

This is my favourite photo of my Mum and I. We simply adored each other and I had a very close relationship with my mother in many ways. She was the person I went to when the world made no sense, for she listened, truly listened. With her depth of understanding and wisdom she was naturally supportive to others in the same way. She never told you what to do she simply listened. I treasure what she brought to me, which made it difficult to be honest about the hurt I felt during all the other times when she was unable to meet me and receive the true joy I felt at being alive and present in the world. Continue reading “My Relationship with my Mother”

Women’s Health and Well-being – Remedy Free

Recently the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, was graced with a presentation by the Dynamic Duo of Serryn O’Regan and Sara Harris. The focus of the presentation was on Women’s wellness, health, well-being and how women are truly living. The presentation was real, grounded in the reality of how women are living in these modern times and filled with a simplicity that all women could relate to.

One of the refreshing aspects of the presentation was that it was free of quick fixes or solutions that we often use to band aid the issues in our life. The presentation was remedy free, it simply proposed some questions: Continue reading “Women’s Health and Well-being – Remedy Free”

Image Consultant & Stylist – Re-Defining Myself As A Woman

This week, I became my own image consultant and stylist and cleaned out my wardrobe, completely re-defining myself and my worth as a woman in the process.

It all started a little while ago when I went for an esoteric healing ‘bodywork’ session and named a certain way I’d been living that wasn’t very supportive or self-loving. As a result, and in the days following this session I could feel just how I held myself and my body in a certain way, and dressing in order to mask, hide or stop feeling the distinct lack of worth I felt as a woman. Continue reading “Image Consultant & Stylist – Re-Defining Myself As A Woman”