5 Motherhood Myths

I have spent a lot of my mothering time navigating my way through the rules, regulations and rights and wrongs of motherhood. It is an area of life that is so littered with ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’ and idealism and beliefs, that I felt it would be fun to shine a light on some of these motherhood myths:

MOTHERHOOD MYTH 1: Caring for myself is indulgent and selfish.

Now this is rampant in society, outside of motherhood as well as in and lots of us come into it with this belief deeply entrenched. Looking back I can see that I was brutal with myself and so dis-respectful, expecting to function on poor sleep, rubbish food, toxins and stimulants. I was aware of the saying that ‘you cannot look after others if you do not look after yourself’, but heard that as: do the minimum for yourself to keep functioning so that you can still look after others. It has taken me some time to break through and really know that I cannot share anything with others unless it is practiced and lived by me. If I want my children to care for themselves, they have to see me caring for myself first. Continue reading “5 Motherhood Myths”

Beautiful Women: Appreciation Beyond Body Shapes And Looks

The other day I was watching a Dutch TV program where four well-known Dutch female performers were singing their latest song. I noticed that I went into quite familiar reaction which always seems to pop up when I see certain people on television and especially with one of these women. It feels like I have this immediate irritation come up every time I see her.

This is what happened… Firstly, I mentioned to my partner that I had gotten irritated, which he said he already knew before he walked up the stairs because well, he’s known me for almost 8 years. Then my judgement kicked in, starting with how terrible the song was and followed by judging the women’s appearances. I noticed that one of them (the one I have this instantaneous irritation with) had gained quite a lot of weight, so I said something like this:

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